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  1. https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix/issues/802 @BrockleyJohn is hopefully going to investigate.
  2. I learned something new today. I shall use NNTR regularly NNTR!
  3. I dont know what NNTR means. Does everything have to be done DIY? That is obviously a rhetorical question that does not need answering, but the point stands; Modular page: make or get made a replacement module. It might be that creating an actual module is difficult/impossible for shopowner. I get that, after all you guys are here to sell stuff, not code. So, too difficult to code...then the shopowner needs to decide if they need changes desperately enough to warrant getting someone with the necessary skillset to create such a module for them. And that replacement, if better than the original...could replace the original in core. It's how the CE edition first came into being and it's how modules in CE for the last 5 years have evolved. Well, the output of mostly one coder with a number of cool shopowners who agree to have their made module available to all.
  4. Shopowner would create a new module to suit his needs. This is the concept of modularity; shopowner thinks "hmmm, that could be laid out nicer"... he turns off the module he creates a new module he turns on that new module
  5. This is a modular page, so shopowner can do as they please...
  6. If it's in a module and it's not quite suitable for your site...you can make a new module (or amend the existing module etc)...
  7. Great, thank you for testing. The improved checkout is likely to go into the next update (depends if I get it finished by the next scheduled update).
  8. Phoenix Thank You to Phoenix Club members for making the hard work much easier. https://forums.oscommerce.com/clubs/1-phoenix/ If you are not a member of the Phoenix Club, request it - and you'll get to see some of the "behind the scenes" work and help to steer the future releases. Demo Site: https://template.me.uk/phoenix/index.php This Update; Removes old .css fixes display issues fixes minor code issues Update version to How to Update if on; Download this Zip: Unzip it Upload it Go to admin > tools > security checks and correct any listed problems How to Update if on earlier version; Find version you are on Go back through this discussion and perform updates to get to Then follow "how to update if on" instructions After Update; Visit admin > tools > security checks and perform any needed actions Enjoy the hard work that went into - OR - You can download and install a brand new; clicking the green "clone or download" button at https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix choose "download zip" unzip, upload, install After New Installation is complete; Visit admin > tools > security checks and perform any needed actions Enjoy the hard work that went into
  9. If you uninstall on index_nested [admin], ensure that you are looking at an index_nested page [shop side]... There is a similar module for index_products.
  10. π module is for product_info only. To make changes in and around the product listings you would need to change the product_listing module.
  11. At the moment let's say you install a Phoenix...and you have grid set to X per row. What would happen if you set X to 1 ?
  12. I believe I have fixed this as a by-product of the checkout_shipping.php "prettification". Could you check ? In the demo site I have 2 shipping methods, with the order_total "free shipping" if greater than $20 in cart.
  13. The answer is pretty simple; you do whatever it takes to get it working as you want... hook ht module content module js / jquery hack code The less intrusive way...is...in my opinion...the better way. For the buy buttons, the simplest way is a piece of .js as a Hook. 1 file, done - set and forget. There is a hook bit that I posted just yesterday, scan back through my last few posts...
  14. Should anyone wish to see the proposed new layout for the checkout pages; https://template.me.uk/phoenix/checkout_shipping.php You'll obviously need an account and something in your cart to get there! Please feel free to give constructive feedback. Do be aware that only the shipping and confirmation pages show the proposed new style, the rest are not yet converted.
  15. Hooks are there for the benefit of your addons not having to paste 20 lines of code where 1 or 2 lines of code will do. If you don't want to use a pre-placed hook, then you register & call your own. The 3 lines of code to which you refer...without those, hooks would not work at all.
  16. https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix/blob/master/includes/application_top.php#L104-L106 These three lines "fire up" the Hooks System. You then need to; register your Hook call your Hook There is a pre-placed register; https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix/blob/master/includes/application_top.php#L422 Which means that if you want to do something on (eg) conditions.php you can without performing a "register" (you would obviously still need to "call" your hook). For a fairly simple example of registering your own hook, and calling it, see; https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix/blob/master/checkout_shipping.php#L15 and https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix/blob/master/checkout_shipping.php#L335 Which works with; https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix/blob/master/includes/hooks/shop/progress/progress_hooks.php Have a play. Hooks are very powerful, more so than Content Modules in my opinion.
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    New site integration evaluation

    That's cheap even at a per hour rate.
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    Removed Off Topic Posts. Thanks all.
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    Great stuff @puddlec This addon shows one of the first uses of the Hooks, chapeau! Hooks are incredibly powerful.
  20. Thanks for the feedback. I need to maximise my time - and that's how I do it. If there were more people willing to pitch in (either by producing good code, or by allowing coders to take time to produce good code)...it'd be better and different.
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    Excellent work @puddlec - loads of people will be very happy with this! There is one small change I'd potentially make; add in an array of good pages such like; var $good_pages = ['categories.php', 'manufacturers.php']; and then in the function, global $PHP_SELF and check it against the good_pages; if (in_array(basename($PHP_SELF, $this->good_pages)) { ... } This will then load the scripts only on the pages that need them rather than on all pages. And add textarea[name^="manufacturers_description"] to the selector (for manufacturer descriptions). Note: untested!
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    The code I posted should target all "product_description", regardless of the number in square brackets...