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  1. Geoser

    Referral Contirb?

    You should take a look at the following contribution: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,282 I am having a few problems with it, but other users seem to have it working. Alternatively you can try oscafiliates contribution.
  2. Hi Fred, I have been testing the discount coupon contribution and have been getting strange result. Would mind telling the following regarding your test: 1. Are the orders purchased with the discount coupon showing up in the admin/ orders section and does the amount reflect the discount amount. 2. Does the reports show the correct times the discount coupon was used. Your feedback would be most appreciated. Regards
  3. Dear Ian, I am using COD. So far I have only got the coupon to work once after about 12 purchase. Maybe because I am testing it on local PC. I will try it on the server and let you know the findings. Thanks for your response.
  4. Hi Ian, I have tested V5.2 and found the following: 1. Although discount amount is shown during checkout, but discount was not reflected in the Admin/customer/orders section. 2. The voucher code works twice (I set it to unlimited uses) and after that it does not work anymore. I check the mySQL and found only 2 orders were recorded. All subsequent orders were missing from coupon_redeem_track table although its shown in the Admin/customers/order page. Regards
  5. Hi Ian, I have tried your new contribution. The folowing are some problems I encountered in the Discount Coupons. 1. Although the discount was shown in during checkout, It's not deducted. The admin/orders modules does not indicate any discount coupon discounts and shows the full price. 2. The reports in Coupon Admin does not update for each subsequent purchase. The Redemption "For This Customer" is always =1, iregardless of the number of redemption. Please help.
  6. Does anyone know of a way to add new users from the admin.
  7. Ivan, Thanks for your help. Your mod works exaclty the way I wanted.
  8. Thanks for responding. I need the path, the product name and the grey bars to be repeated on every page in addition to storename and date. Currently the second page does not show any relation to the first page. If 2 sets of datasheets are printed, the second page can be mixed up easily. I look forward to your advise. Regards
  9. Hi, Can anyone advise me. I need to get the product name to be displayed on every page of the pdf datasheet. If the product description exceeds one page, the product name will be automatically displayed as part of the header. Any clues or tips will be appreciated.
  10. Hi all, I install the above contribution. I use 1 product image only. Whenever the product description fills more than 1 page, 3 pages are created. The problem is the first page is empty except for the storename, date, product name, watermark, and footer only. Image and product description fills page 2 and page 3 is empty too. Does any know how to break the page correctly. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks