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  1. You are in a pickle. Advice: Use attributes for their intended purpose: product options Use the *inbuilt* internal search engine to allow people to search for products. This is something I built into the Core to allow shopowners to TAG products.
  2. He is about as far from "right" as it is possible to be. He is using 2.4 and on the download page it says "developers only". That ain't rocket science to realise it's not usable for a shopowner, especially one who considers osCommerce crap enough to use 14 years. As for 2.3.4 being out of date, there has been a useable version of it available for over 3 years - would be 1 minutes work to put a link on the download page.
  3. What I want to know is why you adapted the attributes system for searching ? I cannot understand that. If you can state why you did that and how.... It might be possible to give you a better idea for searching, which would then allow you to use attributes for what they are meant for; options.
  4. There are very few coders on the Forum and all of them do it for a living. Why would these people help you? Most of the pro developers departed because there is no way for them to earn a living here. What there are a lot of; Shopowners who are looking for help Shopowners who can code a bit Shopowners who can code a lot Shopowners who can code are busy running their own shops...and if you are super lucky you might hit on one who is able to help you.
  5. You could *maybe* hide the attribute dropdown using .css Something like this; #bodyContent select { display: none; }
  6. My ethos is; Make it very simple for the customer to do things. As far as a checkout goes, what can be more simple than; login > choose shipping > choose payment > review order > complete It has been proven many times that a bite-size of cake, followed by a bite-size of far better than ramming a whole cake down ones throat. What I would like to see [in CORE]...which is sort of related... On shopping_cart.php a summary (estimated) shipping price, (estimated) taxes and so on. So they see their grand total prior to starting a checkout.
  7. So far as I recall ... when I looked into speeding things up ... one cannot add expires headers to externally loaded scripts.
  8. 1. That demo is *not* edge. It might be close to it, but certainly there are loads of things in edge not in that demo and things in that demo that are not in edge. 2. The host that this demo is on is a crappy cheapo bucket host. Really really dead cheap, that no business owner in their right mind would consider using. 3. Just tested it anyway, and get the attached, which in my opinion is ... decent when taking into account #1 and #2 above.
  9. Indeed yes, thank you chaps. I took some time off to recharge batteries and also to evaluate "life" in general... I highly suggest to everyone that if you are able to...take a bit of time off to ponder on what is right and what is not right in your life, and cut-out (or change) the not right things as best you can.
  10. Went to like all the posts here, but apparently can only give 15 likes per day. Sorry to those who have an "not liked" post.
  11. The good old bad old days back then. Not many of us left John!
  12. Hello all I am perfectly well and fine sorry for causing concern. I've been off the Internet for over a month, and am a long way behind on emails. Thank you to all for your messages on the forum and emails, I shall catch up as soon as I can. ps. sites should be back up now, I forget to pay the hosting bill
  13. Keyword Tags
  14. MySQL 5.7 compatibility Pending commit for testing. 2 lines of code to add.
  15. #6. no bug has been reported as far as I am aware. Please report it at v5 of the Paypal App appears to work fine on my installation of Edge.