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  1. Hook it is then. It's a good use of Hooking. Bear in mind that in the English language, getting it 100% correct is difficult; McDonald MacDonald Macdonald Mcdonald All are valid surnames. In addition "Macdonald" can also be a given (first) name!
  2. It's gotta be possible to do it. I haven't not thought about it other than my thoughts above.
  3. Remember, Header Tags [unfortunate name] can be loaded into footer_scripts
  4. Difficult one. My feeling is that whatever the customer inputs is correct and should be respected.
  5. Interesting article. Amazons dominance needs to be challenged, and that is only possible in one of two ways in my opinion; 3rd party sellers abandon it -> never going to happen another big boy goes all out war on it -> walmart maybe? ebay?
  6. You can find every official release of osCommerce at
  7. Frank, this time; I clicked the button on your site, it did not take me to Google this time (or it might have been so instantaneous I did not notice. I ended up on ezsocial_success where is says; We need your delivery details. Please fill in the required fields I filled out the rest of it. It did not ask me for a password (obviously by design I think!). I then logged off. I then logged back in by clicking the google button - I was insta-logged in with all my previously entered address showing. TL;DR SUPER COOL!
  8. @ce7 you probably need to state which addon you are attempting to add. Almost all addons are defunct with the new versions of osC.
  9. I dont have FB or LInkedIn, but I do have a Google account...I tried and it sent me off to Google where it asked me to click my name. I clicked this and it thought about things for a moment then sent me back to your test shop with the following message; Data incomplete - social login aborted. Please choose another login method. I believe that this is maybe because my profile contains pretty much only my name and email address... Perhaps you need more data than this for the login to complete?
  10. ps playing with the Fuzzy Factor probably will help a bit but not massively so. All it does is change the %aaaa% bit below from 4 characters to whatever you choose: and pd.products_metaphone like '%MRNF%' order by The higher the number, the less likely to match in the metaphone string. This Fuzzy system is potentially one of the game changer addons, but it's something that is a bit of a blunt instrument (ie, helps a massive amount for an off the shelf piece of code that takes 1 minute to set up, but is not bespoke enough to be 100% perfect at all times).
  11. It's difficult when you have a number of items that potentially match the Metaphone. The (in my opinion) logical route to go down would be to order the results by the "start position" of the search query. So let us imagine you have 3 products: Super Duper Fantastic Blue Widget Marine Flake Super Marine Flake Marine Flake And then someone searched for "marine flake" - use the normal search function as this is a match for all three products And then someone searched for "marineflake" - matches nothing using the normal search, but return results as follows in the Fuzzy; Marine Flake aka MRNF (fuzzy starts at position 1) Super Marine Flake aka SPRMRNF (fuzzy starts at position 4) Super Duper Fantastic Blue Widget Marine Flake SPRDPRFNTSTCBLWDGTMRNF (fuzzy starts position 19) At least you now have some order... That would be the way to do it I think.
  12. @ce7 I'd say to avoid as much as possible adding "old style" addons as with some lateral thinking, a lot of things can be done in a simpler way (and simple is usually better). If you have to use older addons: the correct advice is as per @raiwa advice above.
  13. @Dan Cole I just installed Fuzzy Search on a test site... Admin Side: Made a new product called "Marine Flake" Installed the module for advanced_search_result Shop Side: I searched for Marine Flake: 1 normal search result - expected I searched for marineflake: 0 results - expected 1 fuzzy result - "Marine Flake" I searched for neflake: 0 results - expected 1 fuzzy result - "Marine Flake" I searched for "rine flake": 1 result - expected This is with Fuzzy Factor set to 4.
  14. You did not need to manipulate your images, you could have; in Gold: turn on equal heights module in Edge: do nothing as the "problem" you see is solved by flexbox
  15. Install EDGE. Sorts out some issues and adds in lots of other Good Stuff. After which: play with installing and configuring modules and header tags.