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  1. HSMagic

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    This is what the database table looks like: CREATE TABLE `configuration` ( `configuration_id` int(11) NOT NULL auto_increment, `configuration_title` varchar(64) NOT NULL default '', `configuration_key` varchar(64) NOT NULL default '', `configuration_value` varchar(255) NOT NULL default '', `configuration_description` varchar(255) NOT NULL default '', `configuration_group_id` int(11) NOT NULL default '0', `sort_order` int(5) default NULL, `last_modified` datetime default NULL, `date_added` datetime NOT NULL default '0000-00-00 00:00:00', `use_function` varchar(255) default NULL, `set_function` varchar(255) default NULL, PRIMARY KEY (`configuration_id`), KEY `set_function` (`set_function`) ) TYPE=MyISAM AUTO_INCREMENT=3588 ; Should there be a KEY for 'set_function'?
  2. HSMagic

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    Been working on upgrading this for a few days, always get the same result when I try to install the usps module: 1170 - BLOB column 'set_function' used in key specification without a key length ALTER TABLE `configuration` CHANGE `configuration_value` `configuration_value` TEXT NOT NULL, CHANGE `set_function` `set_function` TEXT NULL DEFAULT NULL [TEP STOP] OSC 2.2 trying to install usps 5.2.2. Can't do this either... I get the same 1170 error in myphp... HELP!
  3. HSMagic

    Need newest USPS module to use newest API

    Received the same letter. I'm using 2.9 version of usps methods, the newer versions support the needed API rates. Download version 6 and install.
  4. HSMagic

    American Express Credit Card

    I've been using Authorize.net for years for amex/discover/visa and mc. Just set up your account to accept the cards (and pay the fees).
  5. HSMagic

    [Contribution] - USPS Methods

    CoffMan!!!! Thanks for the fix. I use a free shipping module and rarely do people pay for shipping so I didn't find out there was a problem until today! Worked like a charm. I'm assuming that this also impacts the Global shipping options as well?
  6. HSMagic

    Authorize.net AIM not working

    This is not the Authorize.net AIM contribution. I've used it successfully for almost a year. You may want to give it a try.
  7. HSMagic

    PayPal WPP Direct Payments & Express Checkout Support

    Great contribution. I tried the official paypal version and it was broke out of the box with several bugs. I installed the .9.1 version with no difficulty and went live with it only a few hours after testing. I'm not sure where I got the CVV pop-up window, but added it to WPP as it holds much more information than the default text. Thanks for previous posters who added how to add Credit Card Images. From the shoppers point of view nothing has changed on my store execept for the addition of PPE. Nice work!
  8. HSMagic

    PayPal US Pro

    http://paypaltech.com/content/index.php?op...elect&id=20 I've modified my files to reflect the changes/additions that appear in this version (PayPal US Pro) but before making the leap I was wondering if this had been implemented and if so how successfully. Forgive me if there is already a support thread for this version (and guide me to it!) :rolleyes:
  9. HSMagic

    [contribution] Star Product

    After reading the thread I figured out how to "unfix" the HTML by removing "strip_tags" from the code... now the products look as they were intended. Also saw a similar question that went unanswered: How to remove the curved corner from the box? It ignores the "false, false" that other boxes use... so I'm still trying to figure this out.
  10. Do everything that DailyLunatic said, but always backup your database before you make any changes. :-"
  11. I managed to do what I wanted by editing orders.php. I've posted the full explanation on this thread: http://forums.oscommerce.com/index.php?showtopic=251368
  12. HSMagic

    Download to excel

    Been looking for a similar situation, but have come up empty handed. So I spent a few hours bang my head and came up with this. If the only information you need is on the orders page as did I in order to export excel to QIF, then there is a "fix". The default orders.php won't let you cut and paste due to the mouseover and links. You can remove those and be able to cut/paste from the orders list to Excel. First, download and rename orders.php to something else like orders2.php. After you make the change just change the address in your address bar to /catalog/admin/orders2.php... If you like how the change works, then you can make it permanent by naming it back to orders.php. Note: the language/filenames won't recognize this change, but no big deal if you just want to cut/paste and then go back to your normal orders.php. I realize that my orders.php already has some mods so this may not be the default. I found this (line 370 of stock file): if (isset($oInfo) && is_object($oInfo) && ($orders['orders_id'] == $oInfo->orders_id)) { echo ' <tr id="defaultSelected" class="dataTableRowSelected" onmouseover="rowOverEffect(this)" onmouseout="rowOutEffect(this)" onclick="document.location.href=\'' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_ORDERS, tep_get_all_get_params(array('oID', 'action')) . 'oID=' . $oInfo->orders_id . '&action=edit') . '\'">' . "\n"; } else { echo ' <tr class="dataTableRow" onmouseover="rowOverEffect(this)" onmouseout="rowOutEffect(this)" onclick="document.location.href=\'' . tep_href_link(FILENAME_ORDERS, tep_get_all_get_params(array('oID')) . 'oID=' . $orders['orders_id']) . '\'">' . "\n"; } ?> and changed it to this: if (isset($oInfo) && is_object($oInfo) && ($orders['orders_id'] == $oInfo->orders_id)) { echo ' <tr id="defaultSelected" class="dataTableRowSelected">' . "\n"; } else { echo ' <tr class="dataTableRow">' . "\n"; } ?> Now I can cut and paste from the orders list to Excel. For me I wanted to remove all the hyperlinks and images that copy over, it took seconds to find the macros on google to do both. Remove hyperlinks: Sub RemoveHyperlinks() 'Remove all hyperlinks from the active sheet ActiveSheet.Hyperlinks.Delete End Sub Remove images: Sub tester() Dim DrObj Dim Pict Set DrObj = ActiveSheet.DrawingObjects For Each Pict In DrObj If Left(Pict.Name, 7) = "Picture" Then Pict.Select Pict.Delete End If Next End Sub So cut and paste away!
  13. I have Contrib "Sales between two dates" and is nice for a report, but I want the output to be able to cut/paste to Excel. A great contrib with the output I'm looking for is Stock View. The entire code (a few mods by me) is below. How can I use similar code to pull a report that contains order information. All I really want is Order ID, Customer Name, and Order Total. Any Help is appreciated! <?php /* $Id: stockview.php,v 1.00 2005/03/07 osCommerce Simple StockViewer Contribution based on: osCommerce, Open Source E-Commerce Solutions http://www.oscommerce.com Copyright (c) 2002 - 2005 osCommerce Released under the GNU General Public License */ require('includes/application_top.php'); ?> <!doctype html public "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.01 Transitional//EN"> <html <?php echo HTML_PARAMS; ?>> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=<?php echo CHARSET; ?>"> <base href="<?php echo (($request_type == 'SSL') ? HTTPS_SERVER : HTTP_SERVER) . DIR_WS_CATALOG; ?>"> <title><?php echo TITLE; ?></title> <link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="stylesheet.css"> <head> <body> <table width="700" class="infoBoxContents"> <tr> <td colspan="2" class="infoBoxHeading" align="center">osCommerce StockView Version 1.0. </td> </tr> <? echo "<tr><td><b>". 'Products ID' . "</b></td><td><b>" . 'Products Name' . "</b></td> <td><b>" . 'Products Model' . "</b></td> <td><b>" . 'Products Status' . "</b></td><td><b>". 'Stock Quantity ' . "</b></td><td><b>". 'Wholesale Cost ' ."</b></td> </tr><tr>"; $result = mysql_query("SELECT * FROM products, products_description WHERE products.products_id = products_description.products_id and products_description.language_id = '" . $languages_id . "' ORDER BY products_description.products_name"); if ($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)) { do { echo "<td class='infoBoxContents'> ".$row["products_id"]."</td>\n"; echo "<td class='infoBoxContents'>".$row["products_name"]."</td>\n"; echo "<td class='infoBoxContents'>".$row["products_model"]."</td>\n"; echo "<td class='infoBoxContents'>".$row["products_status"]."</td>\n"; echo "<td class='infoBoxContents'>".$row["products_quantity"]."</td>\n"; echo "<td class='infoBoxContents'>".$row["products_cost"]."</td>\n"; echo "</tr>\n"; } while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)); } echo "</table>\n"; ?> <p class="smallText" align="right"><?php echo '<a href="java script:window.close()">' . TEXT_CLOSE_WINDOW . '</a>'; ?> </p> <br> </body> </html> <?php require('includes/application_bottom.php'); ?>
  14. There have been several additions to the thread and one to the contribution that XXXX the credit card number. I've been using a "mask credit card" contribution up to this point. Have any of the new methods been tested and work ok? The one listed in the contribution download seems so simple that it makes me wary... Perhaps this thread should get moved to "Payment Contributions" :)
  15. HSMagic

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Aaron... restore a backup of /catalog/admin/includes/filenames.php and your admin section will look normal again.