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  1. WatchPart

    [Contribution] Availability

    Fantastic Contribution.... How would i make the text stand out more i.e. bold?
  2. This looks good but it wont work on our shops Alert =first name =company name =postcode etc...
  3. WatchPart

    Stocktaking Cost 0.3

    Evening, I have installed the contribution Stocktaking Cost http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...12/search,stock Everything went ok few problems sorted the problem now is that the cost price is not showing up in the database on the stock count. When i submit the data it says cost price i.e. ?29.95 check the data base and nothing shows. Cost price ?0.00 Can anybody suggest anything?
  4. hello Ive installed UltraPics v1.0 on my new store. The popup image works fine with medium and large. But the other images do not work ive tried uploading all but nothing. Any suggestions?
  5. Thank you for your advice! I will try the soloution now,
  6. EVENING! Just thought i would have a change and have re installed oscommerce! anyway i just started adding all the contirbutions i thought i would need everything is working fine installed ultra_pics_v1.0 and then HTC Admin MS2.2 but i seem to be writing over the same config files? so only one will contribution will work at any one time. Will i have to edit the config files myself or is there an easier way?