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  1. Hello together! I?ve installed the contibution virtual_mall. Evrything works fine, exept the point: the store_id dont writes into the orders_products table. My question is: at which point the table orders_products will be feeded and why it dont takes the store_id??? Thanks on advance for a little help teutul
  2. teutul

    Virtual Mall 1.2 Support Thread

    Dear Friends! I installed the virtual_mall and everything working fine. Just one little point i cant fix. Perhabs you got an idea? In the checkout process, in the moment of success, the content of the cart will written in the table orders_products. So it do. Just the store_id was not wrote in. Since days i?m looking after this, my idea is: the $store_id must be empty. Why? Could you give me a little help for this? Thank you on advance, teutul sorry about my english!