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  1. Kelvin1964

    cDynamic Meta Tags

    Hello, First let me say great job! I installed version 1.5, very simple install. I have encountered only one issue. In the Admin when I go to categories/Products and click to disable or enable (red light/green light) a product it works fine on the first product. On any additional products that I click to disable or enable I get the following warning. Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /u/m/mydomain/www.mydomain.com/store/admin/includes/reset_meta_cache.php on line 36 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /u/m/mydomain/www.mydomain.com/store/admin/includes/reset_meta_cache.php:36) in /u/m/mydomain/www.mydomain.com/store/admin/includes/functions/general.php on line 18 If I go to another section and then return the change have actually been made, so it is actually working. I went into my php.ini file and turned display_errors = Off this makes it so that the warning is not displayed. This is good for now but I would like to get the issue resolved. Any advice or ideas will be greatly appreciated. Kevin
  2. Kelvin1964

    Innovative Gateway access problem

    My Hosting is "Deluxe Hosting with CGI"
  3. Kelvin1964

    Innovative Gateway access problem

    I asked godaddy about making those changes and here is their response. Kevin
  4. Kelvin1964

    Innovative Gateway access problem

    Sorry Paul, Earlier in the thread, when I first encountered this issue I posted code that my Web Hosting Company provided and referred to as "proxy aware". I tried to incorporate the code but have not had any success. I was wondering if you added this proxy aware code and the 2 php config changes or only the 2 php changes you outlined. I believe since you were not aware of the proxy aware code, you only made the two changes you posted. Thanks, Kevin
  5. Kelvin1964

    Innovative Gateway access problem

    Hello, Thanks for the feedback. Did you change these two items in addition to adding the ?proxy aware? code?
  6. Kelvin1964

    Innovative Gateway access problem

    I have gotten no feedback from anyone on how to impliment the proxy aware code my host suggested. I got stuck in Cancun because of hurricane Whilma and have be scrambling to catch up ever since. Consequently my own site is on the back burner at the moment. I have emailed Innovative Gateway several times and have not gotten a response. I am left with the impression that they are only interested in the initial sale, not the ongoing business. Their lack of response has led me to conclude that I will not be renewing their services and will pursue other alternatives.
  7. Kelvin1964

    Innovative Gateway access problem

    Hello, I was having this same problems and discovered that it worked fine when https was disabled. My host informed me that outgoing HTTP and HTTPS connections take place via a proxy server and that applications that need to make HTTPS connections will need to be made ?proxy aware?. Scripts using cURL with PHP will need to include the following lines on each script that utilizes cURL functions. curl_setopt (, CURLOPT_HTTPPROXYTUNNEL, TRUE); curl_setopt (, CURLOPT_PROXYTYPE, CURLPROXY_HTTP); curl_setopt (, CURLOPT_PROXY,; curl_setopt (, CURLOPT_SSL_VERIFYPEER, FALSE); I am unsure of how to impliment this and am hoping someone can offer some guidence on how too. Thanks, Kevin
  8. Hello, I have further issues with the manufacture links. If navigate to a product's detail page the manufacture info box appears on the right. If I click the link to view all products I am taken to the product list view, which works exacly how I would like the drop down menu on the left to work. All looks fine but if I click on a product, to be taken to the product detail the link is wrong and I get product not found (see link below). http://www.artkopia.com/productname-p-28.html?manufacturers_id=13 Does navigation by manufacture working for others? Help please, I really want to get this working.
  9. I have done the install several times, each time I get the sane results. Without the SEO installed the URL looks like this index.php?manufacturers_id=13 which matches what is in the .htaccess file (default from SEO, no changes) RewriteRule ^(.*)-m-(.*).html$ index.php?manufacturers_id=$2&%{QUERY_STRING} I am not sure where to go from here? I have Prod_Extra_Fields & image_html_package_1.2 also installed. Again any help will be greatly appreciated. --Kevin The source code looks the same for both <td class="boxText"><form name="manufacturers" action="http://www.website.com/index.php" method="get"><select name="manufacturers_id" onChange="this.form.submit();" size="1" style="width: 100%"><option value="" SELECTED>Please Select</option><option value="14"> MFG_01 </option><option value="13">MFG_02</option></select></form></td>
  10. Hello, I installed Ultimate_SEO_URLs and must say what has already been said, easiest contrib install ever! Great job! I have only one issue. When I select a manufacture from the Manufactures Menu I am taken to the index.php instead of to the product listing of that manufactures products. Any suggestion or advice will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Kevin