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    Product Attributes Random Order Problem

    Sort Ordering would be a very simple change to add in the product_attributes area. Support a good coder to allow him/her to take v1060 and make the changes, then (if you wanted to help others in the future) give us back the code to potentially add into the Core.
  2. This is a setting in Admin > Configuration > My Store.
  3. So is that file problematic ? Forget the missing backslash, I forgot to backslash it.
  4. What I'd like to do is this; I will log into the Phoenix Demo and amend a file via the define_language I will FTP it down I will attach it here At that point, you can open in your editor a let know what you see...
  5. What's going on? You are amending the file via the admin/define_language.php You are then downloading the file via FTP You are then amending the file in notepad++ At point 3, you see CR and LF etc everywhere ?
  6. burt

    Add download filename to admin orders

    Note, I refer to Phoenix but older Frozen etc should be similar. That data is not grabbed by the Class; https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix/blob/master/admin/includes/classes/order.php#L121-L124 The available data is option, value, prefix, price. That data comes from orders_products_attributes, so we look at that DB table to see if the download is stored there; https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix/blob/master/install/phoenix.sql#L393-L403 It is not stored. It is stored in orders_products_download; https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix/blob/master/install/phoenix.sql#L406 Therefore...you need to join the two tables orders_products_attributes orders_products_download You have an available join, orders_id. You therefore have to (in Frozen) manipulate the SQL in the class file; https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix/blob/master/admin/includes/classes/order.php#L118 to join those two tables and then output the filename in the array. Then manipulate invoice.php to output that extra piece of data. No other way around it. Same for Phoenix, but in Phoenix...there is a new different option; You could Hook into the invoice and show the download details at the bottom of the invoice, using this Hook https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix/blob/master/admin/invoice.php#L106 in a nice table, you could even show how many times customer downloaded it etc.
  7. burt

    Error with manufacturers.php

    empty your cache (in admin) this *might* fix it check your list of manufacturers (in admin) all look correct? turn off the manufacturers box if all else fails And, think about uprating to Phoenix, as your version is ancient. It was EOL a decade ago...
  8. burt

    Error with manufacturers.php

    It might be a very good idea to provide this: so what is the code on line 38 exactly.
  9. I believe it would be beneficial to save the RMA request in the Database so that both you and customer can track the status etc. Much like how an order is kept track of. What you have made is the "acorn" of a good idea that someone should run with.
  10. burt

    Nav Bar (Phoenix)

    If that shortcut works for you, great. For anyone else reading this in the future, please *attempt* (ie, have a go at building a simple module) do it the right way.
  11. burt

    [Contribution] Ship In Cart

    That "someone" would be YOU. If actual coding is too complicated for you, then you get it done by a competent coder and release it as an update. Don't rely on someone else all the time - be proactive yourself.
  12. Reminder that "Frozen" goes EOL on 17 May 2020, just 3 weeks away. I hope you all used the Sunset period of "Frozen" wisely.
  13. Reminder that "Frozen" goes EOL on 17 May 2020 [extended by request]. Now is the time to consider transferring to Phoenix, as you have 6 months before life support for Frozen is turned off.
  14. burt

    SMTP with authentication on Phoenix

    Searching for SMTP in the code base, gives this: INSERT INTO configuration (configuration_title, configuration_key, configuration_value, configuration_description, configuration_group_id, sort_order, set_function, date_added) VALUES ('E-Mail Transport Method', 'EMAIL_TRANSPORT', 'sendmail', 'Defines if this server uses a local connection to sendmail or uses an SMTP connection via TCP/IP. Servers running on Windows and MacOS should change this setting to SMTP.', '12', '1', 'tep_cfg_select_option(array(\'sendmail\', \'smtp\'),', now()); We then search for EMAIL_TRANSPORT which appears to be unused. I checked back to an ancient 2.3.4 and finds a bit in the email class function that sends. I don't recall when it was removed, but even so, it did not do anything (in terms of sending via SMTP) anyway - all it does is format the email in a way that SMTP understands. Never used SMTP, never want to.
  15. burt

    SMTP with authentication on Phoenix

    99.99% of users are on a linux host using sendmail. The very few end-users not on that configuration... It's sometimes better to walk a path with others (and therefore be able to get help/advice more easily) than it is to try to walk a path alone. I have no experience with SMTP so cannot help.
  16. burt

    Nav Bar (Phoenix)

    You would create a new Header module that outputs the navbar content. You would then turn this on and turn off the core Navbar module. OR You would create a new Navigation Module that outputs the logo. You then turn this on and turn off the core Logo module.
  17. There are examples of known good configure.php files in the Phoenix Club. FYI, you have at least 5 mistakes in this file, these 5 should be; define('HTTP_SERVER', 'https://xtreme-iceskateshop.be');define('HTTP_COOKIE_DOMAIN', '.xtreme-iceskateshop.be');define('HTTPS_COOKIE_DOMAIN', '.xtreme-iceskateshop.be');define('HTTP_CATALOG_SERVER', 'https://xtreme-iceskateshop.be');define('ENABLE_SSL_CATALOG', 'true');
  18. If you believe your changes work for your demographic; I don't particularly like it as much as you do, but then you have many things in your site that I don't like And as we always say; your site, your rules.
  19. That is all it was and I will send an invite momentarily. I can count on the fingers of one hand the number of people who have been removed from the club for reasons other than inactivity - one of whom was let back in after apologising - just to go off on another nonsensical rant about this and that - and so was removed again for good...for his own sanity and mine. A few other people have removed themselves for reasons known only to them, one of whom I bent over backwards for when he needed help (when he was being harassed by another member here) in the past (which really was a slap in the face to me, that hurt much more than anything) 😕 Hey ho, I guess people are your friend when they need help. Once you are back in, hit the "topics" tab and you will see hundreds of good threads and posts - the club is closed to keep out the sort of drama we see in this thread.
  20. Thanks for your honesty and for keeping your comments mostly civil. You would have been deemed an inactive member - that pruning took out those who had been members for at least 3 months and had not posted. There is no point in being part of the problem, so be part of the solution. I wish you good luck on your adventure with Phoenix.
  21. This would be the version where you are *forced* to pay before you can access the supposedly "open source" code. Made by a developer with fewer than 20 posts and who advertises his products by fabricating stuff about me personally and making up stuff about Phoenix to suit his own agenda. Good luck.
  22. And, I apologise, I forgot to mention all the people who have performed testing of new features and new ideas (some of which were just plain dumb ideas so never made into core code). You guys giving up your valuable time allowed us to move on with implementing things into core code. To all these people I say, publically, THANK YOU. You guys hopefully know who you are as I tried my best to give thanks at the time.
  23. Let's have a little think on this (so called) useless work that "the team" (I suppose that is me ? and lately Matt ?) has done. Everything we do has a purpose and if (speaking for myself only), I truly believed that most shopowners think as you do, that would be the day I quit. In July 2019; Pre Placed Shopside Hooks * Manufacturers Class File and usage thereof * Pre Placed Admin Hooks * Split Installer Updated sample products Updated Navbar system Updated jQuery Extra Security Checks * New Phoenix Logo made by external graphic designer Reconfigured Version Checker to tie into main osCommerce website Get rid of php5.3 specific code Update to Stock Check system Modularize Cart Page * Update codebase to php7.3 and testing of all pages/modules etc fix gzip system Removal of defunct 3rd party modules Update FontAwesome to v5 and change to new FA system of naming across files Update Navbar BUG Fixes and other minor improvements In August 2019; Standardise Product Listing Layout * Remove broken Grid/List feature Update Sort By Update FontAwesome Update Data Attributes Remove Reviews page Introduce Review Modules * BUG Fixes and other minor improvements In September 2019; Update FontAwesome Limit Reviews to Verified Purchasers * Introduce Password Forgotten Module Introduce flexibility to Product Listings * Update Hook system Remove Defunct modules Restyle and update Checkout Tunnel * BUG Fixes and other minor improvements In October 2019; Flexible Icon Display Show Inactive Modules Remove Cache System Update admin Categories for Hooking, Tabbing * Start Bootstrap Admin Remove broken Banner System Add Form Injection BUG Fixes and other minor improvements In November 2019; Remove broken Social Bookmarks System More Admin bootstrapping Hooks major update * Introduce Addon certification * Modularisation of Testimonials Page * Update Admin boxes * Introduce new TEMPLATE handling * Update installation procedure Update Bootstrap BUG Fixes and other minor improvements In December 2019; Update Sage Pay Module Update Schema Manufacturers Update Hooks More Admin bootstrapping Liberalise SQL queries * Update Dashboard Modules Introduce Autoloader * Hook Reviews Update LIbrary domains Refactor Admin Login Introduce Admin Autoloader * Update Fontawesome Hook Admin Column BUG Fixes and other minor improvements In January 2020; More Admin Bootstrapping Review Stars & link More Security Checks Restyle Invoice/Packingslip Hooked Invoice/Packingslip Update Hooks page Default Image functionality * Update installer Selectable address labels * Updated 20yr old country list BUG Fixes and other minor improvements In February 2020; Update email class * More Admin bootstrapping Refactor Hooks for pipelining * Introduce system files * Introduce customer data mods * Introduce checkout modules * Convert Braintree to an App Hooked Printable Pages Introduce MATC * BUG Fixes and other minor improvements In March 2020; Block Form processing by Hook/App * Introduce GDPR * Modularise Create Account Success * Introduce Advert Manager * Introduce Notification Modules * Introduce new Gallery system Update for Apache 2.4 Add Hook to infobox class Prepare Switchable templates * More Admin Bootstrapping Review Stars Introduce Advert Class * Introduce PI product layout * Update FontAwesome Introduce page selector * BUG Fixes and other minor improvements So far In April 2020; Add Sample Data Update session variables Autostart pipelined hooks * Update page selector module usage New PI modules * Nickname Reviews Update checkout Update jQuery Extend Testimonial Hooks BUG Fixes and other minor improvements You will see some of the items above are in bold. This is new functionality. You will see some of the items above have a red star (*). This is IMPORTANT new functionality. All of the above has been done to modernise osCommerce and allow addon makers to make addons that change no (or very little) core code. By doing this, shopowners have a much easier life. If shopowners have a much easier life, developers have a much a easier life. You can see the circle joining. So, I refute your claim that Matt and I (and others) have wasted our time and effort. I refute your claim that the above is useless. While the above was happening over the months, we gained 63 supporters from July until now. 1 supporter pays for 1 hour of coding time. Do you believe that all of the above has been done in 63 hours? I know that I have put in hundreds of unpaid hours since July, and I suspect Matt is the same. The same goes for raiwa and brockleyjohn - unpaid hours devoted to their addons, yet able to find time to help out giving hours to core code. To those absolutely brilliant 63 supporters, you know that you guys allowed (and are allowing) Phoenix to fly high and by extension keeping osCommerce on life support. To the others who have not yet been able or willing to start supporting...or just did not realise what it takes to run something the size of Phoenix...perhaps this post opened your eyes. I'll end with two images; which shows that Matt and I, between us, have about 1650 contributions in 18 months. That number excludes; all the time and effort spent answer questions and giving support here at the forum and by email. all the spam busting we have to do all the times we have to read abuse and idiotic comments by PM, email, and in this forum all the other modules that we give away for free and the support that this takes and most importantly, our actual real life jobs that we have Maybe this post has opened a few eyes as to the reality of the situation we find ourselves in??? You can either continue on as you are and end up not being a part of anything, or you can change the path you are walking on and support Matt and myself over the coming months and years. Open your eyes, and start thinking outside your little bubble.
  24. That is what this group of activists want. No future for Phoenix, thereby hurting not only their own business but also all the other businesses in the ecosystem. That is obvious by their actions (and their inactions) and by their lack of respect to those who are trying to make a future that is fair and equitable for everyone.