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  1. DreamK

    Custom Computer Creator v9 Support

    Hi Everybody, I would like to know if someone managed to hack ccc with "ultimate SEO" ? At the present time I have lost 1 month with the following trouble: 1- SEO with rewrite URL : "ON" - build.php & custom_checkout.php : ok - shopping_cart.php : 0€ is shown with none configuration 2- SEO with rewrite URL : "OFF" - build.php & custom_checkout.php : ok - shopping_cart.php : ok Someone would like to help me or work with me about this trouble ? Merry Xmas from France :P
  2. Hi, I have a url rewritting trouble between Ultimate SEO & CCC. When the option "Enable SEO URLs?" is checked "no", the shopping_cart.php display all the information submitted though build.php. Now, if "Enable SEO URLs?" is checked "yes", nothing is shown running "shopping_cart.php" Any idea ? msn : niptuck79@hotmail.com site : boutique.gallica-geek.com (build your pc = Construire mon PC) See You guys :P
  3. Hi guys :) I have a trouble with my custom ccc. The shopping_cart.php doesn t display any informations. Could we work together about this trouble ? Sincerily, Yoan msn: niptuck79@hotmail.com
  4. DreamK


    Hey :) Great script, I really like it ;) Just for telling you I have encoured a little bug - " ' " is not allowed in sub-caegories See U