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  1. There is still development on Frozen. I have already made some minor changes. I have plans for some other things, I'll make a post on that tonight. Hopefully some of the people who now seem interested will be able to help move things forward again, we shall see.
  2. A 2.4 CE is not on the horizon. ALL: If you have a supposed Community Edition of your own, that is great. But do not try to fracture the community by advertising it on this forum. If you have advertised it (eg in your signature), please remove it asap. As I find links to other Forks, they will be removed.
  3. I have no interest in a secondary CE version. All (and I do mean 100%) of the feedback I got from both developers and shopowners was; "please stop developing, and fix a release" As soon as I did that...people then decided that this was no good; now I see at least a number of new forks as well as people who have done nothing or incredibly little over the last 5 years, step up and report bugs or do some code or just even start chatting in this forum. Which is really cool, I just wish they had done this 4 years ago :-\ All that said there is one CE version, and that is at the present time called "Frozen".
  4. I have split the chitchat out of this BSv4 thread. Thanks
  5. http://template.me.uk/frozen2bs4/index.php I still have some work to do (especially on the modules for index & index_nested & index_products). Always moving forward, even if in "hiding".
  6. All the others need to look at WA state. They have an excellent API to hook into to get the exact rates per zipcode, some years back I made a order_total module hooking into it. Very simple and effective system. If WA can do it...
  7. Assuming you only need to collect the STATE sales tax and not individual counties/citys etc...that would be 5 minutes work to set up. That also assumes that you can find the exact tax rate per state etc and so on. Europeans are very used to setting up multiple tax rates, so it's just the same - instead of countries, think States. As for remitting the tax after you've collected...that would be outside the scope of the software, obviously. EDIT: If you have to collect ALL of the applicable sales taxes (state, county, city, district etc)...that would be extremely difficult.
  8. Even if not correct, your change is still not needed. If not correct, they go and change the language file.
  9. I -believe- so. Use Core Code as it stands and look at a product that has a special price, it should be something like; $99.99 $49.99 In other words, old price with a strikethru, special price in red.
  10. Imagine a scenario like this; "This Review was written by John on 01/12/2018. John gave it 5 stars out of 5." I now give you two ways: define('REVIEW_TEXT', 'This Review was written by %1$s on 01/12/2018. %1$s gave it %2$s stars out of 5.'); echo sprintf(REVIEW_TEXT, 'John', '5'); OR define('REVIEW_TEXT', 'This Review was written by %s on 01/12/2018. %s gave it %s stars out of 5.'); echo sprintf(REVIEW_TEXT, 'John', 'John', '5'); OK, both do the same thing. Now take the scenario where shopowner wants to say this: "This Product gets 5 stars from John!" Easier to do this: define('REVIEW_TEXT', 'This Product gets 2$s stars from %1$s.'); No need to even look at the main module file or the template file. In the way you understand (just using %s), an error would probably occur somewhere. At the very least it gets super complicated staying in a linear outlook...
  11. That is exactly what I am saying, so long as you also take into account the placement of variables at the other end (language file). See Mary Lamb example.
  12. Variables can be given in any order, and then used in any order... First See: https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/blob/master/includes/modules/content/product_info/templates/tpl_cm_pi_price.php#L3 sprintf(MODULE_CONTENT_PI_PRICE_DISPLAY_SPECIAL, $specials_price, $products_price) variable 1 = new [special] price variable 2 = old [usual] price Then See: https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/blob/master/includes/languages/english/modules/content/product_info/cm_pi_price.php#L16 I first use #2 (old price) in the <del> I then use #1 (new price) to show the cost Notice the difference between using %s (which is what you are thinking, I think) and use of (eg) %2$s In this way, you can do this: define('BLAH_BLAH', '%1$s had a little %2$s, its fleece was white as snow and everywhere that %1$s went the %2$s was sure to go...'); and echo sprintf(BLAH_BLAH, 'Mary', 'Lamb'); That's a dumb example, but shows the concept.
  13. So, anyway, cards are a PITA. I expect that in future release of bootstrap we will see some card sizing utilities for responsiveness.
  14. YESSSSS! This. SO much this. Thanks @14steve14 People; everything that you see in the basic Responsive Build is done for a reason, always be aware of this before offering solutions that will cause problems.
  15. Now you clearly see the problem. Cards are "nice", but are a PITA to correctly code.
  16. @piernas this approach works but takes away all of the good stuff that Cards brings. The reason for Cards is to entirely remove the Columns and Rows...and make flexbox do its thing without them.
  17. If you take a look at the "CARDS" module now, you hopefully will see my main issue, which I cannot now un-see. http://template.me.uk/frozen2bs4/ I set the parameters as so; SM - 2 (per row) MD - 3 LG and up - 4 As I also set it to show just 6 items, what happens in LG and up, is Fugly in my opinion; item | item | item | item item | item I can't find a way to do this; item | item | item | item item | item Can anyone find the answer ? ps: not bothered about the display of the price, name etc - that'll be squished as 4 boxes is too many in a row (for MD). Only set to 4 in MD to show what I am struggling with...
  18. Some type of images system would have been high up the to-do list for a future release (probably Final). I think I've talked about it previously; shopowner uploads one large image it is resized to (say) 5 different resolutions and saved appropriately tep_image is updated to use srcset srcset automatically works out which image is best shown at which resolution Maybe in some future code?
  19. Yes...in the example (to make the galaxy image larger) I just removed the two parameters in the tep_image call; SMALL_IMAGE_WIDTH & SMALL_IMAGE_HEIGHT. Replacing those makes the images all the same size.
  20. @timray @Stephan Gebbers It's possible to do whatever is required. But as this is a test project ... it is not likely to happen that I spend my time making tweaks.
  21. Parameters for choosing how many cards per row...across viewports