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    After a few days attempting to solve my problem and hours of searching on here, I've decided to save my sanity and put my problem out there and see if anyone can understand it. On my testing site, I've tried to set up osc affiliate and when I try to sign up a fake affiliate to test it all out I get to affiliate_signup.php and after entering all details and ticking the "Terms and Conditions" checkbox, I click continue and the page simply reloads with all details in place and the ENTRY_AFFILIATE_AGB_ERROR shows below the "Terms and Conditions" checkbox, as it should if the checkbox had not been ticked. I have reuploaded fresh copies of all files that I can determine are related , affiliate_signup.php and affiliate_signup_details.php and tried editing a few sections of code that I thought might be the problem but couldn't see that anything could be wrong with the code since no-one else seems to have had this problem. At one stage today I thought that it might have had something to do with having the Register Golbals patch installed but I could not see anything in the OSC affiliate code that seemed like it would be affected by that and considering the amount of people who have this mod installed surely that would have been encountered before. Please help.
  2. I have only just discovered osCommerce and have a limited knowledge of php but am slowly learning, having installed a few minor mods to my store, and a few which frustratingly didn't work. I have sucessfully setup CategoryBoxEnhancement_v1.1 and am happy with it as I had always hoped to have just this design, having seen similar at http://coolpc.com.au . The only thing that I don't personally like is the drop down catagory box. I have hacked away at the code in catagories.php a little but can't seem to figure out exactly what I need to do. Can somone please point me in the right direction.