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  1. kim333

    Customers extra fields

    :P dear kit, thanks for the info. you were right...there was something missing in 6 & 11! thought i'd been careful, but i guess not. it's working now & i'm very excited. thanks for the contrib. it is fer sure needed! kim :thumbsup: :thumbsup: (2 thumbs up)
  2. kim333

    Customers extra fields

    in "extra fields manager" getting following message/error ------------------------------------------------------------------ 1146 - Table 'kmberly_kmberly333.TABLE_EXTRA_FIELDS' doesn't exist select count(*) as total from TABLE_EXTRA_FIELDS ce, TABLE_EXTRA_FIELDS_INFO cei where cei.fields_id=ce.fields_id and cei.languages_id =1 [TEP STOP] any help greatly appreciated. would very much like to get this working...soon :rolleyes: thanks kim p.s. noob!!
  3. i know the "sql problem/line 19" has come up a few times. i did read through all 18 pages :blink: , but either i missed the solution, or the solution missed me. please help...someone! :( i'm very noobish as well. so as simple as possible too. thanx in advance. kim