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  1. burt

    Attribute Images

    Hard coded. Hook advice: make a product_info hook utilising the injectBodyEnd listener.
  2. burt

    Attribute Images

    You're not struggling. You have workable code and you probably (hopefully) learned some javascript tricks.
  3. burt

    Attribute Images

    Nice to see you guys having a go, rather than just talking and more talking 👍 When you get it to a "happy" conclusion, I'll post what I coded yesterday (PROTO code, not really tested etc).
  4. burt

    Attribute Images

    That's from 10 years ago and seems similar to what you need. I imagine (well I *know*) that 10 years ago was the time of 500 lines of core code change to do something that can now be done in none. Even so, I think you'll struggle with a no core change, as the product_attribute page will need to be changed to allow you to assign image to attribute. Option = Color Attributes = blue/pink/red (each of these needs an image) That is your first task before you start thinking about actual swapping of images.
  5. burt

    When is /ext/.../standard_ipn used?

    As far as I recall, it depends on one thing; whichever "signal" gets back to the shop first. If the customer arrives back before the IPN... -or- If the IPN arrives before the customer.
  6. burt

    PayPal in phoenix ...help!

    See that Paypal link in the horizontal menu, hover over it and you should get a menu saying "start" or a menu with other items in it, one of which is "credentials".
  7. burt

    PayPal in phoenix ...help!

    Look at the Orange warning. It clearly says that your API credentials have not been set up. Set them up - Click the Blue GENERAL button...
  8. Warnings are not Errors. Fixing problems that don't exist is not a productive use of time for any Shopowner, surely ?
  9. burt

    Remove Extra Type from PDF Invoice

    PDF invoice is not standard in any version of osCommerce, therefore the best advice is; download a copy of your site download a program that can search files (eg beyondcompare or grepwin) search your files for the string "Customer's Comments" amend the file in which it is found. Your version went EOL (End Of Life) over a decade ago. You might want to think about upgrading to the latest version.
  10. You will need to contact a good developer and get it re-coded to suit your needs. If what is made is better than core, maybe you would then allow us to replace what is in core with your new version.
  11. Last call for the remaining 67 Forum Members who have requested access to the Phoenix Club, but have no posts and a throwaway email address...  are you real people ? I'll be nuking the list in a day or two...

    Note that this applies only to those waiting to get into the Club.  If you are in the Club already, all is well...

  12. You might like to link to the addon so that anyone else who is using the same can help you.
  13. Use whois to determine where the IP is coming from - if that place is not important, just ban the whole IP range using htaccess.