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  1. jordan

    FAQDesk version 1.0 --- Released

    Since i am unpatient i have been working to make this mod MS2 compatable. So far i have fixed the admin section so that you can add FAQ's and categories which make it so the boxes in the catalog show up (they only show up if there is something in them). Here is the code to repalce around line 918 in admin/faqdesk.php // copy image only if modified if ($faqdesk_image = new upload('faqdesk_image', DIR_FS_CATALOG_IMAGES)) { $faqdesk_image_name = $faqdesk_image->filename; } else { $faqdesk_image_name = $HTTP_POST_VARS['faqdesk_previous_image']; } // copy image only if modified if ($faqdesk_image_two = new upload('faqdesk_image_two', DIR_FS_CATALOG_IMAGES)) { $faqdesk_image_two_name = $faqdesk_image_two->filename; } else { $faqdesk_image_two_name = $HTTP_POST_VARS['faqdesk_previous_image_two']; } // copy image only if modified if ($faqdesk_image_three = new upload('faqdesk_image_three', DIR_FS_CATALOG_IMAGES)) { $faqdesk_image_three_name = $faqdesk_image_three->filename; } else { $faqdesk_image_three_name = $HTTP_POST_VARS['faqdesk_previous_image_three']; } // copy image only if modified //$faqdesk_image = tep_get_uploaded_file('faqdesk_image'); //$faqdesk_image = tep_get_uploaded_file('faqdesk_image_two'); //$faqdesk_image = tep_get_uploaded_file('faqdesk_image_three'); //$image_directory = tep_get_local_path(DIR_FS_CATALOG_IMAGES); basically the upper part of the code is replacing the lower commented out part of the code. I am still working on that pesky 1064 SQL error. IF anyone has had luck please post it here, together we can make it work!
  2. I have been tring to make FAQDesk 1.0 MS2 compatable. i think your progress on NewsDesk would help me since they are very similar. I have completed the admin and am able to add/edit new catagories and FAQ's. I am still getting the 1064 SQL error on catalog/faqdesk_index.php and faqdesk_search_result.php files only when there is a faqpath (catagory selected). Looks like there are many people trying to do the same job. I just want to help but if someone is very close to making this work with MS2 i don't want to do duplicate work (especially because i am still learning php and it takes me a long time of trial and error)
  3. I have used and loved SEC v1_0b twice before with no/little problems. That is why i am pulling my hair out this time. THe problem is that on the default.php when it is listing the products in a category, it shows the last item twice. so if i go to admin and switch the order items show up the last item still shows twice here is my url http://www.gbgalore.com/catalog/default.ph...php?cPath=22_23 the other problem is in admin i am not able to add any product pictures, descriptions or category descriptions. the area to add those items just don't show up. the weird part is that when i view the page sorce the form items are in the html. they are just hidden form fields. the admin also doesn't show Limit Products Display or Login Controller after sessions under the configuration box. I took the entire admin and catalog folders from one of my other working websites using sec and the result was an exact copy of the working site but still having the same problems as the non-working site. this is weird. could the problem lie in the databse without giving me a bunch of errors? any help would be very appreciated. i know linda must be busy with the new SEC but i must finish this site before i move on.
  4. where can i download the OSC version that will work with SEC (what ever version is best)
  5. ok i have just finished installing osc2.2 MS1. I want to add the categories description contrib and also the free call for price contrib. i think that the free call for price 4.0 will not work for me so in my searching i found SEC v_01 which seems to have both contribs built in and much more! my question is if i am using osc2.2 MS1 what contrib(s) would be the best for me to install? is SEC for MS1 at all? i already installed free call for price and uninstalled it due to it not working. i am just not sure what contribs will work with osc2.2 MS1. would it be easier to upgrade to a newer OSC to use SEC? What one? Thanks for any help you can give.
  6. jordan

    FAQDesk version 1.0 --- Released

    i reinstalled the contrib as well as the original pages from osc just in case there was something i changed accidentally. it is still not working, i am trying to get the question and short answer only to show up in listings part. it always shows the long answer. the weird part is that the other functions work, like the date added can be shown or not shown from the admin. i did finally get the disired results from going through all of the files and deleting the long answers part of the code. it took a while to get it all out of there but i now have it moded to work excactaly as i wanted. this is a great contribution! Thanks :)
  7. jordan

    adding links in right column

    i made my own custom box with three links, two of my own and then one to the contact form that is usually in the info box. this is the code i used $info_box_contents = array(); $info_box_contents[] = array('align' => 'left', 'text' => '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_SUPPORT_HOME, '', 'NONSSL') .'">Support Center</a><br>' . '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_SUPPORT_TRACK, '', 'NONSSL') .'">Help Desk</a><br>' . '<a href="' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_CONTACT_US) . '">' . BOX_INFORMATION_CONTACT . '</a>' ); so, i think the answer you are looking for is put a space period space ( . ) inbetween each new link and end it all with the ); so your code would look like $info_box_contents = array(); ? $info_box_contents[] = array('align' => 'left', ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?'text'? => '<a href="http://www.dacemfg.com" target="_blank">Dace Mfg</a><br>' . '<a href="http://www.dacemfg.com" target="_blank">Link 2</a><br>'); I hope this helps. Every one has been helping me lately so i want to finally help some one else!
  8. jordan

    FAQDesk version 1.0 --- Released

    I am Back from being very sick... i decidied to go to the standard MS1 2.2 release (2/17/2003) to make life easier. (before i was using a november snapshot). i installed FAQDesk fine. every thing works well. i haven't come across any error messages. the only problem i am having is one i was having before with the snapshot release. it is the long answer listing always shows up when the faqs are being listed in faqdesk_index.php I thought you could go to the admin and click on faq listing and set long answer to 0 to make it not show up in the listing. i do want to have a long answer once the question is clicked on. I asked this before and this is what moyashi said the problem is that i have done that and it didn't work. any ideas would be much appreciated. (am i making sence or am i still sick? :? )
  9. jordan

    Downloads Controller

    is there anything i can do to make the download controller work? like can i upgrade my payment modules? what versions of the above files do i need to get it to work? i am willing to do some work to get it to work. my store is still in it's peliminary stages and it is not up for customer use. i did not realize i was using a older code base. i might as well upgrade now instead of later when it is online and full of products. i would be distressed if i have to redo the whole database. Thanks again for your help.
  10. jordan

    Downloads Controller

    Gladly, zones.php is v 1.15 2002/11/23 02:08:12 thomasamoulton Exp $ flat.php is v 1.36 2002/11/23 02:08:12 thomasamoulton Exp $ item.php is v 1.35 2002/11/23 02:08:12 thomasamoulton Exp $ I really appreciate your help on this.
  11. jordan

    Downloads Controller

    No i don't, i can only turn the payment modules on or off, even the active one.
  12. jordan

    Downloads Controller

    no. the order status is in the localizations section of admin. what do i need to do to get them in the right place with csv 2.2?
  13. jordan

    Downloads Controller

    ok it is cvs 2.2 does this mean this contrib won't work? it sure looks cool and what i need for my site. :?
  14. jordan

    Downloads Controller

    Am I :?: :?: :?: i think i have csv 2.2 this script was pre installed by my hosting company so i am not sure.
  15. jordan

    Box display images

    don't forget to make the change on all the languages you support. i looked at the english version and everything looks fine. in german those two boxes are still having issues....