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    madsci got a reaction from stevenlemon in Any working coupon code/discount code add-on for 2.3.4?   
    I've recently replaced my old 2.2MS2 site with 2.3.4.  I was running CCGV previously and was planning to install it again, but all of the versions I can find seem to be outdated and incomplete.  The last two 'full packages' are missing a number of files (including the very first one listed in the instructions) and I'm hesitant to start pulling things from older versions.
    All I really need is the ability to issue a few discount codes for specific products or categories.  It needs to work with purchase-without-account and with PayPal, which the latest version of Discount Codes I could find says it doesn't.
    Any suggestions?  I'll go back to CCGV if I have to but it looks like it'll be hours of work to find and review all of the files.
    I had really hoped that discount codes and quantity price breaks would have been made standard features in the 11 years since I installed 2.2.  Instead, the add-on situation seems to have gotten significantly worse, with fragmentation of packages, abandoned and obsolete packages everywhere, and very little visible activity.  Is osC dying or is everyone hanging out somewhere else?