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    CSS Menu

    I don't really want the CSS Menu now, but I'd like to keep the option of turning off menus with no products. Is there another contribution that does this, or can someone help me take out the necessary code and put it into my 'categories.php'? Thanks! Lisa PS - this is a great contribution, I just cannot get it to work with the 'Simple Template System' contribution.
  2. racelinedigital

    Option Type Feature Error

    I have a problem that is almost the same. The confirmation emails displays the proper info inserted into the "text" fields by the customer, but when I check the order and the database afterward, the text product attributes display as "TEXT". All the info is gone. Example: Confirmation Email Color A: A6001-O White Color B: A6001-O White Boat Name: Aquaholics Order Color A: A6001-O White Color B: A6001-O White Boat Name: TEXT Is it the same catalog/checkout_process.php file at work or another? If it is the same file, approximatly where in the code should I be looking? Thanks! Lisa
  3. The Attitude Simple Manual Order Entry seems perfect for my store, except that it does not allow you to choose any attributes when adding an item to the cart. Has anyone a solution for this? (I also have The Option Type Feature installed) Thanks! Lisa
  4. racelinedigital

    Woman about to pack it in

    Yes!!! Thank-you Matti! For anyone else looking for the solution to this problem, I'll be more specific: Look in the Option Types documentation Readme.html under Frequently Asked Questions. All I needed was someone to point me in the right direction. Thanks again! Lisa :D
  5. racelinedigital

    Woman about to pack it in

    I've post this question to no avail or answer. Maybe I just didn't put down the right information. I'm ready to go live with my store except for one glitch. The option name does not show in the attributes in the customer cart or in the order when purchased (but only for text fields, the option name is there for other option type fields). I have an example: - Package: AP-202 - Color A: A6030-O Slate Gray - Color B: A6077-O Silver - : Test Name The last item is a text field and should read "Boat Name: Test Name" From what I can gather so far: 1. The options are copying into the customers_basket table, but instead of, for example, the option ID "9" is showing as "txt_9". 2. THe options are copying into the customers_basket_attributes_table. 3. The shopping cart however is not displaying the option name for text fields. 4. Upon purchase of the product, the option name for the text fields are not copying to the orders_products_attributes table. What php files and more specifically, what coding is responsible for these processes? Thank-you for any help! Lisa
  6. racelinedigital

    [Contribution] Step-By-Step Manual Order

    I've noticed in version 1.3 that some tax issues were resolved. I've installed version 1.4 and have a problem: I'm from Canada, and any Canadian orders have 15 % taxes applied to the product and 15% to the shipping. When I edit an order (anything in the order) and press update, the shipping tax is recalculated to the product and not the shipping. For example: Before: Sub-Total: $240.00CAD United Parcel Service (XML) : $17.17CAD 7.0% GST + 8.0% PST (Ontario): $36.00CAD 7.0% GST (shipping) + 8.0% PST (shipping):$2.58CAD Total: $278.58CAD After: Sub-Total: $240.00CAD United Parcel Service (XML): $17.17CAD 7.0% GST + 8.0% PST (Ontario): $36.00CAD 7.0% GST (shipping) + 8.0% PST (shipping): $36.00CAD Total: $329.17CAD Any ideas why this is happening? Thanks! Lisa
  7. racelinedigital

    option names not showing up in cart

    I'm having this problem too. The name is not being written to the database when the product is added to the cart or purchased, and for me it only happens on text fields. Can anyone help? Thanks! Lisa
  8. racelinedigital

    UPS XML Fatal Error in modules.php

    Thanks JanZ, I was changing all the code properly, I don't think the files were overwritten properly when I uploaded them. It's working fine now. Thanks! Lisa
  9. racelinedigital

    UPS XML Fatal Error in modules.php

    I've gone through all the steps to intall UPSXML v1.1.5. OSC allows me to install the UPS XML in the Shipping Module, but I receive this error when I try to edit the properties. Fatal error: Call to undefined function: tep_cfg_select_multioption() in /home/r*****/public_html/store/admin/modules.php(212) : eval()'d code on line 1 I'm a newbie to shopping carts, so please help! Thanks, Lisa :blink: