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  1. anyone get this thing to work with paypal standard that comes with 2.2rc2? works fine when i test it with the not-for-production-use cc module..but doesnt seem to work with paypal standard.
  2. oranges

    paypal standard moule unable to pay via credit card

    this all has to do with your cookies. WHen paypal see a customer who is a paypal account holder, they wil always display the login box. A customer who doesnt have a paypal account will be promnpted for both options ASSUMING that you have the option set in your paypal account to let both paypal and non paypal account holders buy.
  3. my bad, it works fine with 2.2rc2. just make sure to apply the fix mentioned by dalice
  4. it only works with an older shopping cart version 3.15..ive also tried the newer paypal ipn carts..didnt work, only got it to work with 3.15
  5. oranges

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    got a question. Does this contrib allow you to edit the order histiory that only shows up in the customers account? im using a contrib that emails the customer a pin when he orders, and the pin is visible in his order history and nowhere else (it doesnt show up on the invoice, only in the order email and his order history) so im thinking this contrib wouldnt let me edit what i need. Thanks
  6. i had that problem too..everything was set up right and even after looking at all the other threads i still didnt find a fix. then i realized that it was because i had disabled the state/province option on the customers order form. go to your admin panel, configuration, customer details, and make sure that STATE is set to TRUE. that should solve it.
  7. i had version 5.15 installed..and had the problem of having to push redeem twice..despite applying serevral different fixes for the problem. So i tried version 5.15a, and that gave me even more problems. I think it may have something to do with gloabal registers patch i have installed..
  8. and i just realized the problem also occurs with gift vouchers, and not just coupons. I need to go back and recheck the voucher checkbox and only on the 2nd attempt will the voucher work. So both gift and coupons need 2 attempts.. :|
  9. ive got the same problem..i tried several fixes people have posted and none worked :\
  10. Hi joe, i had originally looked into the problem and foud 2 fixes for it. One of the fixes was the one you posted above...but neither worked for me..i still get the same error :\
  11. doest the new release fix the issue of having to enter the coupon code 2x before it actually gets added to the basket? Because as is right now if i enter the redeem code once it wont work...
  12. Hi, im having a problem with coupons. When i enter the coupon on the order form and hit redeem, i get an error saying "The coupon has been successfully applied for <br>***HOWEVER:No reduction available, please see the coupon restrictions***". I then need to re-enter the coupon and hit redeem a 2nd time, and then will it say the coupon has been successfully applied, and will add the coupon to the basket. I searched the forums and found that a few others had the same problem, and there were 2 fixes for it. But i tried both, and none helped. I dont have many contributions installed. Registers global patch, PWA, paypal IPN, some zone contrib for shipping, pm2checkout, and a contrib that logs failed orders. Thats about it. From what i remember reading a few days ago, a new update for this voucher contrib was in the works. I was wondering if my problem is one of the issues that will be looked into, because other then that, this contribution works great.