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  1. You Know It's Time To Turn Your Computer Off When...

    1.A friend calls and says, "How are you? Your phones have been busy for a year!"

    2.You forgot how to work the TV wholesale electronics remote control.

    3.You see something funny and scream, "LOL, LOL."

    4.You meet the mailman at the [url=http://www.sta...

  2. Great support thread! I have version Google Checkout v1.1.0b3 (Ropu - 12 Jan 07) installed which is heavily modified. I don't want to go and install a new version right now with the possibility of conflictions. Everything works like I want except one bug: Sometimes the product field in a customers order page will display: 1) Several more products then the actual order. Within these several products will always contain the actual product(s) in the order. See Troubleshoot Picture 1 to see what I mean. 2) Show no products in the order field at all. See Troubleshoot Picture 2 to see what I mean. In my GC admin area, the correct order will always be shown. This may not be a problem with GC but I believe it is. Can anyone help? :huh: Another point, do any of these new additions send Tracking Number updates made in GC with XML? Thank you! :D
  3. The default product arrangement is alphabetically but is there an add-on that makes it very easy to arrange my products in certain categories one before the other? Thanks!
  4. I'd like to be able to update some orders automatically with the last moment I used using the Comments Toolbar 4.0 - If possible, automatically update all the orders in a certain status with he last comment. Is this possible? Can anyone help? Thanks.
  5. As time goes by, the amount of orders that remain in my "Not In Stock" status build up. Once an order I receive is deemed out of stock, I send an e-mail to the buyer via the Order's page. Often, the buyer will not reply to the e-mail, or forget, for whatever reason. I'd like for my system to send these e-mails automatically after I do it the first time. Simply put, all the orders that are in my "Not In Stock" or "Incomplete" status should be automatically updated, once a day, to send the same e-mail I sent earlier. This way, the buyer continually receives this important notification e-mail and has a higher chance of giving a response. Is there a contribution for this, or some code I can use to achieve what I am looking for? Thanks!
  6. fut

    Only accept Money Orders?

  7. fut

    Only accept Money Orders?

    How do I go about only allowing the acceptance of money orders and not checks? Thanks, George
  8. fut

    Accepting /w StormPay

    Hello, There doesn't seem to be a functioning StormPay module anymore for OSCommerce. Do any of you know how I should go about this? Thanks.
  9. May I ask, does this work for USPS as well? I am looking for an on-site tracking module like this one that works for USPS. Thanks.
  10. This tracking contribution allows for on-site tracking with UPS, Fed Ex and USPS. Below are two stores using it. The first one is slightly different and this is the one I prefer. Is this the UPS XML tracking? Because I only use USPS. Thanks for the help: http://www.crazyjordans.com/trackingpic.jpg http://tim.spe-secure.com/tracking.jpg Thanks for the help! Regards, George
  11. You can change that in your checkout_process.php to whatever you'd like. I installed this contribution and although I very much appreciate the effort, I uninstalled it totally in search for the one talked about above (I too have seen it and am currently searching for the contrib.
  12. Is there a way to be able to charge credit cards at a alter date after they make the order? Right now I am using authorize.net consolidated module but sometimes the order made is out of stock and instead of having to go through the process of refunding them i'd like to simply be able to only charge the cards for the orders that are in stock. Is there a way to do this? Thanks, fut
  13. The authortize.net module that comes with ms2.2 seems a little basic and am having minor problems. There is no option to select which type of credit card being used - Errors are displayed in the URL, but is not displayed on the page (e.g. The credit card number was invalid) The credit card number has to be correct but the expiry date can be anything. No request for a CVV2 number. Does anyone know of any fixes for my concerns or is it worth it to install the consolidated 1.8 authorize.net module?
  14. fut

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Thanks, but even with that in mind it is very confusing :blink: It is very important that I start getting the correct attributes in my e-mail - I have no idea how to use this patch though!