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  1. hello do you have an idiots guide to what to delete and where to add this script in my modified product_info.php (SPPC mod)

  2. esilk

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    I reverted back to my old orders.php, but there is still a conflict between what is displayed in the osc order admin/invoice and what is in the database order_total table. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
  3. esilk

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Is there a way to undo changes made with this editor? I edited ONE order and it totally messed up the tax calculations. I tried changing everything back in the database with phpmyadmin, but the modified order still appears in osc admin. I also noticed that the labels for the tax on the orders/details screen are different from what is in the order_total database table. I know this because I deal with 2 taxes and the customer should only be charged one (which they are) but it shows the text label for both taxes, which would confuse my customer. Anyhow, WHERE does this program get its data? It only seems to bypass the orders_total table for the one record I edited and all other records show the correct tax/labels. So I need to UNDO whatever this mod did and then uninstall it because although it was very easy to install, I don't have time to deal with the problems it created. Thanks! Randy
  4. esilk

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    I am now getting Flat Rate Envelope appearing in my checkout. This did not show up previously and I have updated to 4.1 (followed all steps exactly). The product weight is set to 1 lb, and that seems heavy for an envelope. I can deselect the flat-rate items for international, but not the domestic. Any ideas how to have it only return package rates and no envelope rates or flat-rates?
  5. esilk


    I tried that version as well, and the same errors shows up on line 335 instead.
  6. esilk


    Re: I have just installed ccgv(trad) in v2.2RC1 OK...so now another problem appears. I enter the coupon code during checkout and the discount is NOT applied on checkout_confirmation.php. If I REFRESH the page, it appears. Why does this happen, and how do I fix it so that the customer won't need to refresh the page? Thanks! Randy
  7. esilk


    OK..Found the solution to both problems above. 1. The fix suggested earlier ended up working, but only after I found that there were other versions of $insert_id = tep_db_insert_id($insert_query); such as $insert_id = tep_db_insert_id($query); in other ccgv files (like admin/coupon_admin.php for one). I found them all by searching for $insert_id instead of $insert_id = tep_db_insert_id($insert_query); 2. Figured out how to set up gift vouchers as products and realized how the queue works.
  8. esilk


    BTW, line 117 is this: return mysql_insert_id($$link);
  9. esilk


    I have just installed ccgv(trad) in v2.2RC1 Problem 1: In admin when I try to add a Discount Coupon, I get the following error: Warning: mysql_insert_id(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in /home/hsphere/local/home/..../catalog/admin/includes/functions/database.php on line 117 The data IS written to the database, and the coupon shows up in the list... BUT the Coupon Name is not displayed. Also if I edit a coupon, the name and description do not show up in their respective fields...but they do exist in the database. I've found this question elsewhere in this thread, but have not found a solution. All ccgv admin files were uploaded directly from the ccgv contribution with no mods by me. Problem 2: I could not find a reference as to how to queue a Gift Voucher. It tells what a queue is in the manual, but not how to set one up. Thanks! Randy
  10. esilk


    So if replacing the XML files does NOT fix the error on line 337, does anyone actually know what does? I've searched this forum high and low and the only suggestion for the error on line 337 is to update the 4 xml files in the catalog/classes folder. Did that many times....re-installed paymentech module from scratch several times. I have my test and production merchant IDs Still get the same error when clicking Confirm Order: Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/....../catalog/includes/modules/payment/paymentech.php on line 337 I really need to find an answer to this problem so if anyone has an idea PLEASE HELP! Thanks! Randy
  11. esilk

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Does anyone know of a way to have different product descriptions depending upon the customer group? For example, I have Retail and Wholesale customers, and for each product I want to have a different product description depending upon which group the customer belongs to. Any ideas or direction would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Randy
  12. esilk

    FAQ system contribution

    Can anyone tell me if the FAQ System has the capability for creating different categories for faq's? I am looking for the capability to have several groups of questions each grouped under different FAQ categories. For example: General Questions, Wholesale FAQ, Shipping FAQ, etc. Thanks!! Randy
  13. esilk

    Faq Desk

    Can anyone tell me if the FAQDesk has the capability for creating different categories for faq's? I am looking for the capability to have several groups of questions each grouped under different FAQ categories. For example: General Questions, Wholesale FAQ, Shipping FAQ, etc. Thanks!! Randy
  14. esilk

    Multi_Vendor_Shipping new thread

    I just installed the FedEx Freight for MVS and I get the following error: Warning: Missing argument 1 for keys() in /home/hsphere/local/home/esilk/naturalhomesource.com/store/includes/modules/shipping/fxfreight.php on line 274 This is related to the following code, and it appears that the keys function is not picking up the vendor id variable: function keys($vendors_id) { return array('MODULE_SHIPPING_FXFREIGHT_STATUS_' . $vendors_id, 'MODULE_SHIPPING_FXFREIGHT_SHIP_TERMS_' . $vendors_id, 'MODULE_SHIPPING_FXFREIGHT_SHIP_ZIP_' . $vendors_id, 'MODULE_SHIPPING_FXFREIGHT_SHIP_COUNTRY_' . $vendors_id, 'MODULE_SHIPPING_FXFREIGHT_ACCT_NUM_' . $vendors_id, 'MODULE_SHIPPING_FXFREIGHT_DECLARE_VALUE_' . $vendors_id, 'MODULE_SHIPPING_FXFREIGHT_RES_PICKUP_' . $vendors_id, 'MODULE_SHIPPING_FXFREIGHT_LIFT_GATE_' . $vendors_id, 'MODULE_SHIPPING_FXFREIGHT_ERROR_ACTION_' . $vendors_id, 'MODULE_SHIPPING_FXFREIGHT_HANDLING_' . $vendors_id, 'MODULE_SHIPPING_FXFREIGHT_TAX_CLASS_' . $vendors_id, 'MODULE_SHIPPING_FXFREIGHT_ZONE_' . $vendors_id, 'MODULE_SHIPPING_FXFREIGHT_SORT_ORDER_' . $vendors_id); } Any idea how to get this to work? Thanks. Randy
  15. esilk

    AJAX Attribute Manager support

    Can anyone tell me how to allow the + character to be added to the database record even if the value of the option is set to 0.000? Right now, if the option value is set to 0.00, then the prefix is set to "" (empty). I want to show the base-price of the products in the drop-down option menu and not just for the other options. Right now it looks like: Option 1 Option 2 ($price) Option 3 ($price) I want it to show: Option 1 ($price) Option 2 ($price) Option 3 ($price) There are other options, such as color, that do not affect the price....so I don't want the price to be displayed everywhere. Only where I add the "+" prefix. Thanks!