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  1. I have been posting in the forums under the specific contributions threads but have gotten ZERO response. I am willing to pay for this. 1. I have the "Option Type Feature" contribution installed. I need to have the 2 options I am using it for to be required. I read the thread and saw how someone did it but that does not work for me. 2. I need a tweak done to my Excel order export that will put the options (required names from above and my drop downs) across my sheet in 1 row per order. Please let me know if someone can do this.
  2. I am trying to get an order export (Excel) sheet together with all of the order and it's attributes going across on the same line. Can anyone help me with this or point me in the right direction?
  3. I tried to use the javascript contribution for making the text boxes required but I could not really figure it out. Can anyone help me with making 2 textbox fields required??
  4. I have made a custom export script that will export in a CSV but I do not know how to get all the attributes on lines going across. As of now things go down, which actually makes duplicate rows of things like persons name and address, etc... Can anyone help me put together a script that will put ALL aspects of an order on one line in an excel sheet?
  5. I am having a very hard time adding a text attribute. Every time I do, it ends up a drop down....Help please!!
  6. offnetrob

    Imprint Text Options

    How can I get the text options to show in the cart at checkout???
  7. HI ALL! I have a problem with my store that when I try to view an order or an invoice the order does not show. I have the address book enhancer contribution installed, but the wierd thing is that all this store is, is a copy of the samefiles that I have for another store and in that store, the addresses work fine. Any help is appriciated! Rob
  8. I just figured it out. It had soemthing to do with a folder taht got moved!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. I have that row on my .txt file but it still does not work. All I get is this: Anyone???? My store is not live right now, if someone can help I can give them a sample of the file I am trying to upload and they can try and see what happens. -Rob
  10. This is the same problem I am having.
  11. I am having a problem with my Easy Populate. I can export my products just fine, but when I try to upload a sheet nothing happens. I actually get the following message: It is on a test store but I do not know what the problem is. If someone is willing to look at it I can show you my store. Thank you in advance!! Rob
  12. offnetrob

    HELP with Products Listing

  13. I am in need of a contribution that lists ALL of my products on one page, then next to each product there is a text field where customers can enter in a quantity and at teh bottom of the page there is an ADD TO CART button. Zen Cart has this built in (yes I was foolish enough to try another cart back in the day, but I quickly realized that the original is always the best!) and osCommerce has a Product Listing control in the admin but I can not get things to work correncly for me. I was under the impression that the Product Listing feature would be on the index.php page and I can not have that, so I have made a copy of index.php and renamed it all_products.php in hopes that I can just get my problem solved that way (I am using STS Templates so it didn't affect my index.php) but have had no luck. I also messed with some of the contributions on my all_products.php page but had no luck there. You can see the page: http://www.breathingcolor.com/bc/catalog/all_products.php All in all any suggestions or a point in the right direction would be helpful. If need be I am willing to pay for a "from the ground up" version of this and donate it to the contribution mix. Thanks for any help in advance!! Rob
  14. offnetrob

    HTML Order emails

    Any ideas???