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    Send as Postcard expert needed

    I see that there is not much request for a postcard module added to the product images. So I presume that I must try to resolve the problem on my own in the best way... Here we go: Using the popup image system, I retrieve the image in a pop up window as follow. $pod_id = $HTTP_GET_VARS['pID']; $products_query = tep_db_query("select products_image from " . TABLE_PRODUCTS . " where products_id = '" . $pro_id . "'"); $products_values = tep_db_fetch_array($products_query); $image = DIR_WS_IMAGES . $products_values["products_image"]; all works fine, the image shows up in the window and below the image I have input fields that works fine and therefore I don't put them here.. Now, the $image above translates as follow: DIR_WS_IMAGES = image/ //which is the directory where the images are located. $products_values["products_image"]; = // this translate into ie. image.gif I like to insert $image into a field (new table) as follow at moment $insert = "INSERT into $table (emailto, emailfrom, nameto, namefrom, image, comment, sessionID, seencard)"; $insert .="VALUES ('$email[to]', '$email[from]', '$name[to]', '$name[from]', '$image',"; $insert .="'$comment', '$sessionID', 'false')"; $result = mysql_query($insert); if($result){ $cardnumber =mysql_insert_id(); all the fields are inserted into the respected fields correctly... only the $image is NOT inserted in full.. the only thing that is inserted is: DIR_WS_IMAGES = image/ //which is the directory where the images are located. Is part: $products_values["products_image"]; = // this translate into ie. image.gif is NOT inserted... WHY? I need the image name into the field in order to retrieve it to show the image.... can someone help in solving this mistery? Salvo PS> I am sorry if I am persistend on this one. but it would be my first contribution
  2. Hi again, I have just downlaoded the contributions. its says to replace the files. ie. admin/categories.php unfortunaltelly, my categories.php is full of new features, news fields etc etc. it is not good to replace but to add on it... it would be nice to add in the readme file what has been changed so who have made changes to a file, don't need to change but to insert... Salvo
  3. Thanks for tips, I will downloaded now and try and try it.. should I wait for the new release (I mean you dont upload it as soon as I finish to intall the ver 1.0 do you?) :-) Thanks Salvo
  4. Well done CC, I have just installed the X selling contribution... very nice... I have just I though. How difficult would be to add an admin part of it to insert/delete/amend X-Selling Product? Has it been done? is it on the way? At mement I am useing myphpadmin to insert int table but would be nice to be able to to insert via admin Thanks again Salvo
  5. Salvo

    Send as Postcard expert needed

    Ops! sorry for posting again... (no edit facilities) :-) Maybe he/she doesn't have to be expert to resolve this little problem. its me that I am still learning and not be able to resolve it. Anybody with an better understanding than me in php and osc could resolve it with ease... Thanks again Sal
  6. That is nice to know. I actually wanted the one I controlled myself but I wasn't told about the contribution, I was told about osc module... Now, if the contribution is used, what happen to the osc module? does it have to be commented or the contrubution uses the osc module? Sal
  7. Hi CC, I have just seen it in action in your site, but can you tell me what is the difference between the contribution (cross Selling) and the module which comes with the osc? Thanks Salvo
  8. hi, considering that is the same question I asked once, I answer it for you. there is not contributions... the feature comes out when the actula products are bought... try to buy 2 product and see...
  9. Hi, Just wandering if the gallery had been made available for download somewhere.... looking at the side, it looks like what I needed... I would appreciate if it was shared... Thanks Salvo
  10. Great Job you are doing Linda, very good... Salvo
  11. Salvo

    Photo Gallery

    Hi all, trusten, how easy is it to adampt your photo gallery to a gallery on its own wright like this: have a box on (right or left) named "Galleries" like this: Each gallery will have a folder named after a category category_A/images/thumbnail category_B/images/thumbnail The images will be placed in the folders automaticaly when uploading in the main images folder as per products..... and picked up only i.e. 6 at the time at rondom for the window gallery. If the there is another way not to double the images it is even better. Gallery Box ------------- Category A Category B Category C ------------- Clicking on the catory A, a window will open with the first in the middle and the other 5 +(1 the one shown) next to it very small (thumbnail). Click on the thumbnail and shows the images picked... Underneath the big image there will be the name and link to the product... I hope I made myself understood... Salvo Ps: I saw this kind of gallerie in one very popular and famous English site... if someone is interested to see I can PM the link..
  12. Hi all, How about having the themes change by the customers/surfers depending on what he/she is looking at? Or just a drop down menu on a box just like languages and be able to change colours/themes. Salvo
  13. Thanks CC I will try that Salvo PS: lets hope all my problems are out and about :-)
  14. Has this contribution come to light? I can't find it in contribution files... Thanks Salvo
  15. Default.php uses <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="stylesheet.css"> Default.php default.php/cPath/100 uses <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="stylesheet.css"> But I like it to use <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="stylesheet_sub.css"> How? Thanks Salvo
  16. Hi all, I have been searching everywhere to see if there was a contribution that would allow to change the style sheet colours depending on a page/category viewed. Or is it possible to override the main style sheet in 1 or more pages? Thanks Salvo
  17. HI Illi, I just want to THANK YOU for you help... I thought I had done everything wrong and it was so easy. :-) Thank you Salvo
  18. Hi all, I have just downloaded the Description in Product Listing v.2 and made all the changes. I have a few problems and a few question. 1- here is what I have: Product Name+ Product Name+">Product Name++ Price Price">Price Price">Price">Price">Price repeat the Product Name 3 times and the price 7 times. 2- I like to show the images like the links above... Can please someone help? Did I download the correct Contribution? Thanks Salvo
  19. I presuem its Description in Product Listing v.2 Sorry I noticed it later... Thanks
  20. Hi, could you tell me which contribution are you using to show the product in that way? image, description etc.. Thanks Salvo