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  1. the top section of the easypopulate.php file is call the settings. this is where you change the behavior of the easypopulate.php script. find this section at the top of the easypopulate.php, it where you turn on/off support for contributions:

    // ***********************************

    // *** Other Contributions Support ***

    // ***********************************


    underneith that is the setting that turns on support for the contribution you are using:


    // Separate Pricing Per Customer (SPPC)

    define ('EP_SPPC_SUPPORT', false); // default is false


    change the false to true for support of that contribution as such:


    // Separate Pricing Per Customer (SPPC)

    define ('EP_SPPC_SUPPORT', true); // default is false


    As with any contribution, you should have a basic knowledge of PHP if you are going to attempt to install and use one. This is a particularly complex script and you may be required to modify it if you want to have other contributions supported.


    Thank you!!! :)

  2. have you gone through the settings at the top of the easypopulate.php file as the docs begged you to? ;)

    after you've found what you're missing, look at the USAGE HELP section of the docs for help getting started. If you have questions after that, come on back.


    Yes I read the doc's.


    Is this what i should be looking at ? CONTRIBUTIONS THAT USE THE products & products_description TABLES

    After reading everthing again is my table called "v_distributor" ? Then i looked at the easypopulate.php file and says this "// for the separate prices per customer (SPPC) module" I really just don't understand.


    Thanks for any help..


  3. I have started a new oscom site and installed Easy Populate and it works GREAT!! I installed another Contribution called separate_price_422. This allows me to setup mutable customers groups so I can set different pricing for each customer groups that I have. The first customer group is retail this is the default one, I have added another group called distributor and have set different pricing for them. I have manually changed the pricing on about 18 products in my catalog so far for this new group. I have about 480 products in my catalog. Is there anyway I can mod my Easy Populate file to add the pricing in my new customer group called distributor ? If so what would be the easiest way to go about doing it?



  4. Ok, Completed is means the money are already in your account, verified or unverified means whether the customer is a verified or unverfied customer to paypal, which mean no need to bother, hope this can help you!


    Thanks for the info samantha_Scor ..


    What do you think the reason is that I?m getting an invoice from my oscom site when it shows [Completed (Verified; $65.95)] and not getting invoices from when the status show [Completed (Unverified; $65.95)] ?



  5. I have some Preparing [PayPal IPN] that have gone thru and I get the email from my site.. below is what it is says.


    Payment Method: PayPal (Credit Card / Debit)


    Date Added Customer Notified Status Comments

    No Order History Available



    Here is a order that is Processing that went thru how come sometimes it says [Completed (Verified; $ and sometimes it says [Completed (Unverified; $)]. How does a order become verified ?


    08/16/2006 18:37:36 Red X Processing PayPal IPN Verified [Completed (Verified; $65.95)]

    08/16/2006 18:37:39 Green check mark Preparing [PayPal IPN]


    Thanks for any info...

  6. If the status doesn't update, PayPal cannot access ipn.php, or your change to it has caused a problem. The first step would be to verify that you can access ipn.php through your browser. It should bring up a blank page with no error messages. If you have enabled debug email, you should also receive an email message entitled "PayPal IPN Invalid Process". This message is generated whenever ipn.php cannot process the POST variables sent to it. When you access ipn.php from your browser, there are no POST variables, so you get the email.


    If accessing ipn.php results in an error message displayed in the browser, you will need to find the cause of the error and fix it. At that point, real transactions should get updated status automatically.




    I'm having the same problem as samantha_Scor. I checked my ipn.php and and the page comes up blank. Looking at the order page it shows a lot of them still in processing I get a Paypal invoice but not a oscom invoice. This doesnt happen all the time sometimes it works just fine and I get both emails oscom/paypal. I just got an order that is till showing processing and I got a Paypal invoice and no oscom one here is what the invoice in the admin says


    Date Added Customer Notified Status Comments

    08/17/2006 16:52:53 X Processing PayPal IPN Verified [Completed (Unverified; $89.90)]



    Thanks for any info you can give me.....

  7. Having a problem and looking for some help. I can not get in touch with my web guy after he launched my site. So I thought I would ask my question here.


    My only payment option is Paypal and COD. The option COD is working great. But the Paypal is only working sometimes. It looks as if a person is unverified or uses the other option in Paypal to use there credit card with out having an account. Oscom will not generate an invoice this is really messing me up. Has anyone encountered this problem or know of a fix does it have anything to do with the IPN??



  8. I going crazy trying to figure this out.. Have been reading lot of forms and cant find any help. So I'm going to post my question..


    I'm trying to add to Products Attributes.


    under Option Name I have, SIZE. I'm trying to get a drop down menu to have xxxl,xxx,L,M,S how can i get Option Value to display more then one value so customera can pick?