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  1. jamescalvin

    Getting error when trying to use shipping table

    How can I find my setting for the Maximum Weight to ship? I'm not exactly sure what was modified because I had a programmer make a modification to a contribution. Is it possible I can PM you my code so you can take a look at it?
  2. jamescalvin

    Getting error when trying to use shipping table

    Actually, I just went back to my code and checked, it's already added...
  3. jamescalvin

    Getting error when trying to use shipping table

    I'm not exactly sure I know what all that means. So should I add this: if ($shipping_weight > SHIPPING_MAX_WEIGHT) { // Split into many boxes
  4. jamescalvin

    Getting error when trying to use shipping table

    Yes, there was some modifications done on that page. My lines 76 and 77 look like this: $shipping_num_boxes = ceil($shipping_weight/SHIPPING_MAX_WEIGHT); $shipping_weight = $shipping_weight/$shipping_num_boxes; Any clues??
  5. Hey everyone, I'm usually pretty good about finding out my own answers but for the past few days I've been stuck on this one. Can anyone help me out please?? Problem: I set my shipping table to the following: 10:8.99,20:16.99,25:19.99,35:23.99,40:27.99,50:31.98 but when a customer goes to check out, they get the following error: Warning: Division by zero in ...catalog/includes/classes/shipping.php on line 76 Warning: Division by zero in ...catalog/includes/classes/shipping.php on line 77 Upon getting this error, the customer can still check out without paying a shipping price. Does anyone know what this means?
  6. jamescalvin

    Table Rate Problem

    Hey All, I have a problem, I've activated my shipping table but for some reason, when I try make a test purchase I get the gollowing errors: I am able to continue my order, but the shipping price doesn't display. I've done a number of searches but I didn't find any help for this specific problem. Can someone please help me with this?? Thanks in advance. J
  7. jamescalvin

    Pay Pal Showing Wrong Shipping Amount

    If you're referring to Pay Pal showing the wrong shipping amount. You have to go to your Pay Pal account and adjust the shipping there. Right now it's currently defaulting to whatever your settings are. i believe if you go to "profiles" you can find it there.
  8. jamescalvin

    [Contribution] Custom (products) Sort Order

    I am trying to install this contribute and I'm having a problem on the first step (everything else seems pretty straight forward). When I download the .zip, the first thing it tells me to do is When it says ALTER TABLE products, I'm not sure exactly what that means. I went to phpMyadmin and I went ot my "products" table but I'm not quite sure what to do next. Also, how would I Insert Into configuration? I've gotten pretty good at the coding, now it's the DB's that are confusing to me. Can someone please help me understand this??
  9. jamescalvin

    2Checkout V2 WORKING with OSC 2.2MS2!

    When you check out, are you checking out on your site or is the buyer being redirected to 2CO?
  10. jamescalvin

    [contribution] Simple Template System (sts)

    Did you ever get that 500 Internal Server Error problem solved? I'm having the same problem for people that are trying to download from my site. The files that they are trying to download are only 8mb at the most. Any suggestions?
  11. jamescalvin

    2Checkout V2 WORKING with OSC 2.2MS2!

    Did you ever figure out a fix for this problem. I'm in the same boat right now. My look and feel doesn't change. What did you do to fix this?? Thanks
  12. jamescalvin

    Need help with downloads_controller.sql

    Duhhh, I figured it out... I just went to phpMyAdmin, clicked on SQL clicked the browse button, selected my file, and pressed go. All that headache for one simple upload.... Now I'm getting a 1064 error when I try to view my "orders" not sure what that's about but I'll try researching that next...
  13. Hey Everyone, I just downloaded the Download_Controllev5.3 MS2.2 and in the readme files it says But I don't know what the hell to do with that file. I read from someone that they uploaded it to phpMyAdmin but how and what do you load? the whole file? Someone please help me, my store needs to launch by tomorrow and this is the only major thing holding me up. At Your Mercy, Jamie
  14. jamescalvin

    Pay Pal Showing Wrong Shipping Amount

    I'm not exactly sure what you mean by in your profile section there are 3 rows... What are you referring to there? Can you please try to explain in a way that it's easy for me to navigate?? Thanks and I appreciate your response. :thumbsup:
  15. jamescalvin

    2 checkout - credit card input 2x

    Nevermind, I did some research and found out that it does...