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  1. PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    Just spotted this post by dynamoeffects: http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/202604-how-to-take-credit-cards-manually/page__view__findpost__p__1234914 scary stuff!! Do any of you still use these? I have header tags controller ( http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/207 ) also & just had a PCI scan run on my server.. curious is anyone else has had issues with these?
  2. PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    Found my problem, but I'm not sure how to fix it. I use Fast Easy Checkout (with checkout_shipping.php & checkout_payment.php combined). When I try to install checkout_payment entries to checkout_shipping.php -- nothing happens. If I manually type "mysite.com/checkout_payment.php" into my browser's address bar, fill in a test CC# & try to checkout; it works.
  3. PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    I am getting this error: I am using Visa #s from PayPal's sandbox. I notice the first four digits aren't even showing in the error... so what could be causing this?
  4. On a quick search I found others on the web mentioning that error has to do with safe mode. topic: http://forums.oscommerce.com/topic/277918-sessions-php-warnings-on-install/ Can you try their fix and see if the error goes away?
  5. Add item(s) & totals to your database, calculate their loss totals all into one easy report for your accountant. Fairly straightforward and easy to set up. Ready to use in less than 5 minutes. This is NOT the same as the Monthly Sales/Tax contribution (which calculates based on purchases). Yearly Expenses will calculate off-site costs such as domain registration, hosting, in-store theft, etc. Download: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7187
  6. PayPal Automated Labels, Support Thread

    thanks for that! do you still run your website? i went to go donate (would have done it sooner, but it actually slipped my mind as i came upon personal issues) .. and your website simply read "under construction" (just making sure you still own that email address)
  7. Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    got another hit from the same ip today. i'm almost tempted to block it. it obviously isn't doing anything useful other than testing my ipn. does anyone know if paypal uses this ip for anything LEGITIMATE related to ipn?
  8. Paypal Alternative?

    alertpay: http://www.alertpay.com i've used them well over a year now and have had pretty much no issues with them. they work identical to the way paypal does.
  9. Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    In the past few days I've been getting a few of these: When I check supertracker and compare timestamps, all of the failures are when this IP hits the IPN: Which resolves to: notify.paypal.com The PayPal IP's from the 60.x.x.x.... all are successful and don't result in any failed IPN emails. Is this normal?
  10. PayPal Automated Labels, Support Thread

    after some testing and modifying my server bits, the sql error seems to have disappeared. i have a few more questions: where can i modify the contents of this email? also, is it possible to pass the parcel id into the order comments? right now i'm doing that manually and it's a bit tedious for a large number of parcels. and lastly, when i review the customer's order page in admin after shipping a parcel this way, the order comments are as follows; Date Added Customer Notified Status Comments 09/14/2009 22:41:37 True Processing Order shipped. "Processing" is status #4, in ship_paypal.php my setting is as follows: // Order status to set when order shipped define('PAYPAL_ORDER_STATUS_SHIPPED', 3); now, oddly enough, when i search the customer's order history, the status says "shipped" ... do i also have to edit something in the order_status_history table for the correct status name to show?
  11. PayPal Automated Labels, Support Thread

    Wow, that's quite the difference. I'll up it to 28800 and see how that goes. Will these connections terminate after the script finishes, or after they age 8 hours? I notice for the labels that do pass without any qualms, if server load is high I can get some heavy swap usage and I've got extra ram on my server.
  12. PayPal Automated Labels, Support Thread

    the register_globals patch I have already translates HTTP_POST_VARS to _POST so that shouldn't be any issue. Is there any other reason my form data wouldn't be passed? What would be reasonable for this mod? (what do you use?) Presently, mine is: wait_timeout=30 connect_timeout=10 I just checked and I cannot find them, that's bizarre. On Canada Post's OBC site, they're labled: referenceNumber costCentreRef I've never actually shipped anything through PayPal directly (just through your add-on). Do they even use these fields? ... these fields are on the pdf printout from your contribution, though. (They're blank, even if I enter data into these sections on ship_paypal.php) No, I mean when there is a chargeback for an item, PayPal insists a tracking number that showcases a postal code and signatory name could greatly help your recourse. Anytime I've had a chargeback for merch shipped via Canada Post Expedited, I always won the chargeback because I push the customer's order # (which is also on the PayPal order page), their first initial, last name & delivery postal code to the tracking details. I also do the same for purchases via money order and Alertpay, so for that section it doesn't really matter how it was paid for, because it's a field Canada Post offers by default through the obc.canadapost.ca website. I've searched around Paypal and haven't found any API to make this mod easier to configure for fields like this. Is this strictly pushed at ebay stores or something? They've got API's for everything else, I wonder why they wouldn't offer one for shipping, too.
  13. PayPal Automated Labels, Support Thread

    Just tried out the latest version. This time around, I only got Mysql went away once out of 3 packages I tried. I was clicking around in hotmail when that error occured. Once I sat and waited for the label to show, I did not get that error a 2nd time. Still, when I click "Customize shipment" I get the error that the fields are blank. I added a bit of code in so I didn't have to use the products_short_desc field (It would be a pain to go through all of my products to add a shortened field). Can you take a look at my code and see if this is why I keep getthing the error? in admin/ship_products.php: And for 1 shipment, I tried to change the pull-down (Reason for Export:) to "Other" and I got this: Step 1. Initializing Step 2. Logging in Step 3. Changing country Step 4. Entering address Step 5. Filling out form for customs Error in field category_item_text: When selecting When I tried again and left it at default, the label printed. And lastly, I cannot get the Optional Fields to pass onto my label. It would be ideal for them to show up on Canada Post's site, so when the Parcel ID is searched via the tracking # field, the person's order #, last name & zipcode show (to comply with PayPal's seller protection policy) ... right now, the default showing is this: via OBC i can get their order #, name & postal code to show beneath the "Product Type" field by entering those in the reference # boxes. Forgot to mention, I Have register_globals disabled on my server. Could this be the reason no info is passing from the "Customize" from?
  14. PayPal Automated Labels, Support Thread

    Doing some testing: I still get the occasional "Mysql has gone away" error, but when I try again on a different purchase it usually doesn't happen 2 times in a row. Is there anything else I can do to circumvent this 100% of the time? Would it make sense to edit any server minimums, and if so, which do you recommend? To try and lessen the queries, I removed the JOIN and made the product_weight field come directly from the orders table, instead of querying the part of the database that holds every product. Didn't seem to lessen the speed. Also, what does the "Failed sanity check" mean? For most orders, the label either prints or I get an Mysql Gone away error. For a particular order (over 6 items) I keep getting this error. Final question. Not sure if I am correct or not (there's a lot of code in this contribution), but my understanding is: the input forms are not used to generate the label? Since ship_paypal.php loads lightning fast.. could I gain speed and thwart the Mysql gone away error by passing that form data from ship_paypal.php to PayPal, instead of doing another query for the same info? I tried to tick the "Customize Shipment" option. When I do that, I get: Step 1. Initializing Step 2. Logging in Step 3. Changing country Step 4. Entering address Step 5. Filling out form for customs Error: There are no Item details given. There must be atleast one valid entry.
  15. PayPal Automated Labels, Support Thread

    Canada Post is a joke and a half. I was hoping that was some sort of overlook by Paypal. :) I notice they now have the "if it fits it ships" boxes similar to USPS, but they start at $9.99 postage. In the US, last I checked, those boxes started at $4.95 for 3-5 day domestic delivery. I'll try this script out a bit and I will definitely be making a donation. I would have paid for a script like this. It's going to save so much time at Christmas! Hopefully Paypal releases an API for the shipping area though, I imagine doing updates for this will be a nightmare if they change the pages around.