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  1. spoiledRHOtten

    [Contribution] Checkout Confirm Text

    just curious......is there a checkbox that the customer must check in order to confirm?
  2. spoiledRHOtten

    Advanced Search Module?

    Does anyone know what the official name of the advanced search module is? I can't find it in the contributions.... the one that has the file advanced_search.php
  3. Hey Ian! Hopefully you can help ne out here whenever a customer enters a coupon code...ithey get this on checkout... Sub-Total: $64.00 Sales Tax: $5.28 United Parcel Service (1 x 13lbs) (Standard Ground): $8.31 Discount Coupon:M03-2003: $5.00 Total: $71.98 how the HECK does that add up? Can someone please help?
  4. spoiledRHOtten

    [CONTRIBUTION] Gift Registry

    ALSO, if someone downloads this and would like the thumbnail in cart*registry* please let me know.....
  5. spoiledRHOtten

    [CONTRIBUTION] Gift Registry

    oh.....and it may look like you have install EVERYTHING in OSC....BUT, its not true.......He just included alllllllllll the files........ Everything that needs to be modified is in DB_blahblah in the root of the files........
  6. spoiledRHOtten

    [CONTRIBUTION] Gift Registry

    I'd just like to say GUNTER did a FANTASTIC JOB on the Gift Registry..... If anyone would like to see it, I've uploaded it to my site, http://www.greekflicks.com/ Gunter hasnt uploaded it to the contributions yet....but he has it available on his site.... It's still in the development forum...but I just thought it was THAT great to talk about in contributions. It's really great guys......THANKS TO GUNTER!!! HIP HIP!!!
  7. also when you click redeem in the admin menu to send the purchased gift voucher to the customer..and then yu confirm it , it sends an email.....that;s all correct but the email reads like this: The gift voucher was actually for $100.00. Any ideas?
  8. spoiledRHOtten

    Automatic Sign In

    Thank you! I really appreciate it!!!
  9. spoiledRHOtten

    Automatic Sign In

    this is also known as the remember me check box on the login form...does anyone have this?
  10. well...i had to do some cosmetic fixing of my little fax form...so i thought i'd post it here for everyone to seeee..... added a logo at the top...changed the font to match my site....
  11. okay.....i keep getting htis too....this is horrible... and the TABLE IS THERE.....this is nuts...i just want to go back to the old one now and i can't everything is all changed and stuff...ic an't even create a new account without getting that error...
  12. also in create_account_process.php... i get this error...
  13. Hi! I updated to this new contribution but whenever i send a voucher to someone....they get this error whenever they click on the link inthe email: The thing is, even though they get this, it still adds to their account and that's cool and all, but THEY CAN"S USE IT. In checkout_payment.php, i changed my file for yours completely but they cant selected Gift Voucher and the Gift Voucher isnt counted towards the purchase...... can you please help?
  14. spoiledRHOtten

    Automatic Sign In

    Is there a contribution for this? I can't find it...... someone have the link?
  15. spoiledRHOtten

    [Contribution] CVV2 Info

    I'm with YOU Ben, Randy's cool for helping out all the time.... :)