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  1. alfredky

    Attribute Sets Contribution

    Good question! I selected them simply because.... 1: the are there to be selected 2: I assumed that the checkmark has to be selected for the element to be set. I think there is a slight language difference problem, if you'll label the checkmark as "Remove element" it would be absolutely clear that the checkmark is to be selected if you like to delete it, on the other hand "Set element" means to enable an element to be used.
  2. alfredky

    Attribute Sets Contribution

    Dear Joe, just wanted to let you know that your application is working perfect after I figured out that I could not select all the "Remove Set Element" check boxes. If someone, like me, will select all of them because I missunderstud and thougth that I have to select them, then they will get the 1064 blah blah error. Perhaps it would be better to label the check boxes "Remove Element", the Set in "Remove Set Element" is missleading. Thanks for your contribution!
  3. alfredky

    Attribute Sets Contribution

    When you created the attribute set, did you select all the "Remove set element"c heck marks to the right? If so, that is your problem, this feature removes the attribute when checked and if you check all of them you will get that UGLY "1064 - You have an error in your SQL syntax. Check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near '' at line 1" error. I hope this helps!