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  1. Hi everybody, spent a couple of days on this now and sorry, I don't get ist. I'm not a pro php programmer and just slightly working my way into everything, but I seem to miss something. :blink: I'm using heavily modded 2.2MS2 with B2B Suite and Account Balance v3. Here's my catalog/includes/modules/order_total/ot-account_balance.php What I need AB to do is substract the AB from the subtotal and then recalculate tax and total going from the lower subtotal. OR substract the AB from the total and then recalculate the taxrate according to the lower total. In the above sample the AB is substracted from the total but keeps included tax untouched. If I change above sample and make $ot = $order->info['subtotal']; and put AB at position 1 in the ot module, it will substract the ab from the sub but doesn't change total and included tax. How and where can I tell him to do so? Anybody need a smoke? I'll spend some on the solution if that's the only way. ;) Thanks. Stefan
  2. In addition to above: If I configure the AB to add tax and in customers details enter the net amount, it'll show the net amount on the order confirmation page, substract the net amount but add the ab-tax to the included tax, now causing even the total being off the right amount: Here's a sample with AB configured to add tax: Sub-Total: 8.25EUR (includes Tax) Account Balance: 8.63EUR (net amount and Module configured to add) Shipping: 5.90EUR (includes Tax) included Tax (16%): 3.33EUR Total: 5.52EUR Total What it does is: included tax = SubTotalTax + AB-Tax + ShippingTax total = (SubTotal - net-AB) + Shipping What it should is: included tax = SubTotalTax - AB-Tax + ShippingTax total = [(net-SubTotal - net-AB) + net-Shipping] + tax I experience this to be a brain-twister, but hopefully someone can help to get this working right for all cases, as above sample is important for all stores within the EU who have to configure OSC to show prices with tax, but have to ship taxfree to all countries outside the EU. In both cases the calculation has to be right. TIA, Stefan
  3. Hi Ben, It wasn't added because it was already included, so the ot should always show the included tax and the total itself is gross. German law requires to always show gross prices for endcustomers, so OSC is configured to "show prices with tax", calculate gross prices and just show the amount of included tax in checkout. As the AB is used not for gift-certificates but for invoice-related credit memos out of returned goods, the amount has formerly already been billed including tax, so it's gross back as well. Here's a sample: Sub-Total: 8.25EUR (includes Tax) Account Balance: 10.01EUR (includes Tax, but Module configured not to include) Shipping: 5.90EUR (includes Tax) included Tax (16%): 1.95EUR (see explanation below) Total: 4.14EUR Total = [(SubTotal - AB - other discounts) + Shipping] what is calculated is: Sub-Total-Tax + Shipping-Tax = 1.95 So the AB is substracted right for giving out the Total, but completely ignored for the tax calculation. Included tax should be: [(Sub-Total-Tax - Account-Balance-Tax) + Shipping-Tax] so the included tax would be 0.57 EUR in our case. However, if I configure the AB-Module to calculate tax for the balance (final goal to cover costomers outside the EU where tax is not billed) it'll additionally add it to the included tax instead of substracting it, doing (Sub-Total-Tax + Account-Balance-Tax + Shipping-Tax) = included Tax which is wrong, as the included tax in the AB should be substracted there too. So how do I get this thing to work right? Any help and idea someone has would be gladly appreciated. TIA, Stefan
  4. Hi Ben, Well, the problem is, that the elseifs removes the account balance from the total, but the tax is not recalculated according to the new total after removal. It still reflects the tax as if the balance hasn't been removed. Twisting my brain to make out where to look for and get this fixed. Anybody have an idea? Thanks, Stefan
  5. Hi Ben, No problem. I've updated from a not working v2 to v3 and got it installed and working so far now except for the tax calculation. Problem I had was that I'm working on a heavily modded 2.2ms2 as well, which makes it more complex for every new contrib I install, and I'm far from beeing finished yet to have it for all my needs. There seems to be an error in your elseif statements, cause the account balance is not included in the tax calculation. It's substracted as it should and the total is correct, but the given included tax isn't. Tax is calculated not including the account balance as you can see here: Sub-Total: 48,00EUR Account Balance: 10,00EUR Discount for bank debit: -0,76EUR GLS (Dispatch to DE: (1 x 0.89 kg)): 5,90EUR included VAT 16%: 7,30EUR Total: 43,14EUR Everything's fine except for the VAT-calculation which ignores the balance completely. Any idea? Usually no problem, but if I would start searching for every snippet I get in a forum posted, often related to a wrong contrib or version or even filename, I'd have plenty to do. A lot of people just forget to supply basic infos related to their posts. No offence and not towards you either, but I guess you know what I mean. ;-) TIA Stefan
  6. Hi itf, I've got the same problem as epsilongroup. Additionally the balance is set back to 0.00 after the customer has sent an order, but no place where it's shown during checkout and it's not substracted either. Any chance to get you to post some more details or a solution? Your hints might be useful for experienced coders to know where to look for something, but won't help any inexperienced or newbies. ;-) Regards, Stefan
  7. Hi Ben, glad for any kind of help, but what version do you use and is your fix for? Just downloaded v3 and there isn't such thing mentioned as below: Neither is there a hint about such change in the install.txt, nore is there a line 'value' => $account_balance in the supplied order_total.php inside the .zip. Could help if you mention the version you're working on, so others can follow you and/or pick the corresponding version to get this working instead of being confused. ;-) TIA, Stefan
  8. srajek

    Actual Attribute Price V1.0

    Hi tates, try this one http://www.dailywholesale.com/creloaded/Ad...rices_1.41.html should work except my problem posted earlier, which obviously nobody has a solution for? No reply or comment to it since two days. :( Stefan
  9. srajek

    Actual Attribute Price V1.0

    Hi, that explains, 'cause that's a different contrib. This is the support thread for the Actual Attribute Price V1.0, and that doesn't have your mentioned file. ;-) Stefan
  10. Hi Salvage, thanks for your compliments. ;-) If you like it as reference, no problem. Same for everyone else. Only thing I ask for is to leave the copyright notice untouched if you use it. There still two thing to achieve with it: Works absolute perfect for IE, but 1) I've got an offset in Mozilla between menubar and right frame, where it sets a space between menubar and back_right image. 2) Konquerer ignores the table fixed style and sizes the maincont_right_td and rightbar_tb to 199px (size of back_right image table) instead of 125px, so the boxes expand over the line of back_right2 image. Don't know if there are more with other browsers (i.e. Firefox, Netscape...) Gives me a hard time getting it perfect for all browsers, but I'm still working on it. :'( Anybody have an idea I've overlooked? Stefan
  11. srajek

    Actual Attribute Price V1.0

    Hi adiwillow, thanks, but where do you have the new_attributes_include.php from? I don't have such file. What Attribute Manager version do you have? Stefan
  12. Hi, you usually don't need all 10 releases for it to work, but depends on your inst and the contribs you have installed. 2.01 is the latest complete version, and then a lot of hotfixes from which you normally only need these 4: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...,hosteurope http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...,hosteurope http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...,hosteurope http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...,hosteurope So to be up to date you only need these. I'd put it together, but as I have my above mentioned problem I wouldn't upload it as a new complete version before I have the bug solved. Stefan
  13. Hi, I've installed STS on MS2 and everything seems to work including the new boxes I've added. Yet it still seems to have problems with the what's new box and displaying new added products. Instead it shows "There are currently no products." although I've added about 30 or 40 new items and they're all shown randomly INSIDE the box and on the "New products in..." Second problem is with the contrib "Down for Maintenance". When the site's down it only displays an empty template content frame and no "down for maintenance text" as configured in admin, except the breadcrumb pointing to down for maintenance title. As both worked fine before adding the STS contrib and the template, I'm quite sure it has something to do with STS and/or my installation. Maybe I forgot something, but driving me nuts since 3 days? :blink: Anybody have an idea how to solve this? I've tried searching all over support site and forums, but couldn't find anything alike. Help and suggestions highly appreciated. Site can be seen here. Let me know if someone need code samples. Just thought I'd save some bits if anybody has a simple solution in advance. Stefan
  14. srajek

    Actual Attribute Price V1.0

    Hi everyone, I've tried to install the contrib last night. Downloaded several versions and even tried the solution posted here. None of them seemed to work. Either the items subtotal in checkout was set to 0.00, I recieved a mysql error or the attributes did not work at all. Finally merged 3 versions while trying, added a missing ); on the end of the final price ==>... and got it to work properly except for the customer group discount. It's substracted in the shop, but not in the attributes pull down. Adding attributed items to the cart results in loss of the discount. I'm sure this might just be a small thing I've overlooked, but well, it was finally 6 A.M. when I had the rest to work. :blink: Anybody have an idea? Here's what I have in the section of my shopping_cart.php and here's the order.php I'm working with MS2, B2B and several other contribs. Problem can be seen here in our shop at EstatePipes.de Hope anybody can help. BTW: Great contrib. ;-) And a suggestion: How about an add on for changing the price in the products page in real time when a different attribute is selected to show the updated price and not just in the cart? Thanks, Stefan