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  1. lancelot_one

    cDynamic Meta Tags

    Ok I got rid of the "array" thing by changing the code in the meta.php file to: foreach ($splitstr as $key => $spstr) instead of: foreach ($splitstr as $spstr) looks like possibly a bug in php 4.4.2 ? Also I changed this: function meta_create_title($metatitle, $length = 70) to this: function meta_create_title($metatitle, $length = 150) To get the page titles to show up correctly in length in the page code. I set it at 150, but it could be set at what ever you want. Does any one know if there is any SEO problem caused by increasing the length? Or why it was set at 70? Thx! All I have left now is the same duplicating text thing as the guy above where everything shows up twice in the meta tags. =)
  2. lancelot_one

    cDynamic Meta Tags

    Hi! I've installed and running. =) I had the duplicates in the title as well, but only for the index page and I'm not sure, but I think that's gone away! Which would be very nice, possibly just a cache thing? The reason for this note is rather than getting keywords in the meta, all I get is the word "array" Looks like: <META NAME="Keywords" Content="array"> Thoughts? It sees it as you can tell, but as an array rather than a string. And the second oddness is that the page title text seems to get cut off at a certain length in the meta text. Looks like: <title>Animals - Nice text here about animals - The Next Level Of</title> As you can see the title is about twice that length as typed in the admin, but cuts off at the same place as what's displayed at the top of the browser in IE. Kinda curious. Would like the title to be the same size as the title I type in the admin area, even if it only displays a part of it at the top of the browser. Since this is actually for search purposes more than display. Think that's it! Any thoughts or pointers are much appreciated! Thanks for a great contrib! -C
  3. Hi all! I've got this installed and nicely running, but have a couple quick questions now that it is. Has anyone done a quick way to automatically insert the redeem/discount code for logged in users, so it doesn't need to be typed in during the checkout process? Has anyone done the above, but replaced the redeem/discount code with XXXXs so it can be used, but not displayed? Limits the sharing of longer term % discounts. =) Anyone done a quick way of using discount coupons automatically, without clicking the redeem button? Any help, thoughts, pointers is much appreciated. Best, -C
  4. Hello to everyone! First off thanks to everybody for the hard work. I've just installed osc and wrestled it into working as a vanilla. =) I'm way new to this, but not php. I've visited all the contributions, checked out all the files, wandered through the php and then realized I could spend weeks verifying and checking stuff out, trying to get it to work, reinstalling etc... or I could just ask you the experts which ones to start with. So I'm asking first in the hopes of getting the definitive list of the best contributions for my needs, along with any gotchas to watch for. I promise to contribute back, so here goes. - I need to have multiple product options and attributes with the same name, but different pricing. The pricing model is pretty wicked, as it is both custom and standard jewelry, multiple pricing for similiar options. Global pricing rules added to option prices might be nice. Ie...fluctuation in gold. - Id like it to manage product attributes(dropdowns with options and pricing) and set the options order in the dropdowns and the order of the dropdowns(attributes). - Id like it to connect with Linkpoint. - Id like it to serve both retail and wholesale customers, different pricing groups, different discounts per customer, different sale pricing or pricing models. - I'd like it to support coupons and gift certificates. - Id like it to allow for searching for distributors/wholesale customers. - I'd like to be able to search the products. - I'd like it to have a wishlist. - I'd like the shipping/packing list to look nice. =) Thanks for you suggestions and pointers! Please let me know if there is a better place to ask this. Like I said I'm fresh off the boat when it comes to OSC. Any thoughts are much appreciated! Cheers, -Colin