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    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Adam, Thanks for the quick reply. I will just set it up as one tax then and split it out myself at tax time. I make very few in state sales so this won't be too much of a problem. Eric
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    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Adam, I'm having to start dealing with sales tax and I'm trying to set it up in QB and QBI. In the QBI manual it says to have tax name, description and agency exactly the same as what is in QB. The only problem with that is that I have setup a tax group in QB since I have to pay state and county taxes and with tax groups there is no tax agency. Can you enlighten me as how to proceed? Thanks, Eric
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    USPS Global Flat Rate w/out getting burned!

    What I ended up doing was modifying my osC to have a volume for small and large Global Priority envelopes then I can put some sort of volume on my packages and my modified USPS shipping module won't give the user the option of small and large packages if the volume of their order is above what will fit in the package. Seems to work pretty well for me so far. I don't remember what all I changed to support this. I was making tons of changes when I was launching my site. But I thought I would throw it out there as an idea people could look into doing. Eric
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    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Adam, I didn't get an error message from QuickBooks because I looked at the file first and fixed it before I imported. I will see if it does the same thing next time I generate the iif file. Thanks, Eric
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    QBI Quickbooks Import

    I have been using QBI for a while and it works great, thanks Adam! But I have run into a problem on my last round of adding some attributes to some products. Here are the steps I took: - I went into QuickBooks and added the products I needed. - I then exported the item list and imported it into QBI. - Added the attributes to the products in osc - Matched the new attributes to the correct QuickBook items in QBI Now when I just created the iif for my latest orders the new items with attributes don't have an account assiciated with them in the iif. I looked over my matches and I even looked in the database and everything looks fine. Are there any pointers that someone can suggest as to where to look? Thanks, Eric
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    Sales Reports v.7

    In the first post there is a "Sales Breakdown" screen. I have installed this contribution but can't seem to find this screen. Does anyone know how to get to it? Thanks, Eric
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    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Adam, Thanks to your help I've everything working just about right. One last thing that I either couldn't find or didn't understand it correctly in the help and didn't find the answer searching the forum. I have all my products in osC and imported them into QB. I added accounts to them in QB and then exported them back into osC. I didn't do any matching because if I was reading your help correctly I didn't need to because they are exactly the same. When I try to import the iif of my new orders I get the error "QuickBook has detected that one of your items does not have an account associated with it." I have check the item list and all the items have accounts associated with them. When I look at the iif file there are no accounts listed. Some additional info. All my items are non-inventory items and I didn't use the accounts for items in the QBI configure screen because I have different accounts for some of the items. Thanks for any help you can give. Eric
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    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Adam, Thanks for the quick replies. I have already changed your contribution a bit to exclude only orders that are in the 'preparing' state. The reason the other orders didn't show up was because I had already marked them as 'shipped'. The paypal fees are stored in their own paypal table which I no problem going and getting the fees from there I just need to know where in your code I need to insert the new code to get the fees from the paypal table. Thanks, Eric
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    QBI Quickbooks Import

    Never mind on the first question. It is because the status of the orders is not pending anymore. Doh :) Eric
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    QBI Quickbooks Import

    I have two questions. I have just setup a site with QBI and I have 8 new orders that it should see but it is only seeing 4 of them. On the orders table the qbi_imported field is 0 on all of them. Is there any other place that QBI stores what orders have been imported? Also I have one of the PayPal IPN contributions and I woud like to grab the PayPal fee and include it in the iif file created by QBI for the orders. I don't mind adding it to the code but if someone could point me to the code that creates the iif entries for the orders it would save me a bunch of time searching. Thanks, Eric