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  1. It believe it is you who is misunderstanding the concept. The GTIN site clearly states that storage of GTIN *must* be 14 digits. That you can't code a script to read that, is on you. I found a nice class at phpclasses which you'll find useful. https://www.phpclasses.org/package/8560-PHP-Detect-type-and-check-EAN-and-UPC-barcodes.html
  2. I'll try one more time...taking your pallet example; You buy a pallet of laptops. The pallets identifier is 12345678901234 This means *nothing* to hardly anyone. Who cares about it other than you...the next time you want to buy another pallet. Each Laptop inside has an identifier 0987654321123 In your shop you would sell individual laptops at 199.99 each, and in the GTIN input field you would insert: 0987654321123 That would allow your branded laptops to be sold on Google Shopping by you. Does that make it more clear? I understand that you are struggling to come up with code to plug into a suppliers CSV, but that's outside the scope of oscommerce.
  3. I do get your point, but it's outside the scope of the storage of the Data... 🤷‍♂️
  4. burt

    Strong Consumer Authentication (SCA)

  5. The box/tray/pallet would (almost certainly) have a different Identifier than the individual items inside.
  6. It is a requirement to store the GTIN as a 14 digit number. What you (end user) does with that 14 digit number...is outside the scope of the storage. https://www.gtin.info/
  7. https://github.com/gburton/CE-Phoenix/blob/master/admin/categories.php#L229 Pads it out to 14.
  8. Then the company that delivers the CSV's needs a better developer on board! Email them? In osC; GTIN exists - has done since 2015/2016 (ish). That covers EAN and UPC as described above. If MPN is now needed...simple enough to add. It's not required by (eg) Google Shopping, but I realise there are more sites/services than G-shopping out there. Thoughts anyone? MPN needed in Core. SKU is something different again - at the moment osC has no stock checking other than on the main product and I assumed (rightly or wrongly) that most shopowners would be using the "products model" as some type of "SKU" factor?
  9. Q: Is it possible that some confusion arises because you are maybe working with a script that does not "follow the rules" ?
  10. I do agree that MPN is something else entirely...unrelated to GTIN aka UPC aka EAN.
  11. https://www.gtin.info/ The family of data structures (not symbologies) comprising GTIN include: GTIN-12 (UPC-A): this is a 12-digit number used primarily in North America GTIN-8 (EAN/UCC-8): this is an 8-digit number used predominately outside of North America GTIN-13 (EAN/UCC-13): this is a 13-digit number used predominately outside of North America GTIN-14 (EAN/UCC-14 or ITF-14): this is a 14-digit number used to identify trade items at various packaging levels Note that each of these is a GTIN (bolded), but also note their name in Brackets (bolded)...this is taken from the global GTIN site.
  12. Memory hazy so forgive me if incorrect (or out of date!); GTIN is the overall name for UPC and EAN. GTIN's can be 8 or 12 or 13 or 14 digits long. If less than 14 digits, they have to be stored in the DB with preceeding 0's, eg; GTIN/EAN/UPC: 1234567 Has to be stored in DB as 00000001234567 GTIN/EAN/UPC: 123456654321 Has to be stored in DB as 00123456654321 GTIN/EAN/UPC: 1234567891234 Has to be stored in DB as 01234567891234 GTIN/EAN/UPC: 98765432198765 Has to be stored in DB as 98765432198765 What the end user then does with it...is up to them. Shopowner may display it or change it to a barcode. Scripts may read them and do things (eg place products in a feed) and so on. So, boil it down; In the database GTIN aka EAN aka UPC *must* be exact 14 digits it may have zero's to pad it out to 14 That's it... there is nothing more needed...on the storage side. Is it possible that some confusion arises because you are maybe working with a script that does not "follow the rules" ?
  13. GTIN and EAN and UPC are all the same thing... I *think* - recall looking into it quite deep before i coded it into osc, but that was a few years ago so memory hazy.
  14. Note that Google Shopping does require use of GTIN, whereas use of MPN is not mandatory. I suppose we should add a new field specifically for MPN?