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  1. Hey Tom, I finally found some time to give your great contrib a run and must say that the experience is really great! No "what the .... is this all about", the instructions are very clear. Also, the generated images are very good, and it's really great that the proportions are kept (when one of the dimensions is set to 0 of course). Some things I noticed: the readme.html is mentioning the wrong .sql file, it should be referencing autothumb.sql, not imagemagic.sql I had to change the Thumbnail Cache dir to \thumbnails (backslash as opposed to forward slash - I'm using a Windows machine to develop) Now, as you may remember from the other thread, I'm one of those guys who's trying to get PNG transparency to work in IE. So I've set your "Apply Internet Explorer PNG Transparency work-around?" to True. However, when this is activated I'm experiencing very inconsistent image display behaviour in IE: the PNGs are not showing up all the time. Hitting F5 scrambles the displayed images. Here's a small example to clarify what I'm trying to say: let's say there's this page that displays 3 PNGs. First time the page loads: PNG1 and PNG3 are displayed, PNG2 is not. Hit F5: PNG2 and PNG3 are displayed; PNG1 not. Hit F5: none of the PNGs are displayed, and so on... Any idea what may be causing this? I'm currently really considering to start using JPeG instead of PNG... One other thing: I thought your contrib would also have the option to disable pop-ups. But I could not find this in the settings. I may be remembering this wrongly and if that's the case, just ignore this sentence. But if it's not, where can I disable them? Many thanks for this great contrib! :thumbsup: Cheers, Valentino.
  2. aragorn231

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    Earlier today I installed v6.1 of this quite interesting contrib. I noticed that the HTML email was not finding all required images. So I had a look at my Apache logs to see what was going wrong and noticed that some paths were not correct. I'm posting my modifications here in case anyone else is having the same problem. PS: sorry if this was already mentioned. I really don't have the time to read all 33 pages of this thread but did use the forum search function and couldn't find anything related in the first 10-20 findings... I made these modifications in file /catalog/includes/modules/email_invoice/templates/html_invoice.php Starting at line number 285: <td width="11"><img src="<?php echo $ei_image_dir; ?>borders/maingrey_01.gif" width="11" height="16" alt=""></td> <td background="<?php echo HTTP_SERVER; ?>/catalog/images/borders/maingrey_02.gif"><img src="<?php echo $ei_image_dir; ?>borders/maingrey_02.gif" width="24" height="16" alt="" ></td> <td width="19"><img src="<?php echo $ei_image_dir; ?>borders/maingrey_03.gif" width="19" height="16" alt=""></td> </tr> <tr> <td background="<?php echo HTTP_SERVER; ?>/catalog/images/borders/maingrey_04.gif"><img src="<?php echo $ei_image_dir; ?>borders/maingrey_04.gif" width="11" height="21" alt=""></td> Replace with: <td width="11"><img src="<?php echo $ei_image_dir; ?>borders/maingrey_01.gif" width="11" height="16" alt=""></td> <td background="<?php echo $ei_image_dir; ?>borders/maingrey_02.gif"><img src="<?php echo $ei_image_dir; ?>borders/maingrey_02.gif" width="24" height="16" alt="" ></td> <td width="19"><img src="<?php echo $ei_image_dir; ?>borders/maingrey_03.gif" width="19" height="16" alt=""></td> </tr> <tr> <td background="<?php echo $ei_image_dir; ?>borders/maingrey_04.gif"><img src="<?php echo $ei_image_dir; ?>borders/maingrey_04.gif" width="11" height="21" alt=""></td> Starting at line number 361: <td><img src="<?php echo HTTP_SERVER; ?>/catalog/images/pixel_trans.gif" width="1" height="7" alt=""></td> </tr> </table> </td> <td background="<?php echo HTTP_SERVER; ?>/catalog/images/borders/maingrey_06.gif"><img src="<?php echo $ei_image_dir; ?>borders/maingrey_06.gif" width="19" height="21" alt=""></td> </tr> <tr> <td><img src="<?php echo $ei_image_dir; ?>borders/maingrey_07.gif" width="11" height="18" alt=""></td> <td background="<?php echo HTTP_SERVER; ?>/catalog/images/borders/maingrey_08.gif"><img src="<?php echo $ei_image_dir; ?>borders/maingrey_08.gif" width="24" height="18" alt=""></td> Replace with: <td><img src="<?php echo $ei_image_dir; ?>pixel_trans.gif" width="1" height="7" alt=""></td> </tr> </table> </td> <td background="<?php echo $ei_image_dir; ?>borders/maingrey_06.gif"><img src="<?php echo $ei_image_dir; ?>borders/maingrey_06.gif" width="19" height="21" alt=""></td> </tr> <tr> <td><img src="<?php echo $ei_image_dir; ?>borders/maingrey_07.gif" width="11" height="18" alt=""></td> <td background="<?php echo $ei_image_dir; ?>borders/maingrey_08.gif"><img src="<?php echo $ei_image_dir; ?>borders/maingrey_08.gif" width="24" height="18" alt=""></td>
  3. Yeah, I know the feeling ;) Tom, if you want I won't mind helping you beta-test your contrib. I've got some time left today and tomorrow and this contrib will end up in my sources the moment I can get my hands on it :thumbsup:
  4. That's great news Tom, really looking forward to giving it a go! :thumbsup: However, I don't seem able to find the contribution download. Could you post a link here? Thanks.
  5. I'm really looking forward to your update! I have been struggling with my thumbs this weekend. I installed Automatic Thumbnail Creator some time ago but now discovered that it cannot create PNGs with transparent background. After playing around with the image_ functions I got it to work in Firefox but not in IE, for some reason, the images display with a black background. Anyway, so I decided to get rid of that one and try a better, more advanced contrib. That's when I came across this thread, so now I will wait until you release your update. Many thanks in advance :)
  6. aragorn231

    Thumbnails Contrib: Which one works best?

    Did you get it to work with either width or height set to null (blank) in admin? I installed Automatic Thumbnail Creator a while back and I'm now having exactly that problem: I want to leave width blank to maintain proportions but ATC refuses to work when I try it :( So I'm now considering replacing it with On The Fly, after having read this thread. However, I'm a bit worried about the comment you made on the accompanying instructions... Your suggestions would be appreciated.
  7. aragorn231

    PROTX Direct Form

    Apparently VISA card numbers can be 13 or 16 digits, which means that the code modification in my earlier mail is not valid and should be disregarded. More discussion about this in this thread.
  8. aragorn231

    Excluding certain types of cards

    Well found Brian, you're right. This means of course that the code modification that I suggested earlier is not valid and should be disregarded.
  9. aragorn231

    Excluding certain types of cards

    Are you really sure that the code doesn't take the CVV2 number into account? Because if that's the case, I don't really understand why the last 3 digits are optional, as far as I know a VISA card number is always 16 digits, not 13 or 16? Unless there's a special type of VISA card of which I'm not aware... BTW: I called it optional because that's how it's defined in the regex - see the ? sign in the expression. On the other hand, you're probably correct in saying that the code doesn't check those verification numbers, because the VISA regex is the only one with optional digits, hmm...
  10. aragorn231

    Excluding certain types of cards

    I'm currently also busy getting my payment modules to work, and yesterday came across the VISA validation code in this thread, where I commented on it. In short: the current VISA verification code thinks that a VISA card number consists of 13 digits + 3 optional ones. I assume that the 3 optional ones refer to the check number on the back of the card. If that's the case however, the code is not correct because as far as I know a VISA card number consists of 16 digits + 3 optional ones. See other thread for corrected code. Oh, and please let me know what you think about this, I'm also fairly new to osCommerce and PHP, so I might be overlooking something...
  11. aragorn231

    PROTX Direct Form

    I can't help you out with your protx_direct question, but I'll help you understand the code. The part you're having trouble understanding would be the ereg() function, right? It uses a "regular expression" (first parameter - the tough part) to verify the format of the credit card number (the second parameter). The regular expression that you posted verifies if the CC number starts with a 4, followed by exactly 12 digits, ending in 3 optional digits (that would be the check number printed on the back - at least if it is VISA). The weird thing is, as far as I know anyway, a VISA card number is 16 digits + 3 optional, not 13 + 3. Maybe that's what you're having trouble with? Try changing the regular expression to the following: '^4[0-9]{15}([0-9]{3})?$' The comment above would be applicable for regular VISA, I don't know the VISA Electron cards, so you'll need to verify for yourself what the number length of such a card is... BTW: if you're up for it, try a Google on "regex tutorial" for more info about this powerful subject - get a strong coffee first ;) .
  12. aragorn231


    No worries :) There are so many options available in the OSC admin (which is good of course) that I too forget sometimes to check in all possible locations...
  13. aragorn231


    You can set this up in the Admin section. Go to Modules -> Order Total -> select Shipping -> click Edit * type "100" in the Free Shipping For Orders Over box * put Allow Free Shipping to true -> click Update You may want to look at the other available settings too...
  14. aragorn231

    Table Rate Shipping

    Thanks weeloftime, earlier today I was struggling with the same problem and was so focused on the Shipping modules that I forgot all about those Shipping settings in the main configuration... :-"
  15. I'm looking for some particular new functionality and was wondering if a contribution that allows this already exists. I tried searching but couldn't find anything, so either it doesn't exist or I just couldn't find it. To rule out the second option I thought I'd better ask you, the experts. I'm looking for something that allows the display of clickable category images centered on the main page (so in the index.php). Of course, not all categories would need to be displayed here, only the ones that would be configured to be displayed in this way. The reason I would need this type of modification is because the products on my shop are categorized into mainly 2 main categories. So I'd like to display the category images for these 2 categories in the middle of my main page, kind of like a doorway with 2 options... What do you think, exists already or should I start programming? Appreciate all answers :)
  16. I could reproduce the error that I was getting earlier this week: And the good thing is, I found a solution in another thread. In short: there's an error on line 126 of the /catalog/includes/boxes/categories.php file Solution: replace "where and" on that line with "where" I've learned now that I should read the error messages more carefully, even when they look like one you've seen before. I guess Mondays are not always the best days to think straight :-" Thanks to all who made this contrib to what it is now! :thumbsup:
  17. Okay, I decided to give it another go, started installing v4.0... When I execute the SQL script, everything executes fine except the following: Is this okay? I guess it's provided for some other contribution, right? The only other contrib that I've got installed is the Header Tags Controller...
  18. I was getting MySQL errors when clicking any of the Category or Product links. Can't give the exact message because I undid my changes yesterday...
  19. I've just installed v4.0 of this contribution, but it breaks all my product and category links! Any idea anyone? I don't think this is normal is it??
  20. Oops, nevermind my last post, I found out what was happening. I forgot to update my configuration when I copied the shop to another folder so it was getting the pages from the old folder... Thanks for your help Jack! B)
  21. That file was indeed unmodified. I've now added the missing line, but I still don't get the section in the admin, any idea what might still be missing? I'm also modifying my code now to upgrade to v2.5.3, so there's a chance that I missed something again. Could you point out which parts of the code are crucial to getting this section to show in the admin? Just to clarify: I took the complete admin/categories.php from v2.5.3, still no Header Tags section...
  22. In this thread and in the docs that come with this contribution I often encounter references to "admin->Header Tags->blablabla". However, when I check my shop's administration part, I don't see this Header Tags section. The only differences that I noticed in the admin part are the Header Tags fields for the Categories and Products in the Catalog section. I installed version 2.5.1 last weekend. Did I do something wrong? As far as I know, I followed all instructions in the Install_ReadMe_First.txt file.
  23. Additional remark to v2.5.1: There's a bug in /admin/categories.php, causing the "Meta Tag Information" text to appear in between the Product Description boxes (for the different languages). To solve it replace the following code (starting at line 570): <tr> <td colspan="2" class="main"><hr><?php echo TEXT_PRODUCT_METTA_INFO; ?></td> </tr> <?php } for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($languages); $i<$n; $i++) { ?> with <?php } ?> <tr> <td colspan="2" class="main"><hr><?php echo TEXT_PRODUCT_METTA_INFO; ?></td> </tr> <?php for ($i=0, $n=sizeof($languages); $i<$n; $i++) { ?>
  24. Some small remarks concerning v2.5.1: * the SQL statements in the Install_Catalog.txt are outdated (the category_head_description field is not yet there). As the DB structure modifications are already documented in Install_ReadMe_First.txt, wouldn't it be better to just remove them here? * Install_Catalog.txt mentions /catalog/includes/languages/espanol/header_tags.php but this is not included in the package * Install_Catalog.txt mentions "v2.4.7" several times while the package version is v2.5.1 * the language-specific header_tags.php mentions the following: // The HEAD_TITLE_TAG_ALL is included BEFORE the specific one for the page As far as I can see "BEFORE" should be "AFTER". Thanks btw for maintaining/improving this contribution. :thumbsup: