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  1. Lavern

    My Order Total Is Missing

    It doesn't show the order total anywhere throughtout the checkout or the e-mail.
  2. Lavern

    My Order Total Is Missing

    Thanks, but that didn't help. What could be wrong? Could there be a problem with a wrong path somewhere? Where can I download this exact same module to totally reinstall it?
  3. Lavern

    Check / Money Order Payment Method

    Somehow the Check/Money Order payment method got messed up (it no longer gives the customer the order total), so I want to reinstall it. How can I do that without reinstalling the entire store software? Is there a good contrib that will do the job? I need help! Thanks, Lavern
  4. Lavern

    My Order Total Is Missing

    I have the Check/Money Order Payment Method installed in Oscommerce. When I checkout, it doesn't give the order total. I need it to give the order total including the shipping and handling and I want it to display on the same page where it shows the address to send the payment to. It should also put the order total in the e-mail that gets sent out to the customer. I really need help getting this figured out. Can you please help me get this fixed? Sincerely, Lavern Gingerich www.pursuinglife.com
  5. Lavern

    No payment methods

    I have the SAME problem. Please! What's going on??
  6. I used to have a list of shipping modules in the admin area. Now they disappeared. The modules are still in the shipping modules folder, but they are not available in the admin area of the store. How can I get these back? Also, the same thing happened with the payment modules. How can I get them back? Sincerely, Lavern Gingerich
  7. I installed the individual shipping price contrib. Now since then, there is a notice showing up on the product description page that says this: (This item requires additional shipping of $1 + regular shipping costs.) That's the notice is gives if the shipping price for the product is $1. I just want to remove that whole sentence wherever it occurs. It's confusing why it didn't show up first, but now it does, but the main thing is to remove it. I would appreciate your help very much! Have a wonderful day! Lavern Gingerich New Creation Designs www.n-c-designs.com
  8. Lavern

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    I thought the IPN took care of this and recorded orders even if the customer didn't return to the site. What is the point in using IPN module?
  9. Lavern

    Quantity Discounts

    Thank you for the idea of combining the shipping costs with the item price. That may just be the thing we need. But I still have a problem. I want to offer quantity discounts at various levels, and this is easy enough. But the quantities may be a mixture of any of the products in category CD's and category Cassettes, but none of the other products in the store. How do you do this?
  10. I just commented out some code in the admin area that called for that table. It works fine so far! Thanks!
  11. Lavern

    Boxes of 6 or 12 bottles

    Ok, thanks for the reply! Actually, I want a quantity discount and I want it to put all the quantities from select items together and apply the discount to those products based on the quantity purchased. Does this make sense? Any ideas? Lavern Gingerich
  12. Are there any other contribs/options that I could use to accomplish this?
  13. Hey, guys! Is there any here who knows a lot about this contrib? I installed this contrib and it's great, but I need to have 4 levels of shipping prices based on the quantity of 3 different items purchased. Please! Lavern Gingerich
  14. Lavern

    Boxes of 6 or 12 bottles

    It is possible to have the quantity discount (with various price levels) applied to only to certain items (for example, 3 different CD's), but not anything else in the store?