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  1. @@allaboutwicker Is the Tsimi update specific to the Bootstrap version? Also, what the heck is the deal with the Bootstrap version? I can't find any mention of it on the main osC site, just in add-ons and forums. I don't actually care about running it right now, but it's a good example of how scattered osC seems to have gotten. Where would one be expected to find out about it? Also, as an embedded systems developer 'bootstrap' means something entirely different to me. I didn't know it was the name of a responsive framework until last week. @@Jack_mcs and @@14steve14 Yeah, it was about this bad 11 years ago. Fewer things in there maybe, but it's certainly no more organized than it was, and I've seen the variability in quality. Most of the add-ons I've installed I've had to make tweaks to. Either they weren't updated for 2.3.4, or they don't work right on PHP 5.6, or they modify the same things other add-ons did and I have to merge SQL queries and such. I think the 13,300 registered sites is as misleading as the 7,000 add-ons. I get the feeling that 80% of those sites are probably created by the same 20 developers who have their own customized and modified versions. I haven't been a professional web developer and DBA in about 15 years but I'm still a full-time programmer and I'd be totally sunk without the ability to dig in to the PHP code and debug it myself. I've had to resist the urge many times to come in here and rant about some of the awful and brain-dead stuff I've had to fix - like the fact that after all these years, the screen where you confirm your order says "Order Confirmation" and gives no indication that it's not a confirmation of your order unless you scroll down to see the submit button at the very bottom. I lost multiple orders in the first week thanks to that quirk and I can't believe no one's changed it. But I will say that the payment and shipping modules I'm using have improved and I do appreciate the work that's been done there. I'd stick around and try to do more to improve things myself but I'm so swamped with work already that it's just not going to happen. Thanks for the responses.
  2. I've recently replaced my old 2.2MS2 site with 2.3.4. I was running CCGV previously and was planning to install it again, but all of the versions I can find seem to be outdated and incomplete. The last two 'full packages' are missing a number of files (including the very first one listed in the instructions) and I'm hesitant to start pulling things from older versions. All I really need is the ability to issue a few discount codes for specific products or categories. It needs to work with purchase-without-account and with PayPal, which the latest version of Discount Codes I could find says it doesn't. Any suggestions? I'll go back to CCGV if I have to but it looks like it'll be hours of work to find and review all of the files. I had really hoped that discount codes and quantity price breaks would have been made standard features in the 11 years since I installed 2.2. Instead, the add-on situation seems to have gotten significantly worse, with fragmentation of packages, abandoned and obsolete packages everywhere, and very little visible activity. Is osC dying or is everyone hanging out somewhere else?
  3. madsci

    CCGV for osC-2.3.4

    Hi! Mind sharing exactly what version of CCGV you're running? There seem to be several forks in the add-ons section, which seems to have gotten totally impossible to navigate in the few years since I looked at it last. The add-ons stats page hasn't been updated since 2011. I've recently upgraded to 2.3.4 and I was running CCGV on my old 2.2MS2 site. The gift vouchers never worked reliably but mostly I only need discount coupons. I carried the data over from my old site but there's little enough that re-entering it is not a big deal. I started reading over the instructions for "CCGV for osC-2.3.4" (9020) and right off I see that the manual installation instructions reference several files that aren't provided. I went back to a previous full package and they don't exist there either. This doesn't really inspire confidence. I've spent days getting this site set up and this is the last major add-on I need to install and I'm reluctant to start on it if I'm not certain I'll be able to make it work. Is this just a documentation error, or are the missing files somewhere else? At a glance, all of the files from the instructions with 'add_' or 'ccgvdc' in the name are missing. Thanks!
  4. Here's what I've got for the into_types array (with some commented out that I'm not using): $this->intl_types = array( // 'Global Express' => 'Global Express Guaranteed', // 'Global Express Non-Doc Rect' => 'Global Express Guaranteed Non-Document Rectangular', // 'Global Express Non-Doc Non-Rect' => 'Global Express Guaranteed Non-Document Non-Rectangular', 'Express Mail Int' => 'Express Mail International (EMS)', // 'Express Mail Int Flat Rate Env' => 'Express Mail International (EMS) Flat Rate Envelope', 'Priority Mail Int' => 'Priority Mail International', // 'Priority Mail Int Flat Rate Env' => 'Priority Mail International Flat Rate Envelope', // 'Priority Mail Int Flat Rate Box' => 'Priority Mail International Flat Rate Box', 'First-Class Mail Int' => 'First Class Mail International Package');
  5. Looks like the API changed again, and for once I remembered to test it. I found only first-class international missing, but I didn't check all methods, just the ones I used. The fix was to replace "First-Class Mail International" with "First Class Mail International Package" (note the missing dash and addition of 'package'), in /catalog/includes/modules/shipping/usps.php. Hope that helps someone.
  6. I just got a message from the USPS stating that the web APIs will require HTTPS in a few months. Is there a mod for this yet? As far as I can tell the USPS Methods contribution uses HTTP and will break when this happens.
  7. Got everything installed (not easy with all of the purchase-without-account mods and such), and it seems to work so far, but the coupon redemption box is formatted weird. It's the one titled 'Credits Available' and has the text about 'Enter code below'. That text is on the right side, entry blank is on the left below it, and the Redeem button is below that. Works OK, looks ugly. What am I doing wrong?
  8. Got airmail letter post fixed anyway. Here's the required change: 'Airmail Letter' => 'Airmail Letter Post', In usps.php of course.
  9. I haven't found a fix yet either, but I'll confirm that Airmail Letter Post is broken. Right now anyone in Italy, for example, doesn't get any option cheaper than EMS ($25) when it should be something like $3. Between this and PayPal orders suddenly disappearing this week, I'm about ready to toss osCommerce and start over with something else. Only thing that keeps me from doing that is the many hours I've already poured into getting the damn thing to work in the first place. Oh well. Time to start sniffing the XML from USPS and see what's changed.
  10. madsci

    Paypal not returning order - GUIDE

    I've had my store up and running for months with no problems (ok, plenty of problems, but none PayPal related) and suddenly this week my PayPal orders aren't showing up properly. Everything stays in the customer's cart, like they never completed checkout. It's *very* annoying. I didn't change any PayPal settings or anything. Did something change with PayPal? Is there some reason I'm suddenly having trouble?