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    USPS from U.S. to Canada

    I'm in Pennsylvania and have a customer in Canada who is trying to buy something. Here's what's happening. When she checks out she's given the following shipping options (I've added a number to each option for a clearer explanation of the problem)... Here's the problem... options 1 through 3 work OK. But if she chooses options 4 through 8, when she gets to the confirmation screen her choice is always replaced by option 1 "Global Express Guaranteed Document Service $35.50". I've checked with USPS to make certain that options 4 - 8 are available to Waterloo, Ontario, CA. They are. Anyone have any idea why the USPS shipping module won't retain the customer's preference? Thanks! VideoDude
  2. VideoDude

    USPS from U.S. to Canada

  3. I tried to implement the "Consolidated for AIM" module for Authorize.net but ran into troubles. Later I reverted back to the standard Authorize.net module that ships with the MS2.2. The module that ships with 2.2 works great! I guess my question is... why wouldn't I just want to continue using the Authorize.net module that ships with MS2.2? Are there any major security considerations or differences between the two?
  4. I installed the credit class/coupon mod a few weeks ago. Every time a new customer registers they get an email that reads How do I get this to STOP? That I know of, I've never configured the coupon module to actually send out this kind of message.
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    Is this supposed ot be happening?

    Ok... my bad. This has been solved. Turns out that even though I had installed the Linkpoint mod it wasn't showing up as a payment option. You see, "Credit Card" WAS showing up... so I figured that this was somehow automagically tied into the linkpoint payment processing module. It wasn't. After re-installing the linkpoint mod it showed up as a selectable method of payment. I was able to enter CC info. Still running into other, unrelated issues which I will post elsewhere.
  6. I installed the linkpoint mod and recently went from GOOD (testing) to LIVE (live). What's weird is that even though my shop is now considered "LIVE", I can still process orders using the test credit card number (4111111111111111). Should this be disabled after going live?