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  1. jacven

    Sitemap SEO

    Hello all, At the sitemap_seo_page_control.php I have some custom pages, they are not checked to be excluded, and they are not shown in the front-end What could be wrong? Thank you.
  2. Hello, Can anyone please help me adding a custom field to this contribution? Quick Price Updates. I have the RSS field added to the products and would like to have this at the Quick P U Thank you.
  3. jacven

    manufacturer2 2.0

    Hello, thanks for this great contribution. I have successfully installed it but I would like to know how to change the aspect. It is currently setup as drop down list, I would like to have it as the category box. I went to the setup in admin where you in maximum value, but when I changed that it disappeared. Can anyone please help me? Thank you.
  4. jacven

    [Contrib] Manufacturers Multilanguage

    Hello thanks for this contribution. Does anyone know what should I do if I only need to have the multilanguage for manufacturers? Thank you
  5. jacven

    private store - true or false

    hello thank you, can you tell me how? thanks.
  6. hello to all, I have seen a couple of these contribs but is there a way to enable or disable them from the admin? thanks.
  7. jacven

    Customers extra fields

    Hello, great contribution, has anyone made work an extra field to show in invoice.php at the administrator? I have added code in this forum, but nothing happens. Thanks in advanced.
  8. hello I have a store, and for some specific products I need to have two payment options, one is with CC and the other is with cash on delivery. I have installed SPPC but it is not what I am looking for. Thanks in advanced.
  9. jacven

    Payment Module for each language

    Thank you it worked like a charm.
  10. jacven

    Payment Module for each language

    Hello, is it possible? I need to specify a Bank Transfer Module for each language that I have configured in our store. Thank you.
  11. Hello thank you, I will give it a try, right now.
  12. Hello, I really don't know where to start to setup this, or what contribution would help me to achieve this: Scenario 1: If product is shipped to one specific country, UPS won't be an option for selection Scenario 2: If shop amount is greater than $ 2000 only UPS will be available Scenario 3: If total weight is greater than 30 pounds, UPS will show I really hope that you can guide me on this because I am totally lost. Thank you.
  13. jacven

    Featured Product Support v1.5.4

    hello I need to add the product module to the front page of featured products, can anyone help me? Thanks.
  14. Hello all, thanks for this great contrib, but I need to know how is it possible to add customer details, such as email address and phone number in the same order email? THanks,