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    RBS World Pay Junior callback

    Hi, for anyone still struggling with this, I have been told by RBS Worldpay that the only way they accept callback code with a redirect is to use a meta refresh, rather than javascript as the callback used to. Therefore, to overcome this issue (worked for me anyway), you need to make sure you are using the latest junior_callback.php file in ext/modules/payment/worldpay, which can be obtained from here: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7151 Open the junior_callback.php file in a text editor and at line 89, before: <form action="<?php echo tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PROCESS, tep_session_name() . '=' . $_POST['M_sid'] . '&hash=' . $_POST['M_hash'], 'SSL', false); ?>" method="post"> Add: <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=<?php echo tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PROCESS, tep_session_name() . '=' . $_POST['M_sid'] . '&hash=' . $_POST['hash'], 'SSL', false); ?>"> Repeat this at line 127, before: <form action="<?php echo tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PAYMENT, tep_session_name() . '=' . $_POST['M_sid'] . '&hash=' . $_POST['M_hash'], 'SSL', false); ?>" method="post"> Add: <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=<?php echo tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PROCESS, tep_session_name() . '=' . $_POST['M_sid'] . '&hash=' . $_POST['hash'], 'SSL', false); ?>"> This seems to invoke the redirect with the OSC session ID and Cart ID, where the form seems to lose them. I hope this saves someone the hours it took me to work it out!
  2. Thank you candycanuck, that did indeed solve my issue. Cheers!
  3. Hi, I've searched for this but can't work out the issue. When I add a textarea (multiple line text box) attribute to a product, everything works as it shoud until you use line breaks in the textarea. So, if I enter: aa bb cc Everything works - it is passed to the cart, and I can edit the entry with the values being put back into the textarea. HOWEVER, if I enter: aa bb cc The values are passed to the cart, but when you edit that entry in the cart nothing shows up in the textarea. I am using the latest version and have made sure the fix to application_top.php to stop values being lost is there. Any help would be much appreciated! TIA.
  4. I think I may have finally solved the problem myself, and I'm not sure it was actually due to the multi stores contrib - maybe due to SEO-G whic I installed just before it. Basically, SPAW looks for empty.html to create it's wysiwyg box and that could not be found, even though it was where it should be (possibly could not be displayed because of the re-write rules in effect from the SEO-G contribution??). So I copied that file, renamed it empty.php, and edited the spaw_control.class.php file to look for my new file on the $buf line instead. All now seems to work. Hope this may help someone else....
  5. Hi. This is a fantastic contribution - thanks. I have one (fairly major) problem though and I can't seem to find the answer.... I am using the SPAW wysiwyg editor, and since installing the multi stores contrib, every time I try to add a new product the box to enter the description shows a "The page cannot be found" error. This also happens when trying to edit products that had been created before I installed multi stores. Has anyone else come across this and can perhaps point me in the right direction? Any help would be much appreciated. TIA, Gary.
  6. Hi, I am using the Advanced Attribute Search contribution (http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2337/) which adds drop down boxes to the advanced search page and pulls in the search options from the product attributes set up in the system. I was wondering if anyone knows how to set this up so it displays results using the AND operator, rather than OR? For example I have 3 attribute sets: type, size and colour. If I select type->1 and colour->blue on the search page, the results returned are all type 1 products regardless of their colour, together with all blue products regardless of their type. I would like this to return only products that have both attributes (ie. only type 1 products that are blue) but I can't work it out... Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.