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  1. 28d21 - Bundled Products (sorry for early post, I am unavailable almost all day tomorrow) For d21 I have the third of four "bigger" mods. This one allows you to sell a Bundle of Products. Admin Side New Page for creating Bundles Shop Side module that display the Bundle module that reduces stock appropriately Core Code Changes: NONE. System is 100% modular. Upload, turn on, create Bundle(s). Demo: https://template.me.uk/28d2019/product_info.php?products_id=29 This is the "Stephen Seagal" bundle - where all products are available in required quantities... https://template.me.uk/28d2019/product_info.php?products_id=30 This is a "test" bundle where one of the product does not have sufficient stock Admin Hook Also included is a Admin Side HOOK - which means you do need to have the Hooked Order page installed - comes as standard in Responsive... This Hook shows shopowner a quick reminder of Bundled Content for easy stock-picking. Delivery: As noted earlier, I am out most of the day tomorrow, so this one will come to you late tomorrow night (or poss friday morning if I do not get back in time).
  2. I stated "To my knowledge"... I was (until this minute) unaware of a developer stating you charged for work. I was (until this minute) unaware of another developer printing out code from an addon. Was either of those developers me? There are only two other full-time developers in this community, so I'm going to assume it's them. I can ASSURE you that I do not have supporters that are other developers and I can ASSURE you that I am not rounding up people to prod and poke you. In fact one of those developers and I have not spoken in *years* - no falling out, just a parting of the ways - I wanted to go one way, he wanted to stick with official osC. I'd like to ask, please ... Why are you (and others) constantly on my back about my 28d? It's a commercial project from a commercial sponsor - note only am I a Team Member, I am also a Commercial Sponsor as well as a multi-time Community Sponsor. Can you not let it go, the constant belittling of 28d?
  3. Just click the "follow" button up there ^
  4. Once again, for clarity; No one (to my knowledge) has told Zahid to stop making Addons No one (to my knowledge) has told Zahid to stop publicly assisting Addon users No one (to my knowledge) has made personal threats and insults towards Zahid It is his choice to perform the actions he has and to say the words he has. I do not see anyone who feels threatened by his coding - in fact I have gone so far as to offer advice to him on copyright issues, language issues and so has at least two other professionals. Response: "mind your own business". As for 28d, it's time for Zahid (and others) to stop beating that drum - it is a Commercial Project from a Commercial Sponsor. Precisely nothing wrong with it, and in fact entirely within the spirit of open source. And now, once again, back to the issue at hand: Addon Feedback. Feel free to provide constructive feedback to addon authors - including professionals - that is the only way to learn, by taking the use/feedback from lots of people across a range of abilities, using different PHP, different computers and so on.
  5. Back to CONSTRUCTIVE Addons Feedback. Let's try it. Feel free to start giving constructive feedback on Support threads. I am certain that addon makers will thank you for it. Addon makers: if the feedback is not constructive or is just personal rubbish, report the post using the usual mechanism.
  6. No, you make up stuff to suit your own Agenda.
  7. 28d20 - Order Grabber Today we have a page that allows you to quickly grab order details. It is an admin side page. Admin Side New Page for easily grabbing (and deleting) Orders The page displays basic details (Order ID, Name, Postcode, Order Date etc). You can then download a CSV which contains much more data. You can also delete Orders easily. Let us say that you wanted to delete Orders older than 1st Jan 2010. Simply select that date, press the button. The orders are found. Press delete. Core Code Changes: NONE. System is 100% modular. Upload, and find Orders easily. Demo: None as it is Admin Side. In the picture below I wanted to find all Orders between 1st Jan and 19th Feb who had bought Samsung Galaxy. This took all of a few microseconds.
  8. Hostility? Was I hostile when my code was stolen? Was I hostile when my copyright was changed? Was I hostile in return when I was called all sort of names? Was I hostile in return when those pictures were posted? I'd suggest all of the above exposes the doers to far greater legalities. Have I been hostile in this thread? Or in any other thread or even by PM - the answer is "no". There is a few people being hostile in this forum, and it certainly is not me. It can even be seen by reading back through this thread.
  9. Thanks for the that Zahid. I take it you would vote "No" for addons feedback?
  10. 20 Yes 0 No. Tells us we must have something in place for feedback. We don't have the ability (as of today) to do it in the Addons Area, so should we try it as part of the Support Thread? I'm assuming not too much interest in a committee of testers, so probably that idea is a non-starter.
  11. YES! I have some funny tales...
  12. A few bugs and omissions found in a few modules so far - thank you for the heads up on the incorrect code... If they are "show stopper" bugs I'll get them fixed and out straightaway, otherwise I'll wait until the end and send on revamped mods all in one go. Typical examples: hardcoded language define (doh) using a constant when it doesn't yet exist (duh) and so on.
  13. Admin side looks like this, familiar... Notice the status? Two green is good. #1 green = PDF is attached #2 green = PDF exists in the correct place Two red = no PDF attached or uploaded I suspect you can therefore guess about if it shows 1 green and 1 red
  14. 28d19 - PDF (per product) Today we have a system that allows Shopowner to upload a PDF for each product. Admin Side New Page for attaching PDF to Product In the Admin, the PDF is uploaded (and renamed), so no PDF can overwrite another. Shop Side p_i content module tab module obviously, as with all modules, these can be changed to better suit your site needs Core Code Changes: NONE. System is 100% modular. Upload, and Turn On. Demo: https://template.me.uk/28d2019/product_info.php?products_id=9 p_i module can be seen directly above the product description obviously the location can be changed based on sort_order as is standard in all modules tab module can be seen as the end tab in the tabbed display again, sort ordering means you can move that up and down the tabbed display as required Enjoy!
  15. I'll fix it up, not quite sure how as the code is fairly complicated - but I'll get it right. And I like the message 😎