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  1. Which Paypal module U are using. Satish
  2. There is a setting aggregate/itemize check that. Satish
  3. Check error log if any errors at your end. else check what was posted to paypal. Satish
  4. Once DNS gets propogated( varies from location to location) that will be sorted. So just need to wait and watch. Satish
  5. You need to collect request and response details to look as to what went wrong. Satish
  6. @Frank : Which shipping module are you using and is it by wt or by rate. In case by wt just set wt to 0. If by rate then you need to modify quote function so that it skips products that have wt as 0. Satish
  7. check this one. Satish
  8. define('MODULE_SHIPPING_MZMT_GEOZONE_1_TEXT_TITLE', 'United Parcel Service (UPS)'); in conntribution catalag\includes\languages\english\modules\shipping folder you have mzmt.php there these language values are defines. Just replace. Satish
  9. try reverse the order: 10:10.00, 15:15.00, 20:20.00, 25:25.00, 30:30.00, 100:100,1000:1000.00 If its to maintain a fix ratio why not do a small modification to shipping module and use a multiplier in quote function to get shipping value. Satish
  10. paste your printeorder.php file and the file that resulted in post to this( probably should be printorder.php itself) Satish
  11. other option is to use individual product shipping module. You will have to modify code so that product has shipping cost defined for each zone. Satish
  12. How many zones do you want to split this world into for your shipping calculation. If its few then I recommend take individual product shipping module and modify by adding more fields and defining cost for each zone for each product. If this is too much of data entry then you need to sue zone based table rate. Satish
  13. I suggest creating another customer group. So some one who has submitted vat is considered in that specific group. Now modify code so that vat for that specific group is charged as per that specific group clubbed with zone where that customer comes from. Satish
  14. I suggest you expand on individual shipping module. Add four five fields for shipping value for each zone( assuming you split your destinations in 4-5 zones). Now depending on zone of destination you can get delivery cost. Satish