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  1. burt

    Header Tags SEO

    Core is always evolving and getting better, it will eventually end up in a place where everything can be done without core being affected at all. To get to that place means some "hurt" for existing addons. What we have is a small team of addon developers who are actively involved in helping Matt @ecartz and myself to "bend" the core code to better suit their addon needs, which means their addons become much easier to install. Think back to the days of 2.2 (or even 2.3) where you would see addons changing core code on lots of different pages to do something. We've massively reduced that with the help of supportive addon makers and supportive shopowners. On the flip side of that coin are the addon makers and shopowners who have zero input into the core code. If one has zero input, one should expect to have to deal with problems as they arise, rather than know upcoming problems in advance. I can summarise this as so: The core does not stand still because of addons.
  2. burt

    Shipping table is now a real table :)

    Ensure that you have uploaded the language file to the correct location ?
  3. Hola.

    Soy nuevo aquí y me gustaría conocer un poco como va todo esto. Si fuerais tan amables de explicarmelo, por encima, no hace falta tampoco entrar en mucha materia, pues quiero poner en línea una tienda pequeñita, os estaría muy agradecido.


    1. burt


      @valquiria23 can you help pls?

    2. valquiria23


      Hola @Airforceone3,, como estas?

      Oscommerce es la herramienta ideal para montar un tienda online, pero sin embargo Oscommerce hace años no ha tenido nuevas versiones por parte de su creador y la comunidad comenzó a desarrollar por su parte una versión mucho mejor y moderna (llamada Phoenix) además de ser compatible con los servidores de hosting actuales y soportar las nuevas versiones de PHP.

      Te recomiendo que te sumes al Phoenix Club y mires la gran evolución que Phoenix esta tomando día a día.

      Asimismo podes bajar Phoenix en la siguiente pagina : https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix 

      Suerte con tu próximo proyecto de tienda virtual, vasa ver que Phoenix es fácil de instalar y operar.




    3. Airforceone3


      Hola Valquiria23.

      Gracias por tu pronta respuesta. Haré lo que me indicas y veremos como lo sacamos adelante.

      Un Saludo.


  4. burt

    Stripe v3 module for SCA

    I believe this is down to the Order Status and whether it is "public" viewable. That would be where to check. Admin > Localization > Order Status Check "public status" on the status that Stripe orders get set to.
  5. Hi.

    Where do I create a post for a user created module please ?
    Specifically the Wholesale addition.



    1. burt


      Usually any addon you get will come with a readme which should have the necessary details on how to contact the addon maker.  Some addon makers like to have an open thread, some like email, some absolve themself of responsibility.  Read the readme (if there is one) and it may tell you.

    2. Nige-A



      It was late, I probably overlooked it.


  6. burt

    Youtube Video for Product

    The ability to add videos via the "products gallery" was removed. It was unwanted by a majority of shopowners. If you need to add in video, inline it in the product description would be a simple option. Or make(or get made) a module to suit needs. Could be a pi module a content module a tab module Would need some type of admin interface, I suggest a Hook for that.
  7. burt

    Stripe Issue

    Have you contacted Stripe ?
  8. burt

    Paypal Retrieve Live Credentials error

    I'd still like to check on your use of php7.4 as 7.4 would not complain about a double ?? (the null coalescing operator)... Are you absolutely certain you are on 7.4 ? I know that's a dumb Q, but it's often the case that users get mixed up...which makes support difficult sometimes.
  9. burt

    Paypal Retrieve Live Credentials error

    May be something changed at the Paypal end?
  10. burt

    Paypal Retrieve Live Credentials error

    Are you sure ? The reason I ask is that ?? is providing that error and ?? (null coalescing operator) is fine since php7.0 Most likely your problem.
  11. burt

    Paypal Retrieve Live Credentials error

    Give it a go. I assume you are on https:// connection ?
  12. burt

    Paypal Retrieve Live Credentials error

    Make sure the crt file is 100 up to date (most likely it is not as you are using an old osCommerce). https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix/blob/master/ext/modules/payment/paypal/paypal.com.crt is (I believe) an up to date version.
  13. Would not the simplest option be to add in base data (weight and unit); Unit Weight: X (a number) Unit Type: y (a unit, could be g, kg, liter, gallon, whatever - maybe this always has to be "grams" ? ) The output; Base Price per Xy; price/weight * X Taking your example: Green Tea 50g 5,50 € Assuming here that your products_weight is set at 0.05 ?? If you have input fields where you add: Unit Weight: .1 Unit Type: kg You could then output on product_info; > Base Price per .1kg; 11 € Maybe you also need a multiplier ? Unit Weight: .1 (X) Unit Multiplier: 100 (n) Unit Type: g (y) Which would output Base Price per (X*n)y; price/weight * X > Base Price per 100g; 11 € At this point, you should be getting the architecture in place (as best you can) before building it up.
  14. burt

    Integration code project

    For osCommerce or for Phoenix ?