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  1. Yes there really should be a way to clear the thumbs via admin.
  2. Yes this contrib works to latest version of osC and PHP. Note: If you can't find a proposed code change then it no longer matters ( ignore it ) I haven't yet upgraded the "changes" instructions but some are really not important to correct operation on newer versions of osC.
  3. Seems like you are adding this hardcoded text to every single category. If this is the case then you need to modify the index page module: - catalog/includes/modules/ultimate_seo_urls5/page_modules/index.php Then find the line ( 176 ish ): - $link_text = $this->acquireLinkText(); And add your text as appropriate where: - $this->key == 'cPath'
  4. I mean you have supplied no information that could assist me in solving your issue. All I can say to you is where to look to begin looking for a cause: - includes/modules/ultimate_seo_urls5/main/Usu5_Bootstrap::adminInstalled()
  5. Looks like the tep_href_link) wrapper is being used in the code to produce an image URL which won't work.
  6. I can't really help here as there is no history of bugs in this area and you provide no debug path. includes/modules/ultimate_seo_urls5/main/Usu5_Bootstrap::adminInstalled() is the method that dictates whether or not to install admin settings so there is the place to start.
  7. Yes it is correct behaviour .. product names should not have html elements/tags and if they do they should be protected with htmlspecialchars() which removes the html meaning of the characters.
  8. If your host has disallowed rewrite rules then the rewrite method of USU5 cannot work.
  9. I'll take a look at this Steve.
  10. This seems to be a misunderstanding of the way sessions work. You should be forcing cookie usage and not relying on insecure querystring based session ids. Forced cookie usage requires correctly set SSL certificates and config settings.
  11. documentation\install_files\install_complete.htm
  12. There is support for newsdesk but not faqdesk .. it's easy to create though there is a devs template in the download.
  13. You need to create a character conversion set. See the files in extras/character_conversion_pack/
  14. @@ksotiris Thanks for the kind comments but I don't understand the point of what you have done tbh.