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    cigarsforless reacted to GetSirius in USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 (official support thread)   
    I hope some kind person will guide us on how to cure OldPete's issue. I also use what I assume is an older version of this addon. Has worked fine for me so I never gave it a thought. Do we need to upgrade or is there a way to change the code of this version so it will continue to work after USPS changes?
    THANK YOU to anyone who is willing to help!
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    cigarsforless reacted to Jack_mcs in View Counter   
    No, I haven't. There isn't a specific version for Phoenix, so a few core changes would be needed. And those changes would have to be made manually. The instructions for the Frozen version should be close enough to do that.  There is a version for Phoenix in the works but I don't have a date for that.
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    cigarsforless got a reaction from Smoky Barnable in [CONTRIBUTION] Ultimate SEO URLs v2.1 - by Chemo   
    yep, just edited includes/functions/href_link.php with the changed function and all is good
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    cigarsforless got a reaction from raiwa in KissIT Image Thumbnailer Support   
    lol, am blind without enough coffee in the mornings
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    cigarsforless reacted to peterpil19 in Easy Discount   
    Hey Jim,
    Check this one by @swguy https://apps.oscommerce.com/QdusL&quantity-discounts-for-osc-phoenix
    This one works perfectly in my store (version It's an excellent add on. No core code changes required.
    There's also this one: https://apps.oscommerce.com/XpyA1&better-together-for-phoenix
    I haven't used that one recently, but it was working fine in later versions of Phoenix.
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    cigarsforless reacted to phi148 in Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread   
    I don't believe this has been done yet, but I also would be interested in this... if and when I upgrade to Phoenix. 
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    cigarsforless reacted to motorcity in Multi_Vendor for bootstrap version   
    Begging your pardon if this annoys anyone, I got the impression you are all interested in upgrading Multi Vendor Shipping to a osc 2.3.4 Bootstrap compatible version.
    I'm a store owner running MVS (currently 2.2RC2A) for many years now. I'm not a coder, but I am determined.
    So far my test install of MVS on BS works pretty well except for the shipping estimators; you can see kymation's reply http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/101973-multi-vendor-shipping-new-thread/page-246
    I'm hoping there is some chance of us working together.
    I don't have a test website set up that is accessible to the public but I'm willing to share that and possibly open the code up on github if there's some interest.
    Thanks for listening.
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    cigarsforless reacted to phi148 in Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread   
    I do have it operational after working with @Demitry on merging all the changes in.  I think that Demitry may have been packaging up the changes to post an update to the community.  I'm not sure if he has that ready yet or not.
    If not, it just takes patience, testing and merging ... but it does work :)
    I think MVS should be part of the base OSCommerce package in my opinion!
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    cigarsforless reacted to Demitry in Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread   
    Ray, Bill, Jim,
    I have done a lot of work to this module to get it fixed, improved, and adapted to BS Edge as well as PHP7.1, however, almost three weeks back my laptop hard-drive died. I just got my new laptop a few days ago and have been working on getting everything back to what I had. This means that the BS Edge release of this addon will take a bit more time. Luckily I had most of my stuff backed up, ...but not everything. Though the most updated files for this addon are on my test server and I will be able to repackage them along with screenshots and much more.
    The problem I ran into that I could not resolve, before my laptop hard-drive crashed, was that upon proceeding to the checkout_payment.php page, the system would end the session and log me out of my account landing me on the login.php page. I had not resolved this problem and will need to before completing the new release. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    And Bill, Thank you for your help on this module, as well as for saying that this MVS addon should be a standard part of every osCommerce release. I wish more people would make an issue of this, perhaps eventually it will not fall on deaf ears. Thumbs up to you for that!
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    cigarsforless reacted to azpro in PayPal App for osCommerce Online Merchant   
    I have to agree with @BrockleyJohn  .. Actually I think an ordernumber should be created on chekcout_payment.php and order should be stored in DB immediately at checkout_process.php .. The need for it would probably depend on different Payment Service Providers / Gateways but in my experience the ones I have seen could be handled better with an existing/created ordernumber.
    Actually this was one of the first changes we did some 15 years ago when we started to use oSC.
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    cigarsforless reacted to peterpil19 in Time for a Bottom Up Rebuild?   
    Not sure I can agree with that. Phoenix is the latest iteration of osCommerce by any definition. It is much more advanced than considering the changes that have been made to its codebase. Hooks, modular functionality and layout, responsive design, PHP 7+ etc. 
    Yes it has been around 5 years and the challenges I outlined above has continued to persist and continues to undermine the launch of each version, yet Gary and others (including you) have continued to support the project to our collective benefit despite homeground disadvantages! That fact 5 years has gone by is an absolute credit to Gary and others.
    Just the other day a 75 year old gentleman posted to this forum asking for help. He had installed 2.3.4 and appeared stuck.  I hope not, but I reckon we lost him  (just like we lose many others) when he was told he had installed the wrong version from cPanelx followed by the requisite elaborate explanation to instruct him which version to install and how to go about it. So I come to the forum after installing the official version to be told, don't do that, install the non-official version.  This gentleman was someone who took the time to  actually install osCommerce. As I said, there would be countless others in the market for a cart like osCommerce who are seeing the official dated, non-responsive, demo and choosing an alternative. We never even get a chance to speak to them and it is our own fault.
    Just imagine you turn up to a stadium with tickets to watch the official team play.  You present your tickets and get told - yes that is the official team but they are really bad and out of shape. You really should see the other non-official team play, they are younger and much better and you will enjoy it more! You think to yourself - that can't be right so you go watch the official team play and are disappointed. You don't come back again. Why on earth are they selling tickets for the official team and why is the non-official team not the official team?!
    There is definitely a sizeable market for this type of shopping cart. Google proves it. The sheer number of websites built on osCommerce and comparable carts proves it. The market is large enough to sustain Phoenix if we fix some fundamental issues like I mentioned above. We do not need millions of members. yes, if we wanted that, things might need to change. But you need to crawl before you walk and right now perhaps crawling is what is needed so we can learn how to walk again. I definitely do not agree that the market is limited to just a few enthusiasts.
    Understandably given your tenure and clear passion for osCommerce, you are entitled to feeling jaded. However I hope you continue to support Phoenix with your add ons and passion.
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    cigarsforless reacted to Fredi in Support thread for Bootstrap V4 Oscommerce Administration v2.3.4.1 CE   
    The administrator has not changed since almost his birth. The community needs to decide which format of the Site Administrator should be taken as a modern basic framework - as the official version of the osCommerce BS, HTML5, PHP-7, supported by the community.
    There is another good version of the administration panel available developed by SoloMono. We all have to make a decision together. And based on this, adapt existing modules to the generally accepted format. No need to spray power on many different versions. Let's choose one and develop it together.
    We need to combine our strength, knowledge and experience. We need to remember how we started this almost 20 years ago. This will be the reanimation of osCommerce and our common success.
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    cigarsforless reacted to DunWeb in CSV Product Upload   
    Use Easy Populate