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  1. amokk20us

    NewsDesk v1.48 Support

    - broken images appearing in news categories?. Find in /shop/newsdesk_index.php 2 separate lines of $category['categories_image'] And make sure they are coded like this if (($category['categories_image'] == 'NULL') or ($category['categories_image'] == '')) {
  2. amokk20us

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Hi, I have found the problem. I tried to be smart and add a Paymate logo in the english language defines... This caused a dodgy SQL entry for order[Payment_method] , Removed the img code and reset the SQL entry for this order. AOK now. Cheers :)
  3. amokk20us

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    firstly thank you for this great contribution! I have managed to setup and configure the paypal_ipn module with no problems, and its working great. however in my control panel whenever a order is sent through and I view it in in the orders list. it displays some weird codes and the footer is moved directly under the order box.... and also when I try to view the invoice, the formatting is all weird... This only happens when a customer checks out with paypal. So it has to be one of the files from the module that needs attention. I'm thinking somewhere Im missing a /TD.... somewhere or forogot to close a quote.. Can Anyone Help please? I have attached some screen shots
  4. amokk20us

    Paymate allowing all Orders

    Hi Mystique, I'm having the exact same issue (using paymate express v2.3 contrib), when a customer gets redirected to paymate for processing, all is good, details get filled in *accept for 'ref' (another story) , if you wack in a dodogy credit card number, paymate 'will decline' the transaction then redirect the customer back to the cart, displaying 'Your payment was approved! Thank you!' .... Lol Im sure this is not what we want to happen! I think the issue is paymate is no longer parsing the correct 'response code' back to the cart perhaps its just defaulting to 'PP'? The cart then has no idea that the payment is declined. Sends out an processing order email to the customer and you, while the transaction has be declined! The only way to varify that the transaction has been accepted is to manually log into Paymate and check your payment status. I guess the paymate contrib still needs a lot of work to get it fully dynamic like the paypal contribs.... I'm trying to dig into the code, but Im no php guru... Drop me an email j.chen(at)ishoppe.com.au if you like. i don't frequent the forums much... Good luck Response Code Definition PA Payment is approved PD Payment is declined PP Payment is processing
  5. amokk20us

    Basic Design Pack Support

    Hmm, it looks like I have done something to my index.php to ruin this, because all sub pages are AOK... Sorry, this has been caused by my own doing. Please help with question 2 ? Thank you.
  6. amokk20us

    Basic Design Pack Support

    1. Has this contribution been tested for all browsers? I have installed the Design Basic Pack 1.6 , my site www.ozicaltec.com/shop displays fine in IE6 , however in Mozilla 1.0.7 the right hand column does not allign... I have attached the screen shots. Screenshots @ Screenshots 2. I would like to remove the category counter in the category infoBox, is this possible? I have seen several references in categories.php... 3. Thank you for this contribution ----- John