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  1. Sorry I meant you are using html markup in the shipping description in your language file which is being written into the databse on each order and when that order is pulled by BPC its adding that markup because the pdf maker (the template) isn't striping it out ... is that correct ? And on another note, the pdf maker does use some html style markup for things like bold so although a pdf does not use html markup the class to convert to pdf does have limited markup in it cheers shaun
  2. So im guessing that currently you use html markup in the image description and all you need to do is remove any markup leaving jsut the text for batch print to insert as per normal. This shouldn't be hard but i don't have time to do it but i can give you the basics. At some point in the php after the script grabs the text (with the html markup in it) it places it into a variable all you need to do is use a php command like http://au3.php.net/strip-tags to remove the markup , leaving the variable contain just the text you want. Hope that points you in the right direction, its most certainly do able if I have understood what your after. cheers shaun
  3. Im no coder, and no designer. I had a need for soemthing for 1 client and batch print center was born. I have always hoped others would create way better templates and share them with us all. There has been a couple but not as many as i had hoped. Adobe products however aren't much help. Adobe creates pdf's and not my version of a template. The way the BPC templates work are php code that grab database info and write it to the pdf class which creates the pdf. The best looking templates could be acheived using background images inserted by a template php. So suggestion would be to create 1 or a couple of graphics in png or jpg format to watermark the pdf files and get a php template to write plain text info ontop, making it seem like it all came from the same generation process. The default templates have done there job and if i had time i would design new ones. The only stumbling block is everyone wants a different look,feel. My largest client is printing large volumes of invoices every hr so the basic templates have saved on ink if nothing else. This is also getting long in the tooth. So ideally someone should re code the entire concept into a much smoother application as im sure there are much better ways of doing what i stuck together so long ago. cheers shaun
  4. Some people in this forum have reported similar issues .. My first release worked fine for me but not for others.. It maybe related to the php version but whatever is the issue you may find the answer in this forum if you look for messages decribing the date function fix. There is also a release of batch print center (Travis Wizniuk version) which has different date function to my original. So if you have his version use mine, if you have mine try using his. One of the versions should work for you. cheers shaun
  5. hmmm .... ok your choices are .. give up (only kidding) create a login for me to look at it. How many orders are in your shop currently ? cheers shaun
  6. Not sure where you look for date format in osc, but i did change mine. However if you are running pretty much a standard install it most probably won't be your date format in osc but maybe the date format in my code. When you enter dates are you entering them by hand by typing them in or are you using the spiffycal entry method ? When you enter dates try entering them the other ways. so try yyyy/mm/dd mm/dd/yyyy etc etc and see if any work. Also try dates like 1/1/2005 thru to 1/1/2006. cheers shaun
  7. Ok you say date function does not work... What sort of error, message, lack of message do you get and also what do you have your date format in your settings for osc set to dd/mm/yyyy or what ? cheers shaun
  8. Startdate value comes from the form as does enddate. So no they should not be in the database as they are filled in by you when using the date functions. As for the date stuff not working. When i wrote batch print center the date functions worked fine for me. Infact they still work fine but on advice of others a newer date function was added. I would try using the date function out of the first contrib. So download the first release nad if that works we can make a version to get around this issue. cheers shaun
  9. I would guess it maybe because the fonts used within batch print don't contain japanese characters. If you look in the temp_pdf folder there are font metrics, Im guessing here when i say you may need different ones to do other languages like japanese cheers shaun
  10. Usually caused by bad configuration. Either the batch_print_header.php isn't on your server or you have a path set wrong so the main script can not find the file in question. cheers shaun As stated in the known-issues.txt file currently the label system has bugs. Like the missing the lowest label number. The work around is to choose 1 label more then you want and the label program will drop that first label giving the labels you want. The blank pdf is again the label program dropping the first label and if you only have 1 chosen then you will see a blank .. so choose 2 and again the program will drop 1 giving you just the label you wanted. I simply don't have the time to find the issue with this and to date no one has offered to recode it to work correctly. cheers shaun
  11. blurb

    MOECTOE Suite public BETA 1 Support

    anybody found the answer to why the totals don't work for some of us ? cheers shaun
  12. Im interested in what you have done for multiple pages. If the changes are simple just post them here for me to look at. As for the page loop .. well thats my late night hack of someone else's code. It was done early in the coding of batch print center and seeing as it worked I never bothered to learn the right way to do what that loop does. If you look through the code of batch_print.php you will see twice I call require(BATCH_PRINT_INC . 'templates/' . $HTTP_POST_VARS['file_type']); The first call should not infact be a require but some other php call to simply grab values from the template file and not run the template like i do twice. So around where is says //grab only the page size and layout from template needs to be changed from a "require" to different code to simply grab from the template values like these (these values replace the loop in the template) define('PAGE_SIZE','A4'); define('PAGE_ORIENTATION,'portrait'); And then in the batch_print.php those values could be used like this $pdf = new Cezpdf($PAGE_SIZE,$PAGE_ORIENTATION); So any php guru want to code that up Im not going to argue. Without the loop the page size isn't gathered from the template and although in most cases that is ok the problem lies if you had different paper sizes for different templates the templates do infact need to set the page size. cheers shaun
  13. Add require(BATCH_PRINT_INC . 'templates/' . 'grid.php'); To your template to turn the grid display on which hopefully will allow you to find out the right cordinates to place your lines and elements. The templates are heavily commented but if you can't find the exact section divider or element try using // infront of items to comment them out and see what disappears till you find the right item your looking for. Some of the elements get there position based on what the last element location was set to, plus or minus a number so you can use statements like $pdf->ezSetY($pos - 40 ); to change the postion of the cursor prior to the next element being drawn on the page. Hope these hints helps cheers shaun
  14. I don't really like using PDF's myself but the advantages of them out weighed printing to screen like in the fanicer invoice type contributions. Being able to print backgrounds (without out having to turn them on) and pixel perfect alignment and perfect page breaks just can't be acheived with simple html and print to screen. If you are wanting to print a whole months worth of invoices maybe its not a invoice you require maybe its a report of some sort. If you didn't need every single detail of a order you could print a summary of your invoices and have several invoice details all on the one page. You could probably modify the labels template and have a invoice fit inside each label and get 15 to a page. If its not going to a customer the print could be reduced to fit alot more data. cheers shaun
  15. I think that must be a issue for certain date/country settings as I have never been able to duplicate that date error but I have only run australian date formats. Good to hear you have it working cheers blurb