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  1. cigarsforless

    Easy Discount

    anybody have this (or something similar) working in Phoenix?
  2. cigarsforless

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    does anyone have MVS working on Phoenix? I have Dimitri's updated version working on Frozen, mvs-for-v2-3-4-bs-edge but wondering if there is anyone out there who has it installed on CE Phoenix With the desire of "no core changes" in Phoenix, I wonder if this is doable. Is anyone familiar enough with MVS willing to take on paid work to update this essential add-on to work with CE Phoenix?
  3. cigarsforless

    PayPal App for osCommerce Online Merchant

    I have done the same thing on my 2.2 site, and now need to rewrite phoenix to do the same yes I occasionally have to go into the database to delete declined orders but but I have to pass an order # to my payment processor. to me it makes sense to assign the order number the moment checkout_process.php is loaded
  4. cigarsforless

    Problems with new customer email being marked as SPAM

    have a look at the headers sent in old vs new mails, I had same issue years ago but can't remember much beyond that something was added or missing in there my ms2.2 site includes "X-Mailer: osCommerce Mailer" whereas new test site does not I "think" that had something to do with it
  5. cigarsforless

    Time for a Bottom Up Rebuild?

    agree on both parts, woo would have cost me a small fortune just to get to the point where i could actually determine if it would do the job correctly as suits my business needs, turned out i would have to buy so many modules just to test it out that I gave up that route. As far as osc having a free version of add-ons and paid for full featured ones, I think that would be a great idea to help fund the project get the bells for free but pay for the whistles
  6. cigarsforless

    Time for a Bottom Up Rebuild?

    simple to install, but over complicated in some aspects and be prepared to pay thru the nose for each and every must have add on, basics like ups shipping will set you back 79 bucks if you want live rates, same for usps, fed ex the list goes on and on. much rather support osc and tweak some code myself than pay a grand or 2 a year to woocommerce
  7. cigarsforless

    Time for a Bottom Up Rebuild?

    looked at and tried out WooCommerce and CS-Cart and a few other systems as an alternative to upgrading my 10 year old 2.2-MS2 site. wasted time and money on both, sure they have lots of users but BOY are they much more complicated to use and configure and still lack a lot of what osc has. long story short, back to plugging away at installing (and trying to find current versions) of all the add-ons I have in the old site to get the new version up and running. If I could suggest 1 thing only to improve osCommerce it would be to fix the market place. search is next to useless, you are better off using google to bring you to the addon page you want. limit results to 2.3 version and you still get tons of apps that are 8+ years old and do not work with edge-frozen-phoenix without major updating but diligent searching will eventually bring to a new version in most cases 1 other thought, documentation for creating addons? to be honest the new modular system is an extensive learning curve for those of us who are oscommerce users from way back but not very proficient coders. current documentation is based on ancient code using phh 5???
  8. cigarsforless

    Sitemap SEO

    the sitemap uses 2 category tree classes, 1 with just categories, 1 with cats and products. as I have over 200 categories and 5k products it results in a massive page trying to get it so if user want to search for a product, they can click on the category to list products, but only show the ones they have opened, rather than a massive page that takes forever to scroll through
  9. cigarsforless

    Sitemap SEO

    the jquery script supplies the toggle to show and hide the links <script type="text/javascript"> $(".hide-products").click(function() { $(this).find(".hidden-content").toggle(); }); </script> what I am having trouble with is where in the code to place the divs so they appear on only the categories. with the above js, no unique id is required, just need the following to appear at beginning of category link <div class="hidden-content"> and the closing </div> at the end of said category. something like this... <div class="hide-products"> Category 1 link here <div class="hidden-content"> <li>category 1 product 1 link</li> <li>category 1 product 2 link</li> <li>category 1 product 3 link</li> <li>category 1 product 4 link</li> </div> </div> the css is this .hidden-content { display: none; border: 1px solid black; }
  10. cigarsforless

    Sitemap SEO

    thanks anyways, I'll keep at it and post here if I have any success
  11. cigarsforless

    Sitemap SEO

    hi @Jack_mcs been playing around with the sitemap and trying to get the products to hide unless clicked by using jquery and css as per the example here http://jsfiddle.net/7Rqqd/ my main issue is getting the <div class="hidden-content">...........</div> to be placed only at beginning and end of each categories products. the goal is to hide all products unless the category link (or an arrow in front of it) is clicked and then the products are expanded for that category only I've been playing around with classes/category_tree_standard.php but can't quite seem to get it to work correctly thought maybe you could have a go at it as you know your code better than I can try and figure it out.
  12. cigarsforless

    Sitemap SEO

    found the culprit in sitemap_seo.css @media (max-width: 640px) { div.sitemap { font-size:10px;} #sitemap-display-wrapper {flex-direction: column;} .site-map-contact {font-size:10px;} } font-size:10px; is the culprit!
  13. cigarsforless

    Sitemap SEO

    oops, my bad, I forgot that part. thanks for the quick reply Jack EDIT, no, I see that I did indeed add that
  14. cigarsforless

    Sitemap SEO

    on mobile, the links are tiny and closely spaced, what needs to be done to make the results responsive or formatted like the rest of the site ( Frozen)
  15. cigarsforless

    Easy Populate & Products Attributes

    anyone have any idea why all ep exports start with 2 spaces before v_products_model on the very 1st row (the header row)? new install on BS Frozen v_products_model v_products_name_1 v_products_description_1 v_products_url_1 ........