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  1. Surely they would need to overwrite the whole page(s)?!? Forget the State Selector. Nothing more is being added to Community Version.
  2. Put it to an Addon. If it then gets used and is problem free it can go into the next iteration of osCommerce.
  3. If it goes on Core...and it is then found broken. Anyone in the future would then download a broken osCommerce. Is that wise?
  4. 28d, 2018

    Thank You Steve. Let's see who else "gets it" before May 25th
  5. It is tested under all scenarios ? You are happy to support any and all questions that arise, and any problems that arise from payment modules? Would it be better as an addon? I only ask this as after the next few days are up...there will be no more changes on the Github and if this is added - and it is broken...it'll stay broken. As an addon, you at least have the ability to perform updates. Thoughts?
  6. 28d, 2018

    All updates now sent. More coming prior to May 25th.
  7. 28d, 2018

    GDPR Updates Coming Today Ajaxified Reviews Module [SENT, should be in your inbox] - anonymization of Name - deletion of Review Ajaxified Personal Details Module [SENT, should be in your inbox] - deletion of gender - deletion of DOB Ajaxified Cookie Module [SENT, should be in your inbox] - deletion of unnecessary cookies Other Updates Coming Today Updated Options/Attributes Price Changer [SENT, should be in your inbox] - recent modularisation of product_info broke this, so have updated it. - have tested all the way back to crappy old 2.3.1... - also now works properly with european format of prices (eg using comma as decimal point)
  8. https://demo.oscommerce.shop/24/ I do not know how old that Demo is. There is *loads* that has been done the Community 2.3, that does not exist in that "official" 2.4.
  9. Updated Module should change the layout of the white boxes (when configuring a module), and it should tighten the overall table into one (instead of two).
  10. I'm very happy to just say "Final" and be done with it. Anything else can be addons.
  11. @piernas updated module.zip Also requires change to /admin/includes/functions/general.php Find the function "tep_cfg_select_option" and change it to: //// // Alias function for Store configuration values in the Administration Tool function tep_cfg_select_option($select_array, $key_value, $key = '', $spacer = '<br>') { $string = ''; for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($select_array); $i<$n; $i++) { $name = ((tep_not_null($key)) ? 'configuration[' . $key . ']' : 'configuration_value'); $string .= $spacer . '<input type="radio" name="' . $name . '" value="' . $select_array[$i] . '"'; if ($key_value == $select_array[$i]) $string .= ' checked="checked"'; $string .= ' /> ' . $select_array[$i]; } return $string; }
  12. Addon installer concept

    The other option is that I let the Community Version come to an end, and those who are interested can work with 2.4 Every shopowner using Community Version has a working Responsive php7-ready shop, so it could just be left. Those who want to continue using, continue. Those who don't, use official 2.3.x, go to a different software or pitch in and help on 2.4. I have an issue with 2.4 and transparency of just what is exactly going on with it, but that is for another time.
  13. TY @burt for the cool Breadcrumb Schema https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/pull/634 To update your shop; make changes to /includes/classes/breadcrumb.php <--- very important to do this otherwise you end up with broken validation upload new HT module + its Language File login to admin and turn on
  14. Addon installer concept

    Addons are sometimes more complicated than first glance... An addon could consist of (eg); 1. product_info content module 2. sub modules for that content module 3. action 4. hook Not sure how you're going to approach that...but something to think about. The majority of well coded addons; dont change core code consist of up to three files [main, lang, tpl] consist of one "thing" (bm_, cm_, etc), not usually more than one It might be that your prototype deals with the "easy" addons first? And can then be extended to deal with complicated addons?
  15. 28d, 2018

    Red Button = DELETE review Fully deletes the review from the database. Blue Button = Anonymize Review If Review is anonymized, Reviewers name changes and Blue button goes disabled and background goes Blue. Reviewer still "owns" the review, so can go on to delete it in the future if they want to. Will send this update soon! All updates are in testing phase.