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  1. please?
  2. I'm in Pennsylvania and have a customer in Canada who is trying to buy something. Here's what's happening. When she checks out she's given the following shipping options (I've added a number to each option for a clearer explanation of the problem)... Here's the problem... options 1 through 3 work OK. But if she chooses options 4 through 8, when she gets to the confirmation screen her choice is always replaced by option 1 "Global Express Guaranteed Document Service $35.50". I've checked with USPS to make certain that options 4 - 8 are available to Waterloo, Ontario, CA. They are. Anyone have any idea why the USPS shipping module won't retain the customer's preference? Thanks! VideoDude
  3. I tried to implement the "Consolidated for AIM" module for but ran into troubles. Later I reverted back to the standard module that ships with the MS2.2. The module that ships with 2.2 works great! I guess my question is... why wouldn't I just want to continue using the module that ships with MS2.2? Are there any major security considerations or differences between the two?
  4. I installed the credit class/coupon mod a few weeks ago. Every time a new customer registers they get an email that reads How do I get this to STOP? That I know of, I've never configured the coupon module to actually send out this kind of message.
  5. Ok... my bad. This has been solved. Turns out that even though I had installed the Linkpoint mod it wasn't showing up as a payment option. You see, "Credit Card" WAS showing up... so I figured that this was somehow automagically tied into the linkpoint payment processing module. It wasn't. After re-installing the linkpoint mod it showed up as a selectable method of payment. I was able to enter CC info. Still running into other, unrelated issues which I will post elsewhere.
  6. I installed the linkpoint mod and recently went from GOOD (testing) to LIVE (live). What's weird is that even though my shop is now considered "LIVE", I can still process orders using the test credit card number (4111111111111111). Should this be disabled after going live?