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    when I'm not working with a web site I'm usualy creating on of my video games. <br /><br />I also like to read so you can find me at borders or hanging out with friends.
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  1. MoisesZaragoza

    FedEx Direct 2.06 Support thread

    by any chance does any one know how to automatically get the FedEx tracking code?
  2. MoisesZaragoza

    EZ QuickBooks Integration Contribution

    would you know if this will work with the the free vertion of Quickbooks?
  3. MoisesZaragoza

    EZ QuickBooks Integration Contribution

    i was wondering how i import orders into the QuickBooks Thanks
  4. MoisesZaragoza

    EZ QuickBooks Integration Contribution

    has any one tryed this contrib with the new alpha vertion 3.0a5
  5. MoisesZaragoza


    I am looking for a template or a skin for my OSC but that is not $100 i looked on google but i cant find anything? Does any one where i can get a couple of skns?
  6. MoisesZaragoza

    quickbooks payment gateway

    does any one have made a contrib for quickbooks payment gateway or does any one know how to implement quickbooks payment gateway into a OSC? Thanks
  7. MoisesZaragoza

    Multi Pickup (MS1)

    i dont know if any one has installed the Multi Pickup (MS1) contrib on MS2.2
  8. MoisesZaragoza

    Multi STores

    Yes that is what i am looking for. I am going to search contribs for it
  9. MoisesZaragoza

    Multi STores

    I was wondering if there are any components that allow the user to selct a particular location to pic there product up?
  10. MoisesZaragoza

    [contribution] "osC_GiftWrap_v1.0"

    I just finish instaling the contrib. and I was wandering if there is a way to check one of the options by default ?
  11. MoisesZaragoza

    [contribution] "osC_GiftWrap_v1.0"

    I am about to install this contrib. and I wanted to ask you if you think its a good contrib to install?
  12. MoisesZaragoza

    GiftWrap v1.1 install problem

    I see that you posted this a while ago. I was wandering have you been able to fix the problem? I was about to instal that same contrib and was doing my research
  13. MoisesZaragoza

    Email Queue V 1.2

    I was wandering how does this contribution works? and how does it hold the e-mails? Thanks
  14. Yea, I know I have not been threw them yet Well thanks 4 your help
  15. Thanks That's what I normaly do In any case it's to late to start installing it but i was looking at the files and there is like 6 mySQL files so i'm thinking it will take some time for all the changes to the Tables files and something would had to be added to all the pages in the catalog area.