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  1. A couple of bugfixes coming later on tonight. As well as one extra bonus (which was being tested but the shopowner testing it went dark on me), so I couldn't make it into a 28d release in time. This one removes the side columns on selected pages (eg to have less clutter on the checkout pages)... 28d is still available for those shopowners who would like to help out. Thanks.
  2. Problem was exactly as per the core code, just needed the addition of a clearfix div.
  3. burt

    Email queuing system

    Yes - the system does not yet replace the usual outgoing emails - but I am certain, in the near future, something like this system has to be put in place for all emails. Template-able Emails - it has to be the future!
  4. FYI here it is BSv3: http://template.me.uk/234bs3/product_info.php?products_id=16 If I removed the "reviews button" module, the qty input would jump up below the images, so I would then have two options; add a clearfix div make the qty width wider than the images width BSv3 is sometimes problematic in this regard - hence the quick/easy clearfix solution as per the core code reviews button.
  5. Most likely you just need to clearfix in the template file, as is done for the reviews button; https://github.com/gburton/Responsive-osCommerce/blob/2341-Frozen/includes/modules/content/product_info/templates/tpl_cm_pi_review_button.php#L1 Email for support please...giving URL to look at etc - makes things a *lot* easier.
  6. burt

    Email queuing system

    Great, thanks - please email me any feedback ...
  7. burt

    Email queuing system

    Code has gone out to two testers. Depending on feedback given over the next week or two, should see this system into the wild. It's close...
  8. burt

    Email queuing system

    The next activation (or perhaps the one after), you'll get; testing123 (inserted via admin) review_request (date changed from 60 days to 1 day) Report back how they look?
  9. I'm slowly but surely, as and when I can give time, updating the software. Thanks to all who are helping the software to move forward 👍
  10. burt

    Email queuing system

    It sends to whoever the shopowner is targeting with the individual modules. In the example modules I've come up with, that's all customers... I am certain this system is the acorn that will grow into what CE will use for emails in the future.
  11. burt

    Email queuing system

    Excellent thank you Guys - *much* appreciated. I'll clean up one piece of code and write a readme, and then get it out for you guys to have a play with...by end of tomorrow you'll have it.
  12. burt

    Email queuing system

    👍 request_review was set for 60 days, I changes it to "now", so it fired off... It should be with you...fingers crossed with the correct data...
  13. burt

    Email queuing system

    Awesome, thank you. I'll now update a couple of the "review_request" to send today rather than in 60 days...
  14. burt

    Email queuing system

    Great - thanks guys. Some emails should have gone out; testin123 to Eddy and one other tester (inserted by me directly in admin) no_checkout to Dan (amended date to send today) birthday_greetings to Dan (amended date to send today) Hopefully you'll get them and data should show correctly...