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  1. TBK3

    How are you testing your shipping module? I am not seeing any buttons, etc. to go out to the USPS site.

  2. Hi - I am at a loss here - and need assistance... I am running the add weight to product attribute add on with a site utilizing SIM security with Internet Secure gateway. On any product that is using the contribution to determine price, the price is not being sent to the gateway on checkout. The price for these products is 0. Obviously this is not going to work, but I am unsure how to fix it. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance. **Ann
  3. acmc

    USPS Shipping Module Error

    Oh and cURL wasn't compiled at the server... had to request that as well or run the php.ini file that allows it.
  4. acmc

    USPS Shipping Module Error

    Finally figured this issue out and thought I would share in case anyone else is having similar issues... Seems the hosting account I was installing at was sitting behind a firewall and I needed to request and outbound link utilizing the IP address. So I called USPS who without hesitation told me they don't give out that information - odd - so i ran the address through an IP sniffer and came up with - put in the request and magico blingo - all is well.
  5. acmc

    USPS Shipping Module Error

    Also wanted to add that the Zip Code is set in Admin - I have pounds set in the product listing but unsure if that setting is correct - there isn't a setting for weight in my admin panel... packaging/shipping
  6. Hi I installed the USPS module that came with the standard osCommerce install and get the following error Warning: fsockopen() [function.fsockopen]: unable to connect to production.shippingapis.com:80 (Operation not permitted) in /home/u5/magicaltoffee/html/shop/catalog/includes/classes/http_client.php on line 330 I have a USPS account out of test status. I have searched the forums and google for the solution with no suggestions that work. Any help greatly appreciated. **Ann
  7. I am so frustrated with this contribution - Love it and really want it to work - but this is what happens Fresh install of oscommerce only modified stylesheet install the onepage checkout works beautifully add product attributes One page checkout breaks with following error 1146 - Table 'magicaltoffee-1.TABLE_COUPONS' doesn't exist select * from TABLE_COUPONS where coupon_code = 'NEW_SIGNUP_DISCOUNT_COUPON' [TEP STOP] so go backwards - delete attributes - One Page Checkout stays broken with same error... Check database - in fact no coupons table - check sql statement in install and no call to create one? Any help GREATLY appreciated... **Ann
  8. Ok... i am not real smart with this stuff - that being said - I installed the AIM module... ran some test transactions with authorize.net in test mode and the cart in test mode - working fine. So took it out of test mode on both and put in the specified test cc numbers that are supposed to decline - the don't... Get order processed... if I put in the 4222222222222 or a bad expiry it declines. Additionally - none of the orders are showing up in the authorize.net reports... I followed all the instructions, and am very confused about whether this thing is working properly or not - it looks like it is - but when i check for transactions at authorize.net there is nothing there... Any help greatly appreciated.
  9. Don't mean to sound like a total dork here but in the docs it says Site configs: SESSION Force Cookie Use = False SESSION Check SSL Session ID = False SESSION Check User Agent = False SESSION Check IP Address = False SESSION Prevent Spider Sessions = False SESSION Recreate Session = False Site Module Configs: Enable Authorize.net Module: True Login Username: xxxxxxxx Transaction Key: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Transaction Mode: Production Transaction Method: Credit Card Customer Notifications: False Payment Zone: --none-- Set Order Status: default Sort order of display.: 0 is that in admin/includes/configure.php add it or includes/configure.php add it or is there something else I am COMPLETELY missing here - and yes you guessed it - first SIM install. Any help GREATLY appreciated **Ann