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  1. burt

    Integration code project

    For osCommerce or for Phoenix ?
  2. Walls are OK depending what side you're on, right. EG: The illegal occupation of the West Bank by Zionists. Again, for clarity, because some people are so clouded by other issues; 1 (repeat ONE) person was denied access to the Club Fewer than 5 have been removed for reasons other than activity - just being troublesome as is evidenced in this thread, or sharking for clients. A couple of people removed themselves, these sheep should not now be bleating that they have no access. Live with your choice(s), people.
  3. Pointless remark from someone who removed himself from the Club, who now does not like that he has no access to the Club. D'oh.
  4. For the benefit of future readers who get a similar problem...you might like to explain what the problem was exactly, and what the solution was.
  5. Works fine in the Demo. The error message looks like SPR problems - Split Page Results. That would be the first place for you to make investigations.
  6. @Fredi your post is here. Stops your irrelevance in the other thread.
  7. Phoenix Version? PHP Version? Page that the error shows on? At the very least, those details would be required.
  8. This is tested on a live shop with fopen_wrappers off - the URL is gotten via Curl then and everything appears to work as it should, both the "reading" things (dashboard, certified addon page) and the functionality (currency update). With both fopen_wrappers off and Curl off, the advice would have to be one of: enable fopen_wrappers enable curl new host"
  9. Minor You will not be able to view certain things (eg the certified_addons page in admin). Major You will not be able to update currencies I will look at doing something to combat that in as currencies is obviously an important part of core and the certified_addons page is important in helping to keep the whole project alive
  10. burt

    Installation oscommerce

    Ask your host...
  11. You can change those headers within the Admin section (though I personally have not tried to do so). Admin > Localization > Customer Data Groups
  12. burt

    Order missing after paypal payment received

    It maybe an idea to add such a thing into Core. Thoughts ?
  13. burt

    Order missing after paypal payment received

    It's a remote possibility but the Order may be in the database without a numeric status. No numeric status means it would not show in the Order List, but everything else would be normal (emails sent, paypal received etc).
  14. burt

    how to let people upload images

    An addon made 10 years ago is hardly likely to fit into Phoenix is it, considering that Phoenix is 15 months old. Hence, the addon would need to be remade.
  15. burt

    how to let people upload images

    George ( @multimixer ) made something a long time ago for normal osCommerce which allows people to upload images, read more at http://multimixer.gr/08/03/2012/fileupload-for-oscommerce/ I am sure that if you sent a message he would quote you for a Phoenix remake. Probably as would our Certified Developers.
  16. burt

    The page does not look good

    Looks like you installed osCommerce, so the first thing to do is dump that and install Phoenix (the Community version). Phoenix can be installed via Softaculous in your hosting Control Panel or downloaded and manually installed ( https://www.oscommerce.com/Products&Download=oscom2ce-phoenix-v1.0.7.9 )
  17. The all-new template system made by Matt is in the Phoenix Stream from onwards. First example (remake of Gustavo theme from years ago): https://template.me.uk/PRO/S5/index.php More examples to follow. The templating system is very powerful and extremely flexible...big thanks to Matt @ecartz for his vision and hard work in getting the template system ready for prime-time and for making it extremely straightforward to use. Give it a go, you'll be pleasantly surprised.
  18. v1.0.7.9 is tagged and announced;

  19. To my eye (and I do realise that beauty is in the eye of the beholder), your site looks dull, boring. It looks like a "bolt on" that no-one really looks after or cares about. Have you ever seen a successful site that has "shadows" on every box ? Even worse, when you mouseover a category in the index page, it expands and has a shadow. Get rid of all these rubbish effects. You have categories and brands in the horizontal bar why have them in the left hand column. Vice versa. You have a *massive* white gap at the bottom of your site. Which is obviously some sort of error in the code. Your product page is bare of data. No title, description, keywords. Product descriptions are dull. Where are the videos of your tools in action? Where are your Customer Reviews? Where is your blog that explains how to use Tools, ideas of things to make and so on.
  20. burt

    how do I make my site https

    You need to use descriptive titles when asking questions. I have changed this one from "oscom ce phoenix" - totally useless title to "how do I make my site https" - at least it gives an idea of the question
  21. burt

    Product Options other than dropdown

    That's nice So, exactly what is your question ?
  22. No two sites from a decade or more ago are the same, therefore it is not possible to write a generic topic that would cover all sites. Shopowners need to get out of the habit of jumping to core code changes and instead work out ways to have *similar* functionality without having to resort to core code modifications. The old awful ways of getting better functionality (in 2.2) were alleviated a bit in the 2.3 series and have been *almost* removed in Phoenix (where it is possible to do most things without touching core).
  23. burt

    I can't log in to the admin panel

    This would likely mean that you have one (or more of); configure file incorrect incorrect admin password incorrect admin username But it's hard to say without error messages or anything that could help to diagnose.
  24. This is going to be an ongoing problem for the foreseeable future for anyone on osCommerce 2.3.4 (and earlier) and for anyone on very early versions of the Community Edition. As hosts start to enforce php7 (as it is more stable and more secure than php5, and by the way php8 is soon out), we will see more and more shopowners who have run their shop only thinking about "today" rather than also thinking (at least a little) about "tomorrow" and what would happen "tomorrow" if their site went down for a day/week while they scramble about trying to get help with an outdated version or moving to a different platform etc. The Community Edition has been available for over 6 years now - that's a lot of "tomorrow" time