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  1. It not working, drop down menu of the shipping metod is empty.
  2. I need to install ZZ_country_170000.sql? May be this is my mistake?
  3. Hi, Marcin. I working in one country only, I have two modules of the shipping. In Admin Panel I don't connect payment metod to the shipment. In the ship 2 pay module drop down menu of the shipping metod is empty.
  4. Tom, For the time being I'm not using the animated gifs for that reason - so it not critical now. But I do intend to do so as soon as it is functional. Thanks Vlad
  5. Hi, Tom! Glad to see youre back! Your contrib is work fine on my site, but I have one question. Animated gifs are not working the image magic is ON and I understand why. What could be done to make the animated gifs are working? (Sorry for my english) Regards, Vlad
  6. Hi, Tom. It was my mistake in configuration files of osC, you contrib is work great. Thank you Vlad
  7. Hi, Tom! Thank you for replay. The code into the catalog/includes/functions/html_output.php file - that's right. It's not in admin side. My store is installed in root directory, not in catalog www.yourstore.com imagemagic.php is appearing in the url of images of the Languages, It means that the cache is working - Is it true?
  8. Hi, Tom! I've just installed this contrib and the url doesn't have imagemagic in the path. I created a dir called "thumbnails" and chmoded to 777. Please see My Webpage This is config of the image magic Image Magic Master Switch On Process Store's Graphics True Auto Clean Cache True Encrypt Image Filenames False Filename Encryption Key changeme Apply Internet Explorer PNG Transparency work-around? True Use Resampling True Create Truecolour Thumbnails True Output GIFs as JPEGs False 'GIF as JPEG' Matte colour (HEX) FFFFFF Cache Thumbnails on the Server True Cache Thumbnails in user's browser True Thumbnail Cache directory /thumbnails Use 404 Response if image not found? False Allow thumbnails larger than original True Center if thumbnail larger than original False JPEG Quality - Pop-up Images 60 JPEG Quality - Product Information Thumbnails 50 JPEG Quality - Category Thumbnails 50 JPEG Quality - Heading Thumbnails 50 JPEG Quality - Small Thumbnails 50 Graphic Watermark in Pop-up Images No Graphic Watermark in Product Information Thumbnails No Graphic Watermark in Category Thumbnails No Graphic Watermark in Heading Thumbnails No Graphic Watermark in Small Thumbnails No Watermark Image File Image Watermark Transparency 20 Image Watermark Position Center Image Watermark Margin 0 Resize Watermark Image True Text Watermark in Pop-up Images No Text Watermark in Product Information Thumbnails No Text Watermark in Category Thumbnails No Text Watermark in Heading Thumbnails No Text Watermark in Small Thumbnails No Watermark Text JETNET Computers Text Watermark Font Name arial.ttf Text Watermark Size 10 Text Watermark Colour (HEX) 000000 Text Watermark Transparency 20 Text Watermark Position Center Text Watermark Margin 0 Text Watermark Angle 0 Auto Adjust Brightness 0 Auto Adjust Contrast 0 Frame Pop-up Images No Frame Product Information Thumbnails No Frame Category Thumbnails No Frame Heading Thumbnails No Frame Small Thumbnails No Frame Width 4 Frame Depth 4 Frame Colour (HEX) CCCCCC Frame Inside 3D Highlight Colour (HEX) FFFFFF Frame Inside 3D Shadow Colour (HEX) 000000 Buttonize Pop-up Images No Buttonize Product Information Thumbnails No Buttonize Category Thumbnails No Buttonize Heading Thumbnails No Buttonize Small Thumbnails No Button Height 4 Button Highlight Colour (HEX) CCCCCC Button Shadow Colour (HEX) 000000 This is config of the images Small Image Width 150 Small Image Height 0 Heading Image Width 60 Heading Image Height 0 Subcategory Image Width 150 Subcategory Image Height 0 Calculate Image Size true Image Required true Product Information Image Width 100 Product Information Image Height 0 Thanks Vlad
  9. Scully

    [Contribution] FCKosc 2.2 Support

    Hello delaballe Thank you for your replay, but I don't understand what I need to do. Sorry for my English.
  10. Scully

    [Contribution] FCKosc 2.2 Support

    delaballe After changes were made as you instructed this is the messege I get in Internet Explorer: Toolbar set "Image" doesn't exit
  11. Jack First I would like to thank you for tour response - It was very helpful - you were right about those two files you mentioned it was duplicate block of code that belongs to a specific file Vlad
  12. Jack, I've installed the (7 Sep 2005 - Header Tags Controller v2.5.5 Complete) version. After installing the contrib worked perfect in all languages that I need. Then I added files that I need (almost all pages from the catalog) "Categories and Product" headers stoped working.
  13. Sorry, it was my mistake I figured it out by my self.
  14. I've installed the (7 Sep 2005 - Header Tags Controller v2.5.5 Complete) version. It works in English pages only, in other pages ( for example Russian and Hebrew) it doesn't work. I have installed all that is requierd for other languages according to the guidens text files (Install_Admin.TXT and Install_Catalog.TXT) Please help me in this matter.
  15. I have such problem. Please, tell me where did you swap the 2 tags?