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  1. TheMartin

    Contribution Issue

    Actually, I figured it all out. While uploading the file becae corrupt and wasnt readable... I re-uploaded, works fine now... ^_^ :blink: :-"
  2. TheMartin

    Contribution Issue

    Umm, anyone? Please? :'(
  3. TheMartin

    Contribution Issue

    New problem :( I followed all directions and installed the full package of this contribution (full zip file from May 27 2005) It works great, all pages showed up, and everything worked as advertised. But, people cant order :'( Once they reach the checkout page, they can select how to pay (Check/MO or Paypal) and then when you hit continue a blank page comes up. I reverted the site to a backup copy, everything works as it used to and orders are coming in. So any ideas on how to fix this so I can use this super cool contribution and still have people order? Thanks! :D --Martin--