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  1. Got a problem ! i want to get a new page in the infobox that can be edit in admin but i don know how to do it. I have 3 pages that i can edit but the pagse are in use and i want to create an new one or several that can be turnd off to in admin area.. Som one that can help me?
  2. wizz1

    Help whit extra page.

    Sorry ... :'(
  3. wizz1

    Help whit extra page.

    you was telling me to post it here ? But you did not give me any news on how to do it.. Or did you?
  4. I am using sts and i want to ad an extra page under contact us and use the admin to config the page. In sts i only can config 3 page but i think its possible to ad more pages but dont know how so pleas help me..