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    Newsletter products, HTML email

    ... bit dump, i forgot to select "newsletter_products" as Module... Now I get few errors, but i think i'll resolve it soon.. Thanx anyway Jerome
  2. Jemy

    Newsletter products, HTML email

    Hi scottyb, what am i doing wrong? 1) I altered newsletter in database 2) I copied the 2 files admin/includes/languages/english/modules/newsletters/newsletter_products.php and admin/includes/modules/newsletters/newsletter_products.php and changed the other files following your advises. 3) I created "templates" under admin/ and chmod it to 777 4) I created my own html-template, very simple, just with a little text followed by $html_content 5) I opened the newsletter administration tool, chose 2 articles, browsed to my template file and saved the newsletter. 6) however, what I get is an empty mail with only mail subject. anything i forgot? thanx for more information. Jerome