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  1. 1. Try the script with .js turned off. Many people have js off as default. 2. <picture is used when you want to *force* a particular image to be rendered. <srcset is used to reactively render. 3. You add in database calls or logic calls in preference to simply hardcoding It doesn't seem like a particularly valuable endeavour, but if you can make it work and prove it's better than what we have...I'm happy to consider core.
  2. Please create a module/app and upload it to You will then find it much easier to get clients. Please do not spam the forum with load of links to your site.
  3. The basis as I see it (have a new page for this, removed from the usual admin/orders.php page); It would be similar to orders.php, main differences; add in a tickbox on each order line at the bottom add in a dropdown for order statuses at the bottom add in some buttons; [batch invoices] {opens new window with invoices ready to print} [batch packing slips] {opens new window with packing slips ready to print} [update order status] {links to dropdown selection} Keeps the engineering to a minimum but does what you want... and can be extended in the future, fairly easily. Only drawback would be this; If you want to update a bunch of statuses AND print off invoices AND print off Slips... It would be a click on each button.
  4. Admin Side: A new page for adding valid postcodes/zips A new box and a box link to link to that page Shop Side: A module (or hook) to allow shopper to insert postcode/zip and see the result of the query (yes we deliver, or no we dont) No Core Code Changes, easy little project. Give it a go? OR, even less code (here we assume that your inputted zips change fairly infrequently); Admin Side: Nothing Shop Side: A CSV File containing your Zips A module (or hook) to allow shopper to insert postcode/zip and see the result of the query (yes we deliver, or no we dont)
  5. If you have a way to send an SMS via the web...easy enough. There are companies offering APIs but the last time I looked it was (I thought) super expensive. The other stuff is relatively simple.
  6. Remember that whatever you eventually end up implementing... make sure that it is easy for the customer to do. EG: If asking for product reviews, don't expect them to visit each individual product page. Instead make one page on which all the products show and allow them make multiple reviews in one place.
  7. I don't know. I've not ever taken the time to delve deep into this addon...
  8. I like the v3 system for making images. The script in the background/admin is decent. The usage of the created images is not ideal. Ideal: <img srcset> the image output Next best: <picture> Remember that v3 is built prior to the days of worrying about responsive and bandwidth. So we could hybrid the two ideas?
  9. What I would like to do in the future, and this is something @wHiTeHaT and I discussed years ago at the start of the BS build is responsive images, but at the time I am pretty sure that neither of us had the time to spend on finding/coding a good image resizer. I would prefer to use srcset ( ), . My general idea is for each image uploaded, creates 4 or 5 image sizes of it; 1 for XS 1 for SM 1 for MD 1 for LG 1 for XL We then amend tep_image to output a srcset, and then relax in the knowledge that the sites images are awesome. That would be my next step for I believe that would bring the most benefit to the most number of shopowners...
  10. I tend to advise to use Social Marketing as much as possible. Also to make use or Reviews as much as possible. In other words, have your customers do all of the work for you. I also believe that product descriptions should be written for the customer and not for seo purposes. Having said all of that, I have never performed an A/B test where one site has no SEO and another site has massive SEOptimisation. I'm not even sure that's a possibility to do...
  11. @discxpress absolutely this, what @frankl says. I think I mentioned if before, some years back, but could not find the thread; I had a site producing $3/400 a day. The site dropped out of Google on an update, after which it was producing nothing. At that point I realised how foolish it is to waste time on getting a site to #1 in google (and others!) when they can knock you out in one punch. Instead I focused on other things, and have never since even thought about SEO.
  12. This. So please stop asking questions that are outside this scope. You would be better off asking them in their own thread.
  13. as far as I recall, this is also true in all version of historical oscommerce hence: not a bootstrap question, please ask elsewhere
  14. Does combining the .css help to speed up the page load? If yes, by what factor? Or put another way; Does the Return [better faster load] On Investment [time and effort of coding] make sense?