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  1. trevb54

    OsCommerce Download Feature

    Well, it would seem I have the opposite problem. I can't stop my download link from being live. People can go through the buying process and then be given the download link before I can confirm payment. Any ideas anyone.
  2. trevb54


    Thanks Jack. I contacted the server and they helped me with the syntax: php /home/yourusername/public_html/scripttoberun.php It just gives me a summary and not a detailed page as does physically putting the address into the browser. But at least it works. Thanks again for a great contribution. Trev
  3. trevb54


    Hi Jack, I see that the sitemonitor_hacker_cron has: require('includes/configure.php'); in it. Is that the configure file it's trying to find. I can physically put the address, sitemonitor_hacker_cron .php, into my browser and it works, just not via cron. I have also re-named my admin folder. Does that make a difference. I have put that address in the cron job also. The file sitemonitor_configure_0.php is in that re-named admin folder. Cheers Trev
  4. trevb54


    That file is there. Sitemonitor works via the cron just not te sitemonitor_hacker_cron.php. How ever it works manually
  5. trevb54


    Hi Jack, I also thank you for a great program. I have instaled the latest version and it works perfectly until I try to run the sitemonitor_hacker_cron.php via a cron job. I get emailed Error: Failed to open configure file. This is the cron: /usr/local/bin/php /home/xxxx/public_html/catalog/xxxxx/sitemonitor_hacker_cron.php I can run this manually and it works perfectly. Just not via a cron job. any ideas please? Regards, Trevor
  6. trevb54

    Quantity Price Breaks

    Hi, I have installed this contribution and all is working well. I would like to know how to add and extra discount line if someone could help please
  7. Login to Paypal Click Profile Click on Postage Calculations and down the bottom of the page you'll see Click here to allow transaction-based postage values to override the profile postage settings listed above (if profile settings are enabled).
  8. trevb54

    Official thread for Great Categories

    It's OK I have fixed it. Just had to change a couple of lines to suit my template. Same as a problem I had with boxad that maggi was gracious enough to help me with.
  9. trevb54

    Official thread for Great Categories

    Hi, I like everyone else, I love the contrib. However I seem to have lost the box that goes around everything in the categories. I'll try and dig a little deeper but any help would be great. Trev
  10. You don't set it up in mysql it is set up from the admin panel. Have you imported the sql file into your database properly? Trev
  11. Also Has the attributes been altered? has the shipping value been set properly or changed? Trev
  12. The only way to be sure that the files have not been corrupted is to replace them with the original ones. That will at least eliminate the issue "unless I missed something". Are you getting any errors? Trev
  13. Get the earlier version 7 Aug 2003, Farrukh Saeed. The other ones after don't have it. I used this one and it works great. Trev
  14. If you go to the contributions and enter download_controller and get this version Download / Free Ship /Pay v5.3 MS 2.2 Farrukh Saeed It contains the sql file. Don't worry I had a lot sleepless nights over it as well. You'd think that if someone was going to upload a contribution they would put in everything needed. Anyway this one works
  15. trevb54

    State Based Region Shipping Rates

    I have a similar problem. If I set an item to 0 and the shipping set as follows 0:0.00 it allows me to have an auto download. If I have an item set 1 and the shipping as follows 1:10.00 it seem to get doubled to $20.00 and so on. If I set the item to 0.5 I get the correct shipping price. Could someone explain how the calculations work. I've looked everywhere for an explanation. Thankyou Trev