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  1. If the modules are choosable...have one that stays that is a contact us. Potentials: a box that only shows XS at the top of left column a floating content module or HT module a stuck to the bottom navbar It's up to the shopowner to make things work his way...
  2. It would be quite an interesting coding task to make a matrix; page (choosed by the shopowner) across the top modules down the side; you'd likely only need header, footer, footer suffix, boxes
  3. I'd suggest this (and please note that I have not thought to through to conclusion and therefore the whole idea might be unworkable)... 1. a way for each shopowner to choose which pages make a checkout. For some it might be _shipping, _payment, _confirmation Others might add in login Others might add in _success Etc etc 2. For each of those pages a way for shopowners to turn on/off modules Maybe this could be done by a new admin page(s) one of which allows people to assign pages as checkout pages. Another of which lists a tickbox matrix of modules/pages allowing shopowners to tick appropriately.
  4. Really nice idea to use an extender for the oscTemplate class. I did something similar (in fact also using a HT module) for a shopowner, but did not think to extend the class.
  5. If I remember rightly (it's been a long time since I used this module); MGMZT works on the basis of lowest breakpoint => 10:9.99,15:10.99 ==> below shipping shows, between 10 and 15 cost is 9.99, over 15 cost is 10.99 All other shipping module work on highest breakpoint => 10:9.99,15:10.99 ==> below 10...cost is 9.99, between 10 and 15 cost is 10.99, over 15 no shipping shows In addition, there is a setting (introduced in I think 2.3.2) which introduces an unfixed shipping bug where any shipping with a cost of zero...breaks certain shipping modules. This bug was raised by me in the old forum, but that bug reporting appears to have been removed. Anyway...sounds like you got the problem sorted.
  6. I wanted to try something a little more different, and so I came up with this; Limited to 20 buyers. First 10 can have it for £50. Next 10 at £100. If of interest, PM me. There are NO CORE CODE CHANGES.
  7. PHP

    I know you knew that Doug :D But a lot of people don't understand how that works...
  8. Here's another thought. On the shopping_cart page a new customer has no way to know how long the checkout process is going to be/take. Why not extend out the stepwizard into the cart page, and/or put some text on there telling the customer how far they are from the end. Cart: You are 6 minutes from completing the checkout. Shipping Page: You are 4 minutes from completing etc In addition, there are other things that can be done to help speed up the checkout; Googles Address Finder Remove passwords entirely Turn off all the no needed input fields Save their card details (eg on Braintree/Stipe) Use Paypal Express etc
  9. @Tsimi @raiwa great work guys.
  10. PHP

    Bear in mind that I (we?) evangelise NO CORE CODE CHANGES. Thus if someone is on an older Edge...they just need to download, upload, overwrite. Takes 5 minutes.
  11. PHP

    Downloading the will always give you Edge. Commits made after you download...not included...
  12. I can can count on one hand the amount of shopowners who have installed a "one page" checkout and kept it live after initial testing. One page checkouts are usually super complicated, either with lots of form inputs on one page, or that one page is psuedo tabbed to make it appear smaller. The long page is offputting by making people scroll - I hate doing this on my desktop, let alone doing it on a 4 inch mobile phone screen. The tabbed page can work, but becomes annoying when customer misses an input on Tab 1 and has to find the tab, open it, find the input and fill it. In my opinion and I have evangelised this for years based on what shopowners are telling me; cut down checkout as much as possible. Less for inputs = happier customers show estimated shipping costs prior to checkout allow customers to see their order without having to sign in allow customers to set a password if they wish to sign in One page checkouts are not the way forward for the vast majority of shops.
  13. In addition to Matts comments... I am not sure that these two functions perform what you need. From what I recall; tep_get_prid gets the product ID of a string. In other words, changes this: 1{2}3{4}5 to 1 tep_get_uprid changes an array of data into a string. In other words, changes this: Array ( [2] => 3 [4] => 5 ) to {2}3{4}5
  14. Yeah, the hook system needs an update. It's too basic as it stands.