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  1. Hi Guys,


    Are any of you interested in testing the Online Order System (inc' CCC) of my site?


    Here are some unique features you will be able to see and test...




    1: Proper breadcrumb navigation that never scrolls off the page.

    2: Page specific Help button in nav panel.

    3: Cart info in nav panel.

    4: Page specific icons for Sitemap, Bookmark, Print, Email and Feedback.


    INDEX (Index.php):


    1: Welcome panel with customer specific information.

    2: Three easy choices... Select, Customise or Design a system.


    SELECT (select.php):


    1: Summary cell featuring preview slideshow and easy pick list of available systems, instructions, Which One? and best sellers.

    2: Compare cell with undockable remote for navigation.

    3: Individual system cells with links to reviews, details, overview and Add to Order.

    4: Details page that strings all the included component cells together so you can see exactly what is included.


    CUSTOMISE (customise.php) (replaces ccc.php):


    1: Summary cell featuring preview slideshow and easy pick list of available systems, instructions, Which One? and best sellers.

    2: Compare cell with undockable remote for navigation.

    3: Individual system cells with link to customise (build.php).

    4: Tip panel to outline rules used to customise system (eg. case etc will be black, only motherboards that support multi-core processors etc).


    CONFIGURE (build.php):


    1: Each system can be linked to from ANY part of the site so no need to go through ccc.php.

    2: Dynamic price in breadcrumb.

    3: Reset configuration to default components.

    4: Clickable component list that links to each component on the page.

    5: "Please Select" is removed from dropdown menus if component is required.

    6: "Please Select" is replaced with "No Floppy Drive Required" etc.

    7: Select item is highlighted in dropdown option list.

    8: Components are grouped in dropdown menu options.

    9: Selecting an AMD or Intel processor updates the motherboard options to only show compatible boards.

    10: The number of installed Hard Drives updates available RAID options.

    11: Required/Optional button opens a window with an overview of requirements.

    12: System specific recommendations for each component.

    13: Custom More Info window.

    14: Add to Order completely skips the unnecessary Custom Checkout page.

    15: You can now use the back button without losing data.


    MY ORDER (shopping_cart.php):


    1: Dynamic Total Order cost displayed in breadcrumb.

    2: Delivery option costs displayed and auto-updates if quantities are changed.

    3: Place Order button appears in nav panel once a system is added to the order.

    4: Single Delete button for each system instead of a checkbox and Update button.

    5: Custom systems can be edited or an overview displayed for pre-configured systems.


    PLACE ORDER (place_order.php):


    1: A total single page replacement for the usual 4 step checkout process.

    2: The conventional 4 step checkout is available from the Help page.

    3: Guest purchasers are diverted to create an account before returning.

    4: Checkboxes replaced with styled buttons for selecting delivery address etc.

    5: Double-click prevention on the Confirm Order button.

    6: Changes to Delivery Options are reflected in the nav panel cart.

    7: Two new payment modules have been added (By Post and On Delivery).

    8: Cleared comments actually clear. (OSC only edits and does not clear).


    VIEW ORDER (account_history_info.php):


    1: Summary cell listing all systems, any delivery options, total cost and overall status.

    2: Each system's overview is listed.

    3: Invoice cell features a proper Sub-Total, Delivery and V.A.T. section (all subtotals are fixed).

    4: Full (fancier than "Fancier Invoice") printable invoice.

    5: Colour coded interactive status cell showing all steps of the build process.

    6: Fully interactive message/history section for questions, answers, comments, private notes and responses.




    1: Combined plain text and embedded mime html emails.

    2: Text versions are properly formatted.

    3: HTML version includes images.

    4: Emails are interactive with dynamically generated info and links.







    Yes I would like to see CCC working on live site.

  2. i was told to move over to a new thread so i have done that, anyone who needs help with ccc9 please post here.


    I tried to install this CCC into my OSC but it seems its not working. build.php gives me nothing. left menu shows me the products I created in CCC and in main catalog as well. but when i select the product and add to shopping cart, it says "shopping cart is empty"


    Please help.

  3. Hello:


    I'm running a wholesale store for a clothing company, and I've been using a scheme such that for each style, there are 3 slave products (small, medium, and large) and each slave product has its colors as its attributes.


    However, how I'd ideally like the schema to be like is, to have 2 attributes - color and size -for each product, such that a customer can place their order like this:


    <table border=1>
    <tr><td> </td><td>S</td><td>M</td><td>L</td></tr>
    <tr><td>Black</td><td> </td><td> </td><td> </td></tr>
    <tr><td>White</td><td> </td><td> </td><td> </td></tr>


    and you can insert quantity for each size/color pair.


    anyone with an idea for how to go about this?


    thanks in advance,

  4. Well i have a similar problem...


    Online shop has two main categories... Main product and Accessories...


    For accessories the customer needs to pay thru eprocessing network.. but for main product he needs to choose COD and bank deposit and the payment instructions would go to him by email....


    Can anyone help me in putting conditional payment module selection?


    that is,


    if products from accessories are chosen then pay ePN


    if products from mail product line are chosen COD or Bank deposit.


    IS this possible? can anyone help me?



    thank you

  5. This seems like a simple thing but a few hours searching the contributions and forums hasn't provided the answer.


    I have osC set up on a site for magazine and newspaper subscriptions. The daily newspapers are COD, and I want this to be the only payment option that appears during checkout. Otherwise, Paypal is the preferred method of payment.


    So the question is: is there an easy way to allocate a default method of payment to a specific category or product, or conversely to disable one? I'm thinking that maybe there is a variation of the Paypal Zone contrib. but that works based on the user's info.

  6. I am looking for this same thing, now.

    I can modify the customer's info, with the informations contribs I've used. Does anyone have a suggestion for maybe a discount price module that would be convertable into a deposit price display?


    I am looking for the same module too. I have included ePN {eProcessingNetwork} payment module. Can anyone help me in collecting part payment and record the balance to be paid / collected thru OSCommerce payment module ePN at later date?


    Please help.


    Thank you



  7. hi,


    I am installing and configuring OSCommerce for my online shop. I will be using ePN (www.eprocessingnetwork.com) as my payment module. How do i integrate the same into my oscommerce? How do i configure it? Please help. I am a new to ecommerce and first time installing and configuring OSCommerce.